OMF V7C270 His Hope Wasn’t High

The dragons slowly inched forward, making sure that they surveyed the dungeon in all directions. Even if one of them didn’t notice something, the others would alert them in time to prevent whatever disaster it might have caused.

In that way, they made it halfway through the first level of the dungeon before they heard the sounds of disciples in front.

After the Chun Feng Sect had restructured the dungeons after Qiu Ling and the others had broken Bai Mu out, there weren’t any prisoners on that level anymore. Instead, it was only full of traps and guarded by another group of disciples at the end of the level.

The dragons exchanged a glance and then, Hao Zan leaped forward, striking the two of them down before they even knew what was going on.

The dragon stepped back, looking at the two unconscious disciples before he turned back to the others. “We don’t have any information on what is going on inside there. We’ll still have to be careful on the next level. In fact, since it is deeper inside, it might be even more fortified. Does anybody need to turn back?” He surveyed the others but everybody shook their heads.

Thanks to their blood, they really weren’t too influenced by the preparation the Chun Feng Sect had made. And even if they were, as long as he felt that it was bearable, none of them would turn back. After all, this was their chance to prove to their king that they were valuable members of the dragon race as well. They definitely didn’t want to let him down.

The group took the stairs down to the next level, still keeping a wary eye on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Thankfully, there were no further traps on the way down. Things once again changed though when they reached the second level.

Hao Zan’s expression grew heavier when he noticed that this layer of the dungeon had been more fortified than the previous one. He took a glance at the dragons behind him but just like before, they didn’t seem to be affected very much. He nodded and then they continued on.

From this level forward, there were disciples patrolling the dungeon. They stopped for a moment when they ran into the first ones, wondering if they should try to evade them or just take them out. In the end, Hao Zan motioned for another dragon to help take them out. Even though they didn’t need to engage in a fight, he still felt that it might be better to do so. After all, they didn’t want to get a nasty surprise and be attacked from the back.

In this way, the group made its way through the dungeon, getting through one level after the other. Starting from the second level, they slowly found prisoners as well. There weren’t too many at first as this level still wasn’t very secure so only the weaker people could be held here.

When they came further down, they saw more of them though. Hao Zan and the others went and freed all of them. Even though the dragons and demons weren’t on good terms, they didn’t bother and still freed everybody. Well, anyway, there was no way to make completely sure which of these people were demons and which weren’t. Before they freed some and left people who actually weren’t in this dungeon, they would rather free everybody and see what happened. Anyway, these demons might’ve learned their lesson and would return to the demon realm. And if not, then some of the other demon-hunting sects would likely take care of the matter. For them, it was only important that they managed to free their own people.

Coming further and further, they still didn’t see the person they had originally been sent to free though. Hao Zan furrowed his brows and turned to face the woman next to him. As far as he knew, this person was working together with Lei Jiang, Xiao Dong’s father. “You do know how he looks, don’t you?”

The woman nodded. “Yes, don’t worry. We can’t really miss him. He has blond hair.”

Hao Zan nodded and the group went on.

On the lower floors, the ruckus from above could finally be heard. This had originally been a safety measure the Chun Feng Sect implemented. The disciples guarding the demons down there that were assumed to be the worst kind, could thus take the chance to prepare and in the worst case, kill those demons off. After all, they could never allow them to bring harm to the humans outside. While they hadn’t killed them yet because they were of mixed blood, that still didn’t mean that they ever intended to set them free. If worst came to worse, they would end their lives without a second thought.

In one of the cells, the prisoners glanced up at the ceiling.

“What’s that?” Shao Hai glanced at Ma Zhi Wu, furrowing his brows.

“It sounds like somebody broke into the dungeon.”

“So we’ll be saved?” Shao Hai’s expression lit up but Ma Zhi Wu already shook his head.

“Don’t be too happy yet. They still haven’t made it down here. From what I heard, the Chun Feng Sect has recently made the dungeons more secure. It’s already a wonder that they made it down until there. I really doubt that they’ll be able to come even closer. And if they do, then that might be even worse for us. Maybe they’ll kill us just to make sure we can’t flee.”

Shao Hai stared at him in a daze and then turned to Xiao Dong. Unfortunately, his friend wasn’t doing too well. His face was pale and there was cold sweat on his forehead. Seeing him like this, Shao Hai couldn’t help but worry.

“These people of the Chun Feng Sect are really too much. I hope that whoever is up there will at least be able to get a look at how they imprison people and then leave from here and tell somebody about it. I’m sure the Yun Zou Sect will come to free us.”

Ma Zhi Wu just sighed. While he was pretty sure that the sect wouldn’t abandon them, they would first need to find out just where they were. And that … wasn’t very likely after Shao Hai and Xiao Dong had also been imprisoned here, right? After all, it had already been quite a bit of time since then. His hope really wasn’t high.

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