ADS 2: C6 Celebrities and Businesses

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu once again stayed in that building with books until late at night. By that time, Leng Jin Yu had switched to books concerning this kingdom’s society or — as he had found out by now — this country’s society. There were hardly any kingdom’s left in this world. Most monarchies had been abolished, their kings and emperors often killed. Quite a lot was different in this world compared to the one they came from and that not only on matters of how things looked. He realized this more and more the further he had read.

On the other hand, Jinde was pretty much up to date with the entertainment industry by now. He knew the big stars, the people that were involved in scandals, he had even managed to make out some of the behind-the-scenes people.

If he really went to work in this industry, he was sure that he would be able to deal with whatever was thrown at him. And judging from what he had read, there would definitely be things thrown at him. After all, he had read about a lot of … incidents happening ‘on set’ as these ‘magazines’ called it. Some actress had almost been hit by a lamp, some dancer’s dress had been tampered with, ripping apart while doing a performance, a singer had found himself in the hospital because of something in his food that shouldn’t have been there, and some moderator had lost their job because their affair had been exposed. And that was only a small amount of the drama he knew about. Ah, working in that industry sure seemed like it would be exciting.

“My dear, I feel like we should sign that contract.”

Leng Jin Yu looked up and raised his brows. “What convinced you?”

“The more beautiful you are, the better your chances of making it to the top. The better your chances, the more other people in the industry will try to hinder you or suck up to you. With our looks, we’ll have no trouble at all causing quite the scene. Don’t you think so?”

Leng Jin Yu laughed despite himself. “So you just want to cause chaos?”

“Well … It’s not our world, is it?” He shrugged his shoulders and nestled up to Leng Jin Yu’s side. “I just feel that it would be very exciting. Just imagine how I would shine in the spotlight and how you’ll be busy guarding me in the dark. Isn’t it very romantic?”

Leng Jin Yu gave him an indulgent look. “If you say so, it definitely is. I think we should still give it some days before we sign. While you know more about that entertainment circle now, we don’t understand the background of this world very well. Especially when you’re in the spotlight, it would be easy to give ourselves away. We have to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy it for long.”

“Aw, my dear, you’ve really thought of everything!” Jinde cupped his cheeks and craned his neck to kiss him.

Leng Jin Yu pulled back after just a moment though. “Not here.”

“Why not? I quite like it here. I don’t mind the floor either.”

“I didn’t think you would either but … this is still a place quite a few people come through. If anything, I’d rather do it outside.”

“Mn, I like how that sounds.”

Leng Jin Yu laughed once again. “That wasn’t what I meant. We should use the time to inquire some more. The sooner we understand this world, the sooner you can go and hog the spotlight all to yourself. Don’t you want to do that?”

Jinde sighed with regret. “You’re too smart for your own good. Very well, let me get some more books.”

“You should probably put these back as well.” Leng Jin Yu motioned at the heap of magazines that had accumulated next to them.

Jinde raised his brows and then just turned around, leaving it where it was. Anyway, he had no idea where half of these came from. Certainly, some servant would tidy that up tomorrow.

Leng Jin Yu who had realized that something like ‘servants’ hardly existed anymore in this world could only sigh. Well, he’d take care of that later. Maybe that was what he would have to do as his husband’s assistant from now on anyway.

When Jinde returned, he was once again carrying a heap of magazines. Seeing Leng Jin Yu’s doubtful look, he just laughed. “Don’t worry. They’re not about those ‘celebrities’ anymore. Have a look.” He sat down next to his husband and showed him a few. “This one here is about businesses. That guy on the photo seems to be somebody important. He’s also on a few other ones. He seems to be heading some business.”

“Are businesses that important in this world?”

“Mn, it seems so. From glancing over that section, it seems they are quite a bit like our sects: There is a Sect Master who heads the business like this guy, then there are some Elders that they call ‘Executives’ and sometimes they even get special names. Then there are the disciples. They call those ’employees’. Seems quite convoluted if you ask me.”

“Well, it’s a different world. It’s bound to have some similarities and some differences. Anyway, you should make sure to learn all these terms. It might come in handy.”

“Mn, I read in the news from the entertainment company magazines that those businesses can ‘sponsor’ a celebrity. It means they give them money while the celebrity tells the common people about their products, insinuating that it is a good one.”

“I guess you’ll have to deal with that as well then after we sign the contract.”

“That’s what I thought.” Jinde picked up the magazine on top and then started to read. This time, he didn’t seem quite as happy and instead went at it with a focused look. It seemed that he was finally willing to put in some more work if it meant that he was able to have more fun later on.

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