ADS 2: C5 A Festival with Beautiful People

With their forms hidden from mortal perception once again, Jinde and Leng Jin Yu chose some books and settled down again, quietly starting their research. As for what they had decided on …

While Leng Jin Yu was currently holding a thick volume detailing the laws of this mortal world or — as he was slowly finding out — the laws of the kingdom they were in, Jinde had made himself comfortable with a small booklet that included a lot of pictures. Every now and then, he couldn’t help but raise his brows and make a surprised sound or give a short laugh. It seemed that whatever he was ‘researching’ was quite amusing.

Halfway through his own book, Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but lower it to look at his husband. By now, a thick stack of these booklets was lying next to Jinde. It wasn’t a wonder considering he had gotten up to get a few more twice already. “What are you reading?”

Jinde looked up, an amused glint in his eyes, and turned the booklet around, showing a picture of a woman in a floor-length, bright red dress that exposed half her leg and with something that looked like a bird’s nest on top of her hair. “I think I’ve found out just what that man wanted me to do.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows and got up, walking over to Jinde and sitting down next to him again. He couldn’t help but feel a little surprised that Jinde had indeed been researching things about this world and quite seriously at that. He had thought that he would just leave the work to him while amusing himself but it seemed he had been wrong.

Looking over the page and glancing over the text, Leng Jin Yu’s brows furrowed though. “What is this ‘fashion show’ they are mentioning?”

“Apparently, it’s some kind of festival where beautiful people wear clothes to inspire others to dress better themselves.”

“Mn. I see.”

Jinde turned a few pages to show his husband more of this event. There were several of the ‘beautiful people’ he had mentioned before but also pictures of the preparation of the festival.

Leng Jin Yu tensed when he saw them. “That … is that a prerequisite when taking part in that festival?” He looked at a picture where one of the men was being dressed up, several people fussing about him and tugging at his clothes.

While he knew that the dragon race was more open and had come to accept that bit by bit, it was still difficult to see his husband being so close to others sometimes. And right now, they were not among dragons but among humans so these kinds of things might have different implications. He really wouldn’t like to get into hot waters because of something like this.

Jinde just laughed. “I wouldn’t know. This is just a bit of information that barely scratches the surface. Anyway, even if it was normal, you still wouldn’t have anything to worry about.” He reached over, raising Leng Jin Yu’s chin with his index finger. “I’m only yours.”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips curved up into a smile and he nodded. “Well, that’s true. I guess it wouldn’t be a problem then.”

“Yeah. Although …” Jinde put the booklet down and inched closer to his husband, wrapping his arms around his neck. “There would still be the chance to do something different than this ‘modeling’. Didn’t that man also mention acting? It actually looks quite nice in this world.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows at that. “Weren’t you against that?” While he was sure that Jinde loved getting attention and wouldn’t mind putting anything on in front of a crowd, he could imagine that his husband would disdain showing some outdated play. After all, he had seen him scoff at some of these often enough in the past.

“Well, I actually think it’s quite novel. Have a look at this!” He picked the booklet up again, turning a few more pages and then showing it to Leng Jin Yu. “This is one of the plays they have. I think the costumes are gorgeous.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. The pictures on the page were showing flowing, colorful robes, glittering jewelry, and quite the fantastical hairdos. He could imagine that Jinde liked this. “So do you want to give it a try?”

“Maybe …” Jinde leaned back against the shelf and leafed through the booklet. “While this one is good, there are quite a few that seem boring as well. I just don’t know if I’d be able to choose.”

“Mn …” Leng Jin Yu looked at the book in his own hands. So far, nothing in there had been helpful for their current situation, although it was quite good to know more about the laws of this place and he felt like he had learned a lot already. “It’s a pity we can’t ask anybody. Well, how about continuing to look for more information for now? Maybe we’ll be able to figure it out that way. If you can choose what to do, then we’ll sign that contract. If you can’t, then we’ll think of something else.”

“That does sound like a good idea. Let’s go with that. Although … It would be nice being able to work together.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” Leng Jin Yu sighed. “Well, there has to be some way.” He raised the book again and continued to read. He would find a way to make it possible. After all, this was the vacation that Jinde had wished for. This kind of small thing should be achievable, right?

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