OMF V7C223 It’s Good Progress

An Bai lightly furrowed his brows. Wasn’t this guy a bit too open with his plan? Wasn’t he worried at all that with giving it away, he would doom himself to fail?

Well, most likely, Ye Yang wasn’t thinking about any of that. He was probably very assured that he would be able to make him fall in love so he didn’t mind the process too much.

Anyway, he would let him have his way. He would make sure that his own plan came to fruition as soon as possible and then get out of here. Everything else would be too dangerous.

Since he was sitting next to him Ye Yang wasn’t able to see his expression too well. He only noticed that he hadn’t turned the page in a while so he assumed that An Bai was definitely listening to him. A slight smile tugged at his lips. This was already good progress considering where they had been a few days ago.

He sighed, closed the books that he was holding and then put it down on the heap next to him.”Ah, you’re probably not interested in the subject. It’s alright. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that is more to you liking very soon. Just give me a bit of time. I’ll definitely figure something out for you.” With that, Ye Yang got up and then walked out of the cell, giving him a look over his shoulder on the way out and flashing him another smile. Only then did he leave the dungeon.

An Bai heaved a sigh of relief. Whenever Ye Yang was there, he couldn’t help but worry about the future. It would be good if he finally managed to get out. Thinking of that, he turned to look at the guard that he had spoken to before.

The man gave him a light smile and then looked down the corridor as if to make sure that Ye Yang had really left. Only then did he slowly come over. “Little beauty, it seems like you’re really not too fond of Ye Yang.”

An Bai got up from the bench and walked over to the bars of the cell. “I’m not. So … Have you thought about it?”

The demon continued to smile, a deeper meaning hidden in his expression. “I guess it’s not a problem to do you a little favor. But … You see, I’m not a good person. Why would I help you without getting anything in return?”

An Bai tried to look stunned for a moment before he lowered his gaze and pondered. “Well, I guess it is true. How could I expect your help for nothing else in return?”

“Precisely. So what can you offer me?”

An Bai looked up at him and gave a wry smile. “How could I have anything to offer? I’m currently imprisoned in this dungeon. There is nothing I have or that I can do that would be of any value to you.”

The demon gave a hum but didn’t seem discouraged at all. Instead, there was a certain intent to his gaze. “I’m not quite sure that that is indeed the case. I think that you have something that is of a lot of value to me.”

An Bai pretended not to get his drift and tilted his head, making his white hair slip down from his shoulder. “I’m afraid I can’t follow. What kind of thing might that be?”

The demon reached out, grasping An Bai’s chin and pulling his face closer to the bars. “You really don’t get it?”

An Bai glanced at those hands, before looking back up at the demons. “You mean …”

The demon’s smile widened in return. “But yes. Have you never heard that our demon race is a very passionate race? Naturally, a beautiful person has a lot of value for us.”

An Bai almost wanted to scoff. He really wasn’t sure if he would describe the demon race as a passionate race. In fact, it could even be said they were the opposite. The demons were cold. Cold to the point where it was hard to imagine that they had been different once upon a time and were actually related to the dragon race. The passion they felt … Wasn’t it coldly calculated? They only showed it when there was some kind of benefit for them, wasn’t that so?

Regardless of what the truth was, he currently wasn’t in a position to judge anything. He had to go along with this guy. “Well, if I do count as a beautiful person in your mind …”

“You certainly do. In fact, I’ve never seen a more beautiful person. So I would be willing to do quite a lot for you, not to speak of something minor as telling Ye Yang to stay away from you.”

An Bai nodded. “Then I’ll have to give you my thanks.”

The demon let go of his chin and opened the door to the cell, stepping inside. He didn’t forget to close it behind him though, making sure that it was locked securely. He approached An Bai and pulled him into his arms, giving him a deep look. “I’m glad to hear that you’re corporative. It really would’ve been a pity if you couldn’t see it my way.”

An Bai gave a wry smile in return. If he could, he’d really like to use his claws right now. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Even if he had been able to do so, he knew what was appropriate and in this situation that wasn’t. He forced himself to make sure that his smile looked at least a little sweet and then put his hands on the demon’s chest. “Well … There’s just one thing.”

“What? You wouldn’t want to pull back now, would you? I don’t think I could let that happen. Even if you say you want to.”

An Bai shook his head and then glanced around sneakily. “It’s not that. It’s just that … there are so many people around.”

“I don’t mind. If you ask me, they can know what is going on. I don’t have a reason to hide anything.”

“You certainly don’t. But … I can’t help but feel a little shy.” He lowered his gaze, his fingers brushing the lapel of the demon’s robe. “You wouldn’t be able to have them leave, would you? Or maybe we could go somewhere else? Anyway, didn’t you want to bring me to another cell anyway?” He looked up, slowly blinking his eyes.

The demon looked at him and then looked around the cell, finally giving a smile. “Alright. Wait here for a moment.” With that, he let go of An Bai and stepped out of the cell once again, still making sure to lock the door securely.

It seemed that he wasn’t yet letting down his guard.

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