SML C6 Everything Is Fair in Love And War

Mo Fang brushed his hair and glanced at the mirror, touching up on his makeup to make sure he looked as good as possible. He already wanted to put the mirror away when he reconsidered and once again took a look. Most likely, this seemed a little too lively? He pondered and then changed it up a bit, letting his face seem paler.

Ah, much better. That should work perfectly.

Mo Fang gave himself a smile in the mirror, click it shut and slid it back into his pocket. Now, just where was Li Ming?

He got up from the bench and went to glance around the row of lockers but nobody could be seen. Hmph, it seemed that going after a good guy also had its troubles. Most likely, Li Ming had gone to help out some person again. They would probably be taking quite a bit of time. Ah, he really had it rough! Even just waiting for somebody could be such a difficult task to accomplish.

Mo Fang went back to the bench and sat down, giving a sigh. He took out his phone and browsed Weibo. After a moment, he looked up thoughtfully. That Su Yan and his boyfriend … What had been the name of the page? It took him a moment but when he finally remembered the name, he immediately looked it up.

Scrolling through all the news on there, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows. From the looks of it, they had just recently gotten together. But then again, the relationship seemed to be progressing really fast. What was this about buying a house? Wasn’t that something you would only do after several years? How come they were in such a rush? If that Su Yan was a woman, he might even think that there was a pregnancy to hide. What was the rush with two men?

Mo Fang shook his head but didn’t think about it any further. Anyway, if they were already looking at houses, then their relationship should be very secure. This meant that they wouldn’t get into each other’s way. In that case, there was no reason to hate that guy. He could reluctantly accept that Li Ming had liked that Su Yan before him.

Anyway, it would be strange if he was the only one in their relationship who had made some previous mistakes. Since he had been together with some Lan Heng, then Li Ming might as well have been in love with some Su Yan. What was the big deal?

Just then, Mo Fang heard something from outside. He tensed and then hurriedly slipped his phone back into his pocket and started with his plan. He turned away from the door, facing the row of lockers in front of him. Then he pulled up his shoulders, raised a hand to cover half his face and started to sniff.

Outside, Li Ming had just waved at one of the other guards to bid goodbye. He opened the door and then froze right after when he heard the sound coming from inside. This … He wasn’t imagining that, was he? He furrowed his brows, stepped inside and closed the door so nobody else would hear. Then, he went over to see just who it was that had come here to cry. Anyway, maybe there was something he could do.

He rounded the outer line of lockers and then leaned back as soon as he saw the person sitting on the bench. That … Wasn’t that Mo Fang?!

On the bench, Mo Fang had to force himself to continue with his act. What the fuck was it with that reaction?! He was a good guy, shouldn’t he come over and console him?! How could he just run away!

Li Ming pressed his back flat against the side of the lockers and closed his eyes. He didn’t want to get involved in this. That scene from yesterday was still pretty fresh in his mind. He had already caused trouble with Su Yan before. He definitely didn’t want to cause trouble with Boss Mo’s son now. And considering how fast Mo Fang had changed his tune yesterday, he didn’t doubt that trouble would definitely follow if he got involved with this.

He turned around and wanted to silently sneak out of the locker room when the sobbing behind him got louder.

Li Ming stopped and hesitated, putting a hand against his forehead before he finally turned around and went back. He carefully stepped around the row of lockers as if he would startle Mo Fang otherwise or get himself into trouble before he approached them. “Mo … Mo Fang? Is everything alright?”

Mo Fang stopped the sobbing and slightly turned his head as if he wanted to glance in Li Ming’s direction. Then, he made a show of wiping away his nonexistent tears, rubbing his eyes a little harsher to make them seem red. Anyway, if he wanted to act, he had to act convincingly. “It’s … It’s alright. Don’t … Don’t bother about me, Bro Li.”

Li Ming continued to awkwardly stand there. Mo Fang’s voice sounded really choked up. It definitely wasn’t alright despite what he said. Li Ming once again hesitated because of who this person was but finally, he sat down next to him. “If you … If you want to talk, then I could listen to you.”

Mo Fang once again rubbed his eyes and then glanced at Li Ming. Even though his expression was awkward, he did seem sincere. Ah, he really was a good guy. He almost felt a little bad for treating them like this. But everything was fair in love and war.

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