OMF V7C222 The One Thing He Couldn’t Resist

Shortly after An Bai had sat down again, steps sounded from the corridor and soon, Ye Yang arrived in front of the cell, giving a faint smile. An Bai almost tensed up when he saw him but he forced himself to calm down. Ye Yang shouldn’t have been in time to hear his conversation with the guard. He just had to be as always and Ye Yang wouldn’t become suspicious.

Actually, this might even be an opportunity for him. When that guard saw him interact as usual with Ye Yang, he might use the time to think about what he had said. Maybe he would be more inclined to make a favorable decision then. In that case, it might not need much more time until he could get out of here.

Thinking like that, An Bai looked at the book in his hands as usual, not bothering to pay Ye Yang any more attention.

The demon, on the other hand, sat down next to him with a smile. “Scholar An Bai, I’ve come to see you again. I also brought you another book.” He took something out of his spatial ring and waved it in the air.

When An Bai didn’t pay him any attention, Ye Yang leaned back and opened the book on his own. “I think you might find this one interesting. It’s actually a compendium of beasts. Or maybe that’s not the right way to put it.” He fell silent and flipped through the pages. “Take a look at this. I think it explains the essence of this book very well. It’s an account of the features of the Winged Crystal Serpent. Scholar An Bai certainly knows that this beast is already extinct.”

Next to him, An Bai had trouble focusing on his book. While he knew that he had to ignore Ye Yang, he had to give it to him that this guy had managed to judge him quite well. Knowledge was the one thing he had trouble resisting. Being faced with all these rare books that contained information he would have liked to know … it sure was hard not to get entranced and just listen on.

Still, he couldn’t let his curiosity get the better of him. With that thought, he turned the page of his own book, once again getting engrossed in reading.

Ye Yang side-eyed him and tightened his lips for a moment. Just as he had thought this An Bai was indeed a tough nut to crack. So far, he hadn’t even been able to get his attention long enough to hold a conversation. It seemed he’d have to try harder.

He looked back at the page and gave a low hum. “This book states that the relation between the Winged Crystal Serpent and the dragon race is quite close.” He sighed. “Ah, I’ve always wondered just how the separation of the dragon race from the demon race came about.”

An Bai continued to read silently.

“Don’t you think it’s interesting? Once upon a time, there must have been a group of demons that intermingled with others in a way so that the properties of their group changed completely. I guess it should have needed several generations for that to happen. After all, there are quite a few differences between us.

“For one, there is the different magic. Let’s not even talk about the fact that the dragon race isn’t able to change spiritual energy into dark energy anymore, even the spiritual energy they can use is different. From earth and fire to water and air … How do you think that happened?”

An Bai stiffened, his thoughts involuntarily drifting to the accounts on that matter he had read back in the dragon realm. This was a matter that most dragons didn’t like to discuss but it was indeed a fascinating subject for a scholar. After all, this was the foundation of their dragon race.

Without that, they wouldn’t exist today. There would also be a difference in the way the immortal realms operated overall. With no dragons around, it would just be demons against gods, nothing more. There would be no alliance, maybe not even a war. After all, who knew if one side wouldn’t have won already? After all, the gods and demons differed quite a lot as well. Maybe … maybe even Tian’s curse wouldn’t have happened.

Ye Yang smiled lightly when he saw An Bai’s small reaction. Mn, as expected, this was working after all. It was harder than expected but not impossible. He just needed time.

As if he hadn’t noticed, he looked back at the book and turned the page. “You know what else I’m wondering about? The Winged Crystal Serpent might very well be the species that gave the dragon race its overall appearance. The shape, the scales, the eyes … all of these are similar between the two.

“But what I’m wondering about is the specifics. While all dragons share the same appearance in general, they are quite the colorful race. How come there are so many variations? Does Scholar An Bai have an explanation for that?”

An Bai turned the page of his own book in response, pretending to read. But his thoughts were once again somewhere else. This question was once again a good one. Especially since the fact that a dragon had mixed blood often showed precisely in the color of their scales and eyes.

“Well …” Ye Yang closed the book and put it down on the heap on the edge of the bench where he had placed all the previous books. “I guess Scholar An Bai isn’t as interested in this as I am. But that doesn’t matter. Maybe one day, Scholar An Bai will find the time to explain to me. I’d also like to hear some questions of your own then. But there’s no need to rush. I’m not a man that recklessly charges ahead. No, instead, I feel that some things … need some time.” He glanced at An Bai and his smile got even wider. “In a way, is falling in love not just like researching an interesting question? Right now, I certainly feel that way.”

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