OMF V7C221 He Didn’t Believe It

As for An Bai, he was currently standing not far from the bars of his cell in the demon king’s dungeon, flashing one of the guards what he deemed to be a flirty smile. Even though it had been several years in the mortal realm since he was imprisoned, to him in the demon realm, only a couple of days had passed. The only reason his heart was restless was because of the danger Ye Yang posed to him.

Anyway, he was already slowly implementing his plan. Today, he might be able to finalize it if things went alright. It was just … there was a certain risk to it. Thinking about it made his scalp go numb but what could he do? He had to give it a try or things might go even worse. Thus, he forced himself to continue smiling despite the fact that his heart sank further and further.

The guard couldn’t help but take another glance, feeling a bit complacent in his heart. It had been so many days since Ye Yang came to the dungeon daily, bringing presents with him and sweet-talking this guy but he hadn’t reacted at all. On the other hand, he hadn’t done anything but his job and the guy was trying to flirt with him. Obviously, he felt glee about that.

Who was Ye Yang? Just because he was older and had a great deal of power didn’t mean that he was invincible in everything he did. Obviously, his personal charm fell flat.

An Bai looked at the guard, his smile almost collapsing. He could see that this guy was rather happy about his seeming advances but why wasn’t he acting on it then? Weren’t demons supposed to be even more straightforward in these matters than the dragons were? And he had seen a lot of dragons leap at the very first opportunity to become involved with somebody. So what was it with this demon? It couldn’t be that everything he had learned so far was wrong, could it?

He almost wanted to go back to the bench and sit down again, abandoning the idea of seducing a guard to get free when the guard finally slightly smiled back.

An Bai almost heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that this was just taking a bit more time than he had expected. There was no reason to give up yet. He could still give it a try and maybe his plan would actually work.

He lowered his gaze, pretending to be a little shy. That actually did manage to draw the guard over.

“Little beauty, you’ve been standing right behind the bars for quite a while now. What might be the matter with you?”

An Bai looked at the guard deeply and slowly blinked his eyes. His fingers brushed through his white hair as if on coincidence while he turned his smile up a notch. “This big brother … Can I ask you something?”

The demon gave a hum and leaned against the bars from the other side, his gaze wandering up and down. “Sure you can. I can’t promise that I’ll answer though.”

An Bai nodded obediently. “Very well. I guess I can’t expect anything more.”

The guard reached inside and picked up a strand of his hair, giving him a mischievous look. “I think I can imagine what you want to ask me.”

“Oh? Then what do you think it is?”

The demon wrapped the hair around his finger and then motioned to the door. “I bet you want me to open that.”

An Bai’s smile grew a little strained. He … had probably been a little obvious?

The guard grinned at his obvious discomfort. Even though he took pleasure in seeing Ye Yang fail to seduce this guy, he wasn’t an idiot. Naturally, he could see that there was a reason behind this dragon’s behavior. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t allow himself to have some fun though.

On the other hand, An Bai didn’t know what to say for a moment. He had never been interested in anybody and he felt himself to be a rather serious person. So he had never really tried to flirt with anyone. Suddenly needing to do so wasn’t that easy for him. Naturally, even just going through the motions would seem ridiculous in the eyes of somebody knowledgeable in this regard.

He lowered his gaze and then sighed. “Actually, it’s not quite that.” Even if he couldn’t flirt, he still had his head. He believed that if it was about that, then among the advisers of His Majesty, only Xiang Yong would be able to compete with him. Dealing with an insignificant guard shouldn’t be a problem.

“Is that so?” The guard grinned. He didn’t believe for even a single moment that this wasn’t what An Bai had in mind. But anyway, he was interested to hear what this guy would be able to come up with.

An Bai nodded meekly. “Yes. You see … You’ve been here for quite some time so you’ve also seen that person come here every day, don’t you?”

“Ye Yang?” The guard scoffed. “Naturally, I know.” He didn’t like the direction this conversation was suddenly taking. Why was he talking about this? Shouldn’t he try to please him?

An Bai could see that the demon wasn’t happy but he still went on. “That one, right. I believe that was his name. You see … Each day, he comes here, forcing me to spend time with him, delivering some … gifts as if that would definitely make me fall for him. I really can’t take it any longer. Can’t you do something about it?” He looked at the guard carefully, trying to look as if he really needed his help in this matter.

The guard that had just gotten angry because An Bai was talking about Ye Yang instantly felt better. “So you want me to get rid of him for you?” That did insinuate that this guy thought him to be powerful enough to do that, didn’t it?

An Bai gave a wry smile. He didn’t believe for a moment that a simple guard in the dungeon would be able to deal with a man like Ye Yang. “Well, you don’t have to go that far. Just … Not opening the door for him would already be quite good for me. Or maybe you could put me somewhere else so he doesn’t know where I am?” He reached up as if to brush through his own hair again but there was still the hand of the guard holding onto it. Their skin brushed against each other and the guard gave a low hum.

“Let me think about that for a while.” With that, he let go of An Bai’s hair and stepped back, his gaze unreadable.

An Bai could only nod, retreating to the bench, unsure if he had achieved his goal. Anyway, he did not have another chance. He could only make this work somehow or he would be doomed.

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