SML C5 The Twin Given away at Birth

Mo Fang worked more or less diligently while customers were in sight. Naturally, he left a bit more work to the others, pretending that this was the obvious way to go about it since he was less experienced than them and still needed more time to get used to things.

As for the downtime he gained through this … Naturally, it wasn’t left unused. Each time, he would get up and go over to a coworker that also wasn’t occupied, pretending to ask some questions about work at first. As soon as he made sure that nobody was listening in and that his father wasn’t around to hear, he would start to ask about Li Ming instead.

Thus, at the end of the day, Mo Fang felt that he had a very good grasp on just what kind of person Li Ming was. In fact, there were no surprises there. Just as he had thought before, Li Ming really was a decent guy. He was the kind of person that would step in if he saw a fight break out and not just because he was working in security. He really felt that this was what a decent person should do.

Also, when he saw an old woman struggle with her luggage, then he would be the first person to run over and offer his help, making sure she arrived where she had to be on time.

He would cover shifts for his coworkers and he made it a point to come by the service counters when he started his shift to greet the people working there as well. Alright, the latter might have a little bit to do with that Su Yan who had been working there but overall, Li Ming really was very nice.

As for how to tackle that kind of person … Mo Fang had already started to form a plan.

When his shift ended, Mo Fang stayed around on purpose, claiming that he still wanted to learn a bit more to get used to things faster. In fact, he was just waiting for the time when Li Ming would also get off work. Only then would he be able to leave work or, well, start to implement his plan would be a more accurate way to put it.

Who knew that this behavior would have another added benefit? Just when Mo Fang was actually tending to one of the passengers that had come over to ask a question, his father came to check with the other employees just how badly his son had done on his first day. When he stepped into the hall, he actually saw his son still sitting at the counter and even working.

Boss Mo stopped on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning. This … Had his wife forgotten to mention that there had originally been twins and one had been given away at birth? Because this definitely wasn’t the Mo Fang that he knew! He just wasn’t like this. Nobody could convince him otherwise. This definitely had to be a long-lost twin or maybe his son had taken part in some shady experiment where he had been cloned or given a new personality.

Mo Fang bid goodbye to the passenger and sent him off, looking around to see if he could spot Li Ming anywhere. Instead, he saw his own father who was eying him suspiciously. Ah, thankfully, he had just worked and not been harassing the others over details of Li Ming’s life! He put on a bright smile and then waved at his father, making Boss Mo even more suspicious.

When Mo Fang just sat down, seemingly wanting to continue to work, Boss Mo furrowed his brows and went over, taking a closer look at his son. “Alright, what are you up to?” Because if this wasn’t a twin or a clone but his actual son instead, then there had to be something behind this.

Mo Fang looked up at him and blinked his eyes as cutely as possible. “What are you talking about, Daddy? Didn’t you allow me to work here? Naturally, I tried to do it as well as possible.”

“Even if that was true, your shift should’ve ended long ago. Why are you still here?”

“Well …” Mo Fang shifted on the spot, looking as if he was slightly embarrassed by what he was about to say. “You’re the boss here, Daddy. I feel like if I don’t put in a lot of effort, I’d be embarrassing you. I really don’t want to do that. So I thought that I should show everyone that I’m ready to work extra hard and not just rely on you to make a living. I wouldn’t want people to talk badly about you behind your back.”

Boss Mo’s brows twitched. If anyone told him their child had said something like this, he’d congratulate them and praise the child for thinking so much for their parents. But this was his own son so he couldn’t believe a word of what he said. “Spare me that bullshit. Is this still about Li Ming? You better get that idea out of your head right now. If you really want to work here, you can. But just do your job. Don’t try to pull any other stunts. Do you understand?”

Mo Fang lightly pursed his lips. “I really don’t know why you’re being like this, Daddy. I was just trying to help. Anyway, if you don’t want me to do more than what I should, then I’ll get off work now.” He stood up and came out from behind the counter, giving his father a disappointed look. “Anyway, you can ask the others whether or not I worked well today.”

Boss Mo waved him away. “You bet that I’ll do that. Now go and change your clothes. When I come back here later on, I don’t want to see you around.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m already going.” With that, Mo Fang indeed walked away. Anyway, he wasn’t worried. By now, it should almost be time for Li Ming to get off work too. He just had to hang around in the locker room for a moment longer.

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