OMF V7C130 A New Deal

Seeing the surprise on Jin Ling’s face the demon laughed. “Obviously, that’s not it.” He leaned back and crossed his legs, admiring Jin Ling’s face for a while. “What’s the real reason then?”

“Mn …” Jin Ling leaned forward and propped up his elbows on the table, interlaced his fingers and rested his chin on top.

The other man’s eyes narrowed. “Are you trying to seduce me right now?”

Jin Ling smiled. “If I was trying, would it work?” He didn’t get an answer and could only sigh. It seemed there were still some hard feelings because he had ignored him for so long. “There’s indeed some matter I need your help with. It’s about an array.”

“Something you can’t solve yourself?”

“Otherwise, would I be here? So how about it? Will you help me with this?”

“What kind of help do you need? Creating one? Disabling one? Actually, what kind of array is it?”

“One that is the opening to a realm tied to the human realm. Unfortunately, that array doesn’t quite seem to work. I need to get into that realm but … it doesn’t react even if I imbue my spiritual energy. What do you think could be the matter?”

The man closed his eyes and pondered. “An array in the human realm … made by humans?”

“I can’t say for sure. It might have been created by a dragon as well.”

The demon’s eyes cracked open. “By a dragon?” That really made him wonder what all this was about. What was in that realm for Jin Ling to actually come and see him just to get in there? It had to be important to him. But it shouldn’t be related to the throne. After all, he had been surprised when he mentioned Yong Hai. What then? As far as he knew, there was nothing Jin Ling was passionate about. He had only ever wanted to get that throne and hold onto it. So what could it be?

Jin Ling smiled at that gaze. He lowered his hands and then got up, bridging the few steps that separated them, and clasping the demon’s shoulders. “Don’t think too much. Does it really matter what is inside? You just need to know that I want to get in and … that I would be willing to do anything for the person enabling me to do so.” His lips curved up again and he leaned forward, their lips touching.

The demon stayed quiet for a moment before he gave a hum. “I can take a look and try to find out what the matter is but I can’t promise anything.”

“That is already worth a lot.” Jin Ling’s eyes narrowed. “I guess you won’t trust me and go to investigate first?”

“Well, I don’t think we need to pretend that there was any deeper meaning to things back then. There was something you wanted and there was something I wanted. I helped you achieve your wish and you gave me what I asked for. I would have hoped for more but that wasn’t what we agreed on, was it? I can only blame my own lacking charms.” He reached up and cupped Jin Ling’s cheek. “Anyway, this is a new deal. I don’t mind going to make some inquiries first.”

Jin Ling smiled happily and gave him another kiss. “You’re too good to me.”

The demon smiled back at him. “What can I say? I am a slave to beauty.” He stroked his cheek and then brushed through his hair, admiring the way the fire made it glow. “And to me, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. I’m willing to do quite a lot for you. Never mention something this simple.”

“Mn … That’s good then.”

“Then what if I can’t find anything?”

“You’ll have tried. Actually …” Jin Ling wrapped his arms around the demon’s neck and leaned closer, his lips brushing his ear. “Let me fulfill my part of the deal first.”

“Oh? How do I deserve that much goodwill?”

“Well, let’s call it my show of good faith.” He lightly bit the man’s earlobe, making him give a low laugh.

“Alright. I like how that sounds.” He got up and pulled Jin Ling into his arms. “Then … let’s go.”

Jin Ling narrowed his eyes and tugged at the man’s lapel, pulling it apart. His lips touched the tanned skin below while his hands roamed further down, opening the thin belt. He threw it to the side but before he could continue, he was picked up and carried further into the room.

The man put him down on the bed and knelt above him with a smile. “I really can’t help but wonder what could be important enough for you to agree to this.”

Jin Ling grasped his neck and pulled him down. “I didn’t remember you being so talkative.”

“I’m not. Just curious. If I find out how to open that array … Would you mind if I took a look?”

Before the man could ask any further, his lips were sealed by a smoldering kiss. He grunted and the two of them rolled to the side, changing positions.

“I would. My matters, you shouldn’t interfere with them.”

The man looked up and nodded. “Very well. I’m not that curious that I wouldn’t be able to hold back. If you want to, you can tell me sometime after it’s done.” With that, he pulled Jin Ling closer again, wresting the robe from his shoulders before they rolled around the bed once more, touching in a frenzy, their naked skin rubbing together and generating a heat that gave the illusion of warming the coldness that the demon king’s palace embodied.

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