Review: Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across the Galaxy

It’s already the second week of the new year. One of my new year’s resolutions is to take the reviewing I originally wanted to do a bit more seriously. Before, I’ve only ever written a review when I remembered even though I’ve actually been reading quite a bit more.
So, in 2020, I’ll try to be a bit more consistent and put one up when I’m actually reading or have recently finished something. (I’ll also try to put up some reviews of stuff I’ve read previously. That’ll take some time though since I’ll have to take a look at it again because my memory seems to get worse with the years 😅)

On that cue: I’ve read a rather short BL novel around Christmas and feel like this is a good time to tell you about it. 😁 The title is “Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across the Galaxy” and it’s been completely translated by Exiled Rebels.

(Btw: I’ve decided to add ‘review’ to the title whenever I do a review from now on because I figured it might lead to some confusion otherwise. I’ll go and add it to the reviews I’ve done so far as well.)

What is it about?

Xie Yan transmigrates to an empty planet. Thankfully, there are lots of tasty ingredients around so he won’t have to starve to death and can even start earning money by broadcasting. Then, Huo Nai, the prince of the empire, somehow crashes onto his planet. Needless to say, this is an excellent opportunity to employ him for some manual labor!


My opinion

Before I go into detail, there are two things to consider:

  1. This is one of these broadcasting novels which is something I love to bits. I don’t know, seeing people being able to make a living off something they love to do just makes me insanely happy. So when I see a novel of that kind, I’m normally halfway satisfied already. 😁
  2. On the other hand, this is an ABO-type novel (in case somebody hasn’t come across this yet: Alpha-Beta-Omega) which … I don’t hate but still don’t like too much. While some type of soulmate would have an appeal to me, I always feel that ABO-constellations are rather forced. There’s no romance in there for me. It’s just plain biology. So I’ll still read this type of novel but I’ll probably go in with lower expectations than usual.

Now, this means I started reading this with some mixed expectations. The novel also only has 28 chapters which I’d consider rather short so there’s that.

On the bright side: DFGMFATG wasn’t as restrictive as lots of ABO-novels I’ve seen so far. In fact, for the most part of the novel, the ABO-setting didn’t play any role at all which is a huge plus from my side.
Unfortunately, there also wasn’t as much broadcasting as I would have liked. It was still nice though and I can’t say I’m disappointed in this.

Another thing I really liked about this novel was that the author tried to make an actual effort to explain the transmigration: There was an explanation as to what happened at the time of the MC’s death in his own world, some rundown on what happened after that, and finally, even an explanation of the background and his overtaking his new identity. It’s something I haven’t seen done very often and I would sure like it if this became a trend.
Unfortunately, this takes a backseat to other things going on so it’s wrapped up rather fast and made me wish the novel had at least a chapter or two more. In fact, the whole ending felt a bit rushed which, funnily enough, seems to have been anticipated by the author. At the very least, Exiled Rebels translated a creator’s comment that was in that vein.


Overall …

I did like this novel. There were some approaches to the subjects of both transmigration and ABO-stories that I really liked and even would have wanted to see more of. Unfortunately, it felt a bit rushed especially toward the ending so I’m not completely satisfied with this read. I’d still recommend giving this a try if you like broadcasting, an actual development of the relationship between the leads, or just want something short, fluffy and a bit funny to read in-between longer stories.

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