ADS C5 Let’s Do This Again

Jinde raised his brows and turned to look at his husband. Leng Jin Yu could only sigh.

“It’s some kind of warning these things give off if they are forcibly opened.”

“Whoops. You should have said so sooner.” Jinde laughed and then grabbed Leng Jin Yu’s arm, pulling him out of the store and down the street. “I guess we’ll have to run then. Ah, who would have thought I’d ever be a fugitive in my life? It’s really such a steep fall if you consider I was a king once.”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. “You do realize that these humans won’t be able to see us as long as we use our spiritual energy, right? So there’s no need to —”

“Sh!” Jinde turned around and put a finger against his husband’s lips. “Don’t ruin the fun. Isn’t this our vacation?”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at that slender finger, wondering how this situation could be considered a vacation.

Jinde just laughed and snuggled up against his husband. He lowered his finger only to cup Leng Jin Yu’s cheek with his hand and tilted his head for a kiss. “Don’t you think it’s thrilling?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled. “As long as you’re happy.” He pecked Jinde’s lips and then grabbed his hand, pulling him along. “So where do you want to go?”

“Mn … A place where we can spend the night?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and looked around, finally spotting what seemed to be a bed behind a window. He stopped in his tracks and pulled Jinde closer, looking around. There were several beds behind the window, none of them occupied.

“That looks good.” Jinde looked at his husband, waiting for what he thought.

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “The window is a little strange but … maybe this is how an inn looks in this world.” He shrugged and the two of them searched for the entrance.

Unfortunately, they once again stood in front of an automatic door that wouldn’t budge.

Jinde sighed and looked around. He liked this place so he wouldn’t let them be deterred by one thin door. Ah, if only he understood this electricity array Leng Jin Yu had talked about …

Jinde couldn’t figure out how to open the door but the two of them had another advantage: They could fly. Thus they made their way up and finally found another door on the roof of the building. They exchanged a glance.

“I don’t think it’s one of those doors. It shouldn’t be a problem to open it.”

Jinde didn’t wait any longer and used his claws to open the lock. The door popped open. The two of them waited but there was no alarm at all. Jinde gave a triumphant smile and then swaggered inside, his husband right behind him.

Ah, this had worked out quite well. Now, they only needed to find an empty bed and then they could spend the night here.

The two of them went back to the first floor and looked around. There weren’t any separate rooms and just some areas that were shielded by two walls of maybe a person’s height protecting them from sight in these directions at least.

These kinds of half-open rooms were the exception though. Most beds were just that: a bed standing in the middle of the hall, with at most a nightstand on each side and nothing else. It made Jinde furrow his brows but since nobody else seemed to have gotten a room in this inn, he didn’t mind too much. Anyway, he had never had a problem with showing off his body and he especially didn’t have one now that he was already happily married for a long time.

Thus he pulled his husband to one of the beds and then flopped down on the bed, his eyes going wide. “Oh.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows, his body tensing up. “What is it?”

Jinde let go of his hand and then rolled one round on the bed, before stopping on his stomach and cradling the pillow in his arms. “Soft.”

Leng Jin Yu stared at him for a while, making sure that he had understood right. Soft? So did this mean Jinde was satisfied with this inn? He sat down on the edge of the bed and couldn’t help but admit that Jinde was right. This was indeed much softer than the bed that they had in their world.

Jinde’s golden eyes cracked open and he reached out one hand, tugging at Leng Jin Yu’s sleeve. “Promise me we’ll buy one of those and take it home.”

Leng Jin Yu didn’t think much of it and nodded. “Alright, let’s do that. We first need to find out how to earn money here though.” Speaking of which … He looked around, trying to find the owner of the inn. They still hadn’t paid for this bed, after all. And even though they still didn’t know too much about this world, he was positive that he would at least be able to get them a room in an honorable way.

Unfortunately for him, nobody could be seen even after he got up and walked around the hall once again. He returned to the bed and gave a sigh. “Maybe the owner left just like the people from that store. We should wait until tomorrow and then talk to them.”

Jinde nodded and then pulled at Leng Jin Yu’s arm. “Since nobody is here, just lie down. Let’s get a good night’s sleep first. Inquiring about so many things really makes one tired, don’t you think so?”

Leng Jin Yu looked at his sparkling eyes and couldn’t help but laugh. “Maybe it does. I’m not too sure. I just feel that my husband doesn’t look as if he’s all that tired.”

“Mn … I’m a little tired. But not too tired to try a thing or two. How about it?”

“There aren’t any walls though. What if somebody sees?”

Jinde laughed. “I remember somebody telling me that we couldn’t be seen anyway when the alarm went off before. I don’t think anything has changed about that. So …” His fingers wandered higher and stopped at Leng Jin Yu’s shoulders. “How about it?”

Leng Jin Yu just smiled. “If you don’t mind, then I won’t mind either. I don’t think anyone is here either. If anything, It could only be that somebody comes here later on, asking for a bed as well. I’m sure we’d hear. Then we can see what to do about it.”

“Let’s not do anything about it. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.” He pulled on Leng Jin Yu, making him lean down and then draped his arms around his neck, kissing his lips. “I think that … I really made the right call asking you for this vacation. We should do this much, much more often.”

Leng Jin Yu laughed and then reached down, opening Jinde’s belt. “Let’s do that. Just promise me that we’ll continue to be careful at the beginning. In fact, I think it might be good if we just remembered this world and came here a few more times before we try somewhere else. Since we already know some thing’s now, that’d be an advantage. At least, we won’t have to spend any more time getting to know the place.”

“My husband is so smart. I’m completely awed. What do you think should be done about that?”

“I don’t think anything has to be done. Isn’t it good if you’re awed? I do like to be admired every now and then.”

A robe was thrown to the ground and Jinde hummed happily. “Actually, you’re admired all the time. But right now, I really can’t help but feel that you’re especially seductive.”

Leng Jin Yu chuckled. “Weren’t we talking about me being smart?”

“You being smart is seductive all on its own. You have no idea how much of a stimulation that is.”

Leng Jin Yu didn’t say anything to that but he couldn’t help but look at Jinde’s eyes that were glinting slyly. He was afraid that he knew all too well just how seductive somebody being smart could be. Wasn’t that what had inevitably trapped him at this person’s side?

Not that he wanted to complain. This was a trap he would walk right in again if given the chance.

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