OMF V7C87 Waiting for My Husband

He stepped forward, drawing his own weapon to step in but just then, another disciple of the Chun Feng Sect rushed over.

“Sect Master Yuchi, we kindly ask you to stand back. This is a matter the Chun Feng Sect is doing on behalf of the human race. Interfering means that you will be helping an enemy of our own race. Is that what you want to do?”

Jinde harrumphed. “This is what that means? Your Chun Feng Sect is rather fast with accusing people. You don’t even know whether he’s human or not. But you attacked him even with the person he is bound to protect in the same place. Now, when somebody else wants to interfere, you’re trying to use your advantage in numbers. Is that it?”

The disciple furrowed his brows and raised his own weapon. “The Chun Feng Sect is doing this for a good cause. If you cannot see this point, then I’m afraid you might be a lost cause.”

Jinde gave a humorous laugh and eyed the weapon in the disciple’s hand. Was this also one of them? Otherwise, he might just give the Sect Master a hand and help him take care of these pests. Attacking his stepson right in front of him … These people were really looking for death! He might have lost a bit of his edge but he was still much better with the sword than these fledglings would ever be.

Seeing that Grandmaster Leng’s husband was about to step in himself, Alliance Head Hua panicked. The Grandmaster still wasn’t here! If something happened to his husband, then wouldn’t he fault him? After all, he had entrusted his safety to him when he sent him to the Liu He Alliance to ask for refuge.

Hua Min gritted his teeth and then waved at the disciples behind him. “What my disciple just said does have some truth to it. The Chun Feng Sect is accusing without evidence. Whether you intended to do this for a righteous cause or not, you’re going too far right now. The Liu He Alliance won’t stand back when encountering such a situation. That is also a righteous cause.”

A dozen swords were unsheathed that same moment, making the disciples of the Chun Feng Sect tense up.

In the middle of the clearing, Liu Cheng furrowed his brows. He indeed hadn’t managed to injure Qiu Ling so far and it was looking as if he wouldn’t be able to do so anytime soon. In fact, he was afraid that this person was stronger than him. They might need the help of their Elders to subdue him.

He still had somewhat paid attention to what was happening around him. After all, it was known to all the demon hunters that you could never neglect paying attention to your surroundings when fighting with a demon. These guys were full of schemes. The one in front of you might be playing around with you, leading you to fall into a trap.

Things like that had happened way too often in the past and had even made some of the older sects collapse entirely. The Chun Feng Sect had looked at all the documents from these times to learn from them. He certainly wouldn’t make such a simple mistake.

What he noticed happening made his expression turn even darker. “Don’t listen to this! The person who just spoke is the one who pretended to be a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect the last time around when asking for directions to the Liu He Alliance. How come he suddenly turned into the disciple of Alliance Head Hua? Obviously, he’s a demon as well! Just as we expected.”

Jinde’s lips twitched. So now he was a demon too? Well, what a surprise! This guy had actually managed to curse two dragon kings in one day. That really was a feat that nobody else had ever managed to accomplish. Should he go and congratulate him on that?

Jinde wanted to take out his sword but paused. Ah … Once again, there was the problem that he didn’t know which of these weapons was dangerous to him. Furthermore, his own beloved sword had been given to his husband. In other words … He simply didn’t have a weapon at hand!

Jinde raised his hand and sadly looked at his fingernails. Ah, he really couldn’t wait to have his soul healed. Then, he could just use his claws for something like this. What a disgrace! A dragon actually wasn’t able to fight just because he didn’t have a weapon.

Jinde slunk back and leaned over to Yuchi Bing Xia. “Sect Master, there might be a little problem here.”

Yuchi Bing Xia glanced at him and furrowed his brows. He really wanted to curse him right now! Who was it that made things this difficult?

Jinde pretended he hadn’t seen that gaze and just sighed. “You see, I’ve given my weapon away. You wouldn’t be able to lend me one, would you? It doesn’t have to be anything special. Just a simple sword will do.”

Yuchi Bing Xia’s brows twitched. “Why would you give your weapon away?”

Jinde shrugged his shoulders. “Is was a present for your disciple, ah. What can I do about it?”

Yuchi Bing Xia shut up at that. He had already said what he thought of that relationship but only to Yu Jin. He wouldn’t dare to say any of that to the person in front of him.

Jinde pursed his lips. “What is it? You don’t want to? But … You’re basically my father-in-law.”

Yuchi Bing Xia almost dropped his own weapon. “I’m what?!”

Jinde once again shrugged his shoulders. “I’m married to your disciple, ah. And don’t you have a saying that if you’re a Master for a day, you’re a father for life? So that means that as Jin Yu’s Master, you basically count as his father. And since I’m married to him, you count as my father-in-law.” He blinked his eyes behind the veil, his lips curling up into a brilliant smile. “Or could it be that you’d rather want me to call you ‘father’? I wouldn’t mind … father.”

Yuchi Bing Xia shuddered, unable to give a comeback. Really, if he dared to have this beautiful god call him father, he felt like he wouldn’t be able to live long anymore.

Hua Min looked back at the two of them, his expression disbelieving. “What are you doing?”

Jinde smiled happily, a little miffed that nobody was able to see his charming appearance. “Waiting for my husband to return, ah. I’m sure Jin Yu will be able to get us out of this situation.” After all, his husband was a sly one, sometimes even able to deal with him. With his knowledge of the situation in the human realm and that kind of intelligence, he would be able to take care of these people from that intolerable Chun Feng Sect in a matter of minutes.

That was still the better call to make instead of fighting. Until then, they just had to stall the other disciples for a bit and let Qiu Ling take care of the one who was still trying to scratch him with that weapon.

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