ADS C4 A Qualified Lover

For a while, Leng Jin Yu conscientiously read an assortment of history books and compendiums about all kinds of subjects like the inventions, geography, and animal kingdom of this world, taking note of all the differences there were between this world and the one they came from. The people that came and went had already all left the place, the doors not opening again for a long time. Even the lights had been dimmed so that Leng Jin Yu had to take out a starlight shell from his spatial ring and put it down next to them so they could continue to read.

Just when he was pondering the political systems that seemed to exist in different forms in different countries of this world, bright laughter interrupted him.

Leng Jin Yu lowered the book in his hands and looked over, catching Jinde with an amused expression. “What is it? Did you find a good location?”

Jinde gave a teasing smile and shook his head. “Much better, my dear.”


Jinde gave a nod. “I already decided on several places for us to visit. Right now, I’ve found something much more … interesting.” He waved the book in his hand around but the back was to Leng Jin Yu, so he couldn’t read the title.

Leng Jin Yu could only smile wryly and put the book in his hands onto the stack next to him, turning to Jinde. “I’d like to hear what that is very much. Why don’t you enlighten your husband, allowing him to join in your laughter?”

Jinde continued to smile before he very happily pushed the book into Leng Jin Yu’s hands. “It’s a book on the dating rituals of this world’s inhabitants. Why don’t you read it for me?”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. He didn’t think that it was weird for Jinde to be interested in that subject but … why would he want him to read the book? He picked it up and tried to discern the meaning of the title: ‘101 Pickup Lines for Almost Guaranteed Success at Getting the Person of Your Dreams!’ The ‘Almost’ was written smaller and in a different color than the rest of the words, making it almost merge with the background as if it wasn’t important at all. The rest of the cover was taken up by the painting — ah, no, that should be a so-called ‘photography’ — of two people kissing.

Leng Jin Yu stared at the book blankly. Alright … He didn’t quite understand. Still, since his husband wanted him to read it, he would do so.

He opened the book and cleared his throat. “Intro—”

“Ah, you can skip that.” Jinde reached over and skipped some pages ahead. “Just start from there. And you can leave out the comments as well. Just read the sentences at the top.”

“The one with the numbers?”

“Mn.” Jinde nodded happily. “Precisely those.” Then he happily put his head on his husband’s shoulder and closed his eyes.

Leng Jin Yu uneasily looked at him with a complicated expression before he turned back to the book. Somehow, he had a bad feeling about this. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“Actually, I do. It was love at first sight when I saw you.” He looked at his husband with expectancy.

In turn, Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brows and shook his head. “There’s another part.”

“Oh? What does it say?”

“Or should I walk by again?”

Jinde laughed again and then trailed down Leng Jin Yu’s chest with the tip of his index finger. “Ah, dear, how naughty of you! But don’t you worry! I’m already head over heels for you!” He raised his head, craned his neck and gave Leng Jin Yu a kiss, very helpfully turning the page for him. “Why don’t you continue?”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows at the second ‘pickup line’. “Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”

Jinde laughed in delight. “Well, I would like a hug and a kiss.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him and finally gave in to the expectant look. He put the book down, leaned over and pulled Jinde into his arms. Needless to say, Jinde took advantage of the situation and sat on his lap, encircling his neck with his arms before he leaned down for the promised kiss.

When they separated, he combed through Leng Jin Yu’s hair with his fingers. “I see now. These ‘Pickup Lines’ are really very effective. The people of this world sure know how to romance somebody.”

“I’m afraid it’s you who knows how to wrap somebody around your little finger.”

“Oh? I think you’re just saying that because you’re my husband.”

“I’m saying it because it’s true. At the very least, I’m completely wrapped around it.”

Jinde smiled and leaned down again, kissing him again while he brushed his own hair back. “That might be true but I only succeeded in doing that because you are my husband.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum. “There is no way to win an argument against you, is there?”

“A qualified lover should give in every now and then.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. “Every now and then? How come it feels like I’m always on the losing end then?”

“That’s because half the time you lose … and the other half you’re giving in.”

“I must be a very qualified lover then.”

“Mn … I think you might be. How about proving it?” Jinde’s fingers trailed down, tugging at Leng Jin Yu’s clothes.

“I don’t think this is the right place for that.”

Jinde glanced over his shoulder and had to reluctantly agree. This really wasn’t the place for that. He turned back and his lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Then how about going to search for a place?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and got up, pulling Jinde to his feet. “Alright, let’s go then.”

The two of them brought the books back to where they had come from and then went to leave the store. Unfortunately … the door that had magically opened before didn’t react now.

Jinde blinked his eyes. “Is it powered by an array that uses crystals and they ran out? I should have some in my spatial ring …”

Leng Jin Yu showed a difficult expression. “No, that … It uses a type of energy we don’t have in our world. I read about it in a book on inventions. They call it ‘electricity’.”

“Oh. Then what do we do now?”

Leng Jin Yu looked around. Oftentimes, this ‘electricity’ seemed to have been turned on and off by turning a switch. If they found it … Unfortunately, he couldn’t see anything that could work. “I don’t know.”

Jinde pursed his lips and finally reached out, his nails turning into claws that glinted in the moonlight. Leng Jin Yu wanted to stop him but the door had already been forced open.

A deafening blare sounded and lights lit up the entrance.

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