ADS C3 Gaining Knowledge

The two of them strolled down the street, observing the people around them and taking note of the streets and buildings.

When Leng Jin Yu watched the way that one of the doors next to them seemed to open on its own, he caught Jinde moving his hand to toss back his hair. His claws were clearly showing, making Leng Jin Yu raise his brows. “What are you doing?”

Jinde narrowed his eyes and shook his head to make his hair fall to the front again just to toss it back once more. “I’m not sure what it is. But I’ve seen them do it a lot.” He nodded over at a young couple. The woman was hanging onto the man’s arm, jabbering about something while she constantly flipped her hair back in the way that Jinde had done just now. The most noticeable was probably that she didn’t have normal nails but something that looked like claws instead.

Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brows. “Well … Even if she does, do you really think you should follow that example? Isn’t that a woman?”

“And? Do you feel that I can’t do it?” He once again tossed his hair, giving his husband a teasing smile. “It doesn’t look good?”

“Well …” Leng Jin Yu didn’t know what to say. Was this really a matter of looking good? “It’s not that it doesn’t but you’re a man. If you want to fit in, don’t you think it would be better to make other men your example?”

Jinde glanced around and tsked. “Obviously, none of them have any sense of beauty. I can’t bring myself to lower myself to that standard.”

Leng Jin Yu watched the men around them with a complicated expression. None of them were really ugly and if he didn’t take into consideration how this world had a completely different way of clothing, then they were probably just like every normal man in their own world as well. He really wondered what Jinde wanted to say with that.

He glanced at his husband but finally decided to keep quiet. He also knew that Jinde had always paid a lot of attention to his own appearance. For the man that had for the longest time held the title of greatest beauty of the dragon realm, it naturally wasn’t acceptable not to get this very same title in the human realm as well.

He should just trust Jinde’s judgment and let him give it a try. Maybe it wouldn’t actually be a problem? After all, there were always people who wouldn’t completely fit in with others. Jinde could just try to be that kind of person. And beauty did make people willing to overlook a lot of other things.

Jinde made Leng Jin Yu stop and motioned at the window next to them. “Look at that.”

The two of them stepped closer to the window and looked inside. “Are those … books?” They didn’t have the same bindings that he knew from their own world and the cover wasn’t as simple either and instead featured some kind of painting but there was a woman holding one of them up and leafing through it, exposing dense lines of text inside. So this had to be this world’s type of book.

Jinde nodded. “I think so as well. Do you think we should take a look? This might help us understand. There’s no better key to understanding than gaining knowledge.” He pulled Leng Jin Yu with him and the two of them waited for one of the humans to leave the building before they slipped inside, wandering through the aisles.

Leng Jin Yu looked around, making sure that nobody was in the vicinity and then picked up a book. Thankfully, their level of spiritual attainment was high enough to figure out other languages. Even if they couldn’t understand everything, it was enough to figure out the general meaning.

This book seemed to be one about the history of this place. He leafed through it, skimming the text and taking a closer look at some of the paintings inside to get a better grasp of what the things in this world looked like.

Jinde only glanced at it and then went off on his own, picking up a few books himself. As long as they didn’t take them when somebody was around, nobody would be able to notice them so they could take their time.

He brought the books over to a corner and put them down before he went to get his husband, making him sit down and get comfortable. “It’s supposed to be a vacation. So let’s do this slowly and have a little bit of fun in the meantime.”

“Fun? Like …” Leng Jin Yu glanced at the book that Jinde had just opened and raised his brows. “What’s that?”

Jinde closed it again and took another look at the cover before he looked at his husband. “A travel guide. Isn’t it written there?”

“Aren’t we trying to find out something about this world? Why are we looking at a travel guide?”

Jinde gave him a smile that seemed to say ‘silly, isn’t that obvious?’, before he snuggled up against his husband’s side and kissed his jaw. “What do you think it is for? Didn’t we want to travel around? Then we do need to know where we could go, don’t be? We have to check out what the best spots are for a couple like us to visit.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. “That wasn’t quite what I was thinking of but … alright. I guess it’s very important.”

Leng Jin Yu earned himself another kiss with those words before Jinde raised the travel guide again and started to skim the book.

Leng Jin Yu put an arm around his shoulders and started to go through the book he had found as well. It wasn’t a problem. As long as at least one of them checked some facts about the world, they wouldn’t get into trouble. In the worst case, they could just leave again and go somewhere else. There was no need to worry.

At the very least, that was what he thought. But the trouble that came was quite a different sort and no amount of preparation would’ve been able to prevent it from happening.

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