RMN C70 So Mad!

Yun Bei Fen looked at Yang Wu Huang with a mixture of anger and disappointment. He hadn’t understood previously when Mei Chao Bing said that this guy wasn’t a good person and that he should stay away from him but he understood very well now. “You!” He finally pointed at Yang Wu Huang’s nose but he barely got out this one word.

Yang Wu Huang’s heart shook when he saw Yun Bei Fen like this. Ah, even though he wanted to get rid of Mei Chao Bing, he didn’t want to have to hurt this person either. He gulped and looked at him with pity. “I’m sorry, junior martial brother Yun. I didn’t want to say it out loud in front of everyone. But your Master insisted and —”

“You shut up!” Yun Bei Fen’s voice still shook and his little face turned red from anger. “I wouldn’t have thought that you were that kind of person! You would actually slander senior martial brother Mei like that and even after I asked you to help him out when the others were bullying him.”

Elder Baili had looked away in wise foresight but Mei Chao Bing didn’t know yet just how pitiful his little bunny could look and had watched on. Now, he was unable to take it any longer. He stepped closer and grabbed him by the shoulder, looking at him with heartache. “Fen’er … You don’t have to take it to heart. I don’t mind it.”

Seeing Mei Chao Bing try to calm him down made Yun Bei Fen even angrier on his behalf. Look at this! His senior martial brother Mei was such a nice person! Even when he was slandered like that, he could still look past the offense and even took the pain to care for others.

In his anger, Yun Bei Fen’s eyes welled up with tears and he sniffled, his voice getting slurred. “You … you should! He’s so horrible to you. He’s a horrible person!”

Mei Chao Bing’s heart ached and he pulled Yun Bei Fen into his arms, rubbing his back with one hand and trying to wipe away the tears that were trailing down Yun Bei Fen’s cheeks. It was for naught though.

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes reddened even further and those tears only poured out faster, the tip of his nose turning red. “Mei Chao Bing!” He clasped the front of Mei Chao Bing’s robe and his face scrunched up, his lips quivering.

“I’m here, ah. Don’t cry anymore!” He brushed Yun Bei Fen’s hair back and rubbed his neck, hoping that he could calm him down.

His little bunny was far from calm though. He tried to talk but the only thing that came out was sobs.

Mei Chao Bing had no idea what to do. He looked to Elder Baili for help but the person in question had somehow retreated several meters and pretended not to hear anything. Mei Chao Bing could only turn back to Yun Bei Fen and continue to find a solution on his own.

He carefully wrapped his little bunny in his arms and rubbed his cheek against Yun Bei Fen’s. “Little bunny, stop crying, yes? You’re making my heart hurt.” He turned to face him and gently kissed his cheek.

Yun Bei Fen only sobbed louder in return. Now, his senior martial brother Mei was sad as well. He had known that he wouldn’t be able to take it all the time when the others slandered him! “Yang … Yang Wu Huang is … is horrible.”

Mei Chao Bing stared at Yun Bei Fen in a daze. His little bunny seemed to feel about this very strongly? Even though he could care less about Yang Wu Huang, he rushed to nod. “You’re right, ah. Yang Wu Huang is horrible, the worst of all the people in our Teng Yong Sect. He really deserves that you’re mad at him. But look, you should still stop crying. You don’t want to let that scum have the last laugh, do you? So don’t let him see you cry like this.”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. It wasn’t that he wanted to cry. He was just … He was just so angry!

Mei Chao Bing rubbed his little bunny’s cheeks again. It seemed this wouldn’t help? Then how about a joke? “Aiya, if you continue to cry like that, then what if your eyes stay red like that? You’ll really look like a little bunny!”

Yun Bei Fen looked up from the crumpled robe in front of him and to Mei Chao Bing’s face, his reddened eyes turning wide.

Mei Chao Bing looked back at him, feeling guilty. His little bunny wouldn’t have taken that seriously, would he? That … “Ah, don’t worry about it! I would love you just as much if your eyes were red!”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and hugged Mei Chao Bing’s waist. “You’re … such a good person, Mei Chao Bing!”

“Mn, whatever you say goes.” He rubbed Yun Bei Fen’s back and heaved a sigh of relief when his little bunny’s sobs slowly receded. It seemed he had calmed down?

Yun Bei Fen had indeed slightly calmed down. He was still quite mad at Yang Wu Huang though! He looked over his shoulder and glared at him.

Yang Wu Huang’s heart squeezed. “I …” He cleared his throat. “Junior martial brother Yun, this is merely what I heard. Maybe it’s not true. I never —”

“But you didn’t believe him!” Yun Bei Fen’s figure shook again and his eyes turned red once more. “You didn’t believe him even though you were there when Master gave me to Mei Chao Bing and told him to bring me here. You also heard how Mei Chao Bing said that he’d show me how it is to fly fast. And you still didn’t speak up the others were slandering him! Why would you rather believe in some baseless rumors than … than in Mei Chao Bing since … since you’ve seen what a good person he is?!”

Mei Chao Bing really would have laughed at Yang Wu Huang’s plan backfiring to such a degree. If his little bunny hadn’t started crying again. In this case, he could only pull him back into his arms and rub his neck to try and calm him down once again. He didn’t even care about the silence all around them that Yun Bei Fen’s sobs made painfully obvious. No, right now, only his little bunny was important.

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