OMF V7C60 A Loving Couple

The Elders were confused when they received Yuchi Bing Xia’s message but they still hurried to inform their disciples and the representatives of the visiting sects about the upcoming duel that everyone had supposedly already agreed to.

The disciples that had been asked to deal with these guests all heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, they could let go of this burden! If they had to take part in that duel, then that was nothing. They could even call it furthering their knowledge of cultivation or sword arts. Anyway, it was a hundred times easier than keeping up with the mind of these wily old foxes from the visiting sects while also making sure that all of the disciples stayed together and were always in sight.

They really weren’t able to deal with that as easily. Having a fair fight sounded much better. In fact, most disciples of the Yun Zou Sect were eager to take part in the duel. After all, these disciples had still laughed at them a moment ago behind their hands, relishing in their misfortune and trying to find ways to dupe them. They definitely deserved to be beaten up!

In a matter of minutes, the Yun Zou Sect’s Elders together with their head disciples and the group of guests they were responsible for headed toward the training ground of the Yun Zou Sect. At the same time, Yuchi Bing Xia brought Liu Cheng, Hong Bao, Qiu Ling, and Jing Yi over as well, picking up the other disciples of the Chun Feng Sect on the way.

Yuchi Bing Xia looked at the people that were slowly gathering and had trouble holding back a satisfied smile and keeping up the appearance of a dignified Sect Master. Ah, that truly worked out too well! Just looking at the faces of the Elders from all those first- and second-tier sects that were obviously not pleased with having to come here but still needed to play along because they thought that the other sects had agreed made him feel that everything was under his control again. These guys would need to have really thick faces to stay after the duel was over.

He glanced at a few of them and narrowed his eyes. Alright, maybe he should say a few words in the beginning to make extra sure. It was always better to be safe than sorry with these guys.

He turned to Qiu Ling and gave a smile. “Qiu Ling, what about your Master? Have you informed him?”

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes, not understanding what the Sect Master was talking about. “No. Why should I?”

Yuchi Bing Xia’s lips twitched. The Grandmaster was the most important person in the Yun Zou Sect and his word would have even more weight than his own. If he was there when an announcement was made, it would reassure those other sects. Well, maybe reassuring was the wrong word. They would probably not be reassured at all and would instead fear for their own benefits and positions even more but at the very least, they wouldn’t dare to do anything against it. Thus it was better to bring him out for an occasion like this.

Yuchi Bing Xia sighed and took out yet another paper crane, looking at it with a wistful expression. Ah, he really needed to talk to Elder Si. Maybe they could implement some tests for the disciples where they would be forced to make those cranes? But then again, it wasn’t easy to make them and some of the materials for enchanting them were expensive. Ah, that idea probably wasn’t a good one. He sighed again and already wanted to write when Jing Yi spoke up.

“Sect Master, should we go and inform the Grandmaster of something?”

Yuchi Bing Xia looked up and blinked his eyes. Right, there was no reason why he shouldn’t send the Grandmaster’s disciple to take care of this personally. Was it really asking too much that the disciple went to inform their Master and escorted them to the venue? Probably not.

Thus he turned to Qiu Ling and smiled. “That’s a lovely idea. Actually, it might be faster if you went there on your own. You can leave Jing Yi here with me.”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips and looked at the Sect Master with accusing eyes. This guy was obviously trying to separate him from his beloved! And they had only just gotten together again! He had been so happy that they were able to spend time together!

Yuchi Bing Xia couldn’t help but raise his brows at this gaze. Why did he suddenly feel like he was an unforgivable bastard? Had he done something wrong? He pondered what he had just said and then looked at Jing Yi for an explanation. He really couldn’t understand the Grandmaster’s disciple. He was even more enigmatic than his Master.

Jing Yi’s lips twitched. He could imagine what was going through Qiu Ling’s mind but there was no way he would admit to that in front of the Sect Master. If he had to explain … No, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand the embarrassment.

Instead, he turned to Qiu Ling, gingerly reaching out and grabbing his sleeve. “Qiu Ling, why don’t you do what the Sect Master said? It’s only for a moment, isn’t it? You … certainly won’t miss out on the duel.” He couldn’t help but feel slightly bad for bringing this excuse up but he couldn’t bring himself to say the truth either.

Qiu Ling looked at him, feeling wronged. Who cared about that stupid duel? He grabbed Jing Yi’s hands and pulled him closer. “My love, I really don’t want to leave you alone! I know that you would miss me very, very, very much and that your heart would probably hurt seeing me leave even if it is only for a moment. How could I bear to just go and do something else while you have to wait here?”

Jing Yi’s cheeks flushed and he glanced in Sect Master Yuchi’s direction.

The Sect Master tensed and then mechanically turned his head in the other direction, pretending he hadn’t heard or seen any of this. Oh. So it was about that. Well, young love and all that …

Ah, if he hadn’t been the head disciple back then and become the Sect Master later on, he might have been just like that: telling his heartfelt thoughts to some pretty juniors sister when he was told to do something by one of his elders, unwilling to part from her.

It really made him feel that he had done something wrong. He quietly wrote the message and sent that paper crane off. Anyway, the Grandmaster’s disciple was still spilling his heart out so if he sent the message now, the Grandmaster would probably arrive before he finished. Then he at least, he wouldn’t have separated such a loving couple.

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