LWS Extra 2: C3 Happiest Man on Earth

Nie Chang took a deep breath in preparation for the upcoming battle. If he had learned anything in the many years with Su Yan, then it was that he had to be fast at coaxing him back to happiness or things would turn out even worse.

He gave a very careful smile that shouldn’t be able to incite any more anger and then went over to his darling, looking out for any signs of further trouble incoming. He didn’t need to think twice to figure out just what his little darling’s problem was. Obviously, he hadn’t appreciated the favor he had just been shown enough. So he needed to make sure that Su Yan knew that everything was alright.

“Darling, I’m sorry for just now. You were being nice and I snapped at you. That wasn’t alright. It’s just that I’m so eager to marry you so I just can’t wait for us to get on the flight and get to Vegas.” He let go of one of the suitcases and grabbed Su Yan’s hand, squeezing it before he motioned over at the airport again. “I’m really anxious that we might miss the flight. So would you mind hurrying up a bit? Just take it as me panicking a little that something might go wrong at the last moment before I can find the ultimate happiness.”

Su Yan’s lips were still slightly pursed and he still looked a little miffed but most of his anger had already dissipated with these few sentences. Mn, it seemed his boyfriend wasn’t reconsidering their marriage. Ah, no, he hadn’t been the one to reconsider in the first place. It had been him who had reconsidered the marriage, hadn’t it? But apparently, his boyfriend loved him enough after all so he shouldn’t be nitpicky. “Well, I’ll forgive you this once.” He turned around and then walked to the airport with his chin held high.

Nie Chang silently heaved a sigh of relief, grabbed the second suitcase and rushed after his darling. “My darling truly is the best. I can’t believe what a lucky man I am to be able to marry you in a few hours.”

The corners of Su Yan’s mouth curled up in a happy smile. Obviously, his boyfriend should be very happy about it! Not everybody had a partner as great as him. Actually, most people hadn’t.

Su Yan’s lips couldn’t help but curl further and he shared his newfound insight with his boyfriend. “You’re really very lucky. Actually, there’s nothing about me that isn’t lovable. I’m extremely good-looking, have a very good personality, I’m also super famous and earning a lot of money as well. There’s really nothing to be dissatisfied about, is there?”

Nie Chang nodded, trying to keep his face straight. Actually, when considering who earned more in their relationship … it was better not to bring it up. Most likely, his little darling’s ego wouldn’t be able to take it. Well, not that he would see just how big the difference was considering how badly he failed at calculating.

As for his personality … If Nie Chang was honest with himself, then he also knew that there was something wrong with the way Su Yan behaved. But what could he do? He had fallen in love with this person when they had still been kids and all these flaws had in some way or another been encouraged by his own behavior. Although he sometimes wished that Su Yan would be a little less troublesome, it didn’t diminish his love in the slightest. No, it was still very good as it was. If Su Yan was different …

Nie Chang shook his head at himself. What was he even thinking? He couldn’t imagine a life where Su Yan wouldn’t be like this. Wouldn’t their lives be endlessly boring? He didn’t want that either. So, no, in a certain way, his little darling was right. Nobody had a boyfriend as great as him.

They reached the door and Nie Chang leaned down, pecking his cheek. “Let’s go through the security check as fast as we can. I can’t wait to get onto the plane and set off. When we come back here in a week, we’ll already be a married couple. I’ll be the happiest man on earth then.”

Su Yan beamed and held onto his boyfriend’s arm when they walked inside. “What are you saying? Aren’t you already the happiest man on earth now? Such a great boyfriend like me, it’s already worth a lot!”

Nie Chang very cooperatively nodded his head. “Sure, ah! My darling is naturally right. I’m already the happiest man on earth. But I guess I’ll be even happier when we’re finally married. Then I can be sure that nobody is going to try to steal you away!”

Su Yan beamed even more at this praise and wanted to give his boyfriend a kiss. Unfortunately, they were already in the airport and rushing to the security check. It seemed it would have to wait until they were on the plane. Mn, he couldn’t forget. This time, his boyfriend really deserved that kiss!

The two of them rushed through the checks. In the meantime, their names were already called. It wouldn’t be long until the plane set off. Nie Chang couldn’t help but sweat. Would they still make it? He glanced at Su Yan and urged him to move faster. Thankfully, they had already registered their luggage so he didn’t need to drag the suitcases along and could move unhindered.

Finally, Su Yan panicked at the next call. “Ah Chang, are we still going to make it? What if we miss the flight? Then won’t we be able to get married?”

Nie Chang looked at his expression and couldn’t help but smile. It seemed his little darling was just as eager as he to get married. Well, it was to be expected. Otherwise, Su Yan wouldn’t have accepted his proposal. He was still happy to see him behave like this. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll definitely not miss out on our wedding. Let’s just hurry up.” He gripped his hand and the two of them started to run as soon as they were through the security control. Just when the last call sounded from the speakers, the two of them arrived at the gate, pushing their phones with the boarding passes and their documents at the steward while breathing heavily.

“We’re the passengers for … the flight to … Vegas.” Nie Chang watched the man check the documents and finally pulled Su Yan through the gate and onto the airplane.

They had made it. They had still managed to make it and now there was nothing holding them back from getting to Vegas and getting married.

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