OMF V7C59 Embroil Them in a Big Brawl

Yuchi Bing Xia raised his brows. Normally, people didn’t just rush into his study like this if it wasn’t an emergency. Seeing the people that had come though … The Grandmaster’s disciple had only been a part of their sect for about a decade and he either didn’t show up at all or showed up to make trouble. The boy standing next to him with an embarrassed expression was his fiance who got involved in that trouble all the time. As for the girl behind them … Yeah, who was that?

While Yuchi Bing Xia wondered what was going on with this newest addition to Qiu Ling’s group, Liu Cheng jumped to his feet. “Hong Bao!”

Hong Bao winced and hid behind Jing Yi. “Senior martial brother Liu!”

Yuchi Bing Xia looked from one person to the other. “Oh? So this is your junior martial sister? Why don’t you come in and have a seat?” He motioned at the other side of the table only to awkwardly look at Liu Cheng. Ah, right, he already had a guest occupying the seat. Now, where had Wu Min Huan gone? He needed another seat for this new guest! Actually, he might need three considering how the Grandmaster’s disciple normally behaved. If he only got one chair and let him and his fiance stand, wouldn’t that guy make trouble again?

Qiu Ling ignored the Grandmaster’s gaze. If he wanted to, he could procure a seat for his beloved all on his own! And anyway, they had come here to ask that Liu Cheng or whatever to participate in the duel.

With one person hiding behind him and one person glaring at the people at the table, Jing Yi could only cup his fists and bow to the Sect Master in embarrassment. “Greetings, Sect Master. Greetings, Martial brother Liu. Uh … We came to ask for some help regarding the mission of taking care of the Yang Huo Sect.”

Yuchi Bing Xia’s eyes went wide and he leaped to his feet. “Right! The Yang Huo Sect! Did you leave them alone?”

Jing Yi rushed to shake his head.

“But …”

“Ah, senior martial brother Nian is guarding them right now.”

“But …” Yuchi Bing Xia furrowed his brows. “If Nian Hong Fang is taking care of the Yang Huo Sect, then who is taking care of the Qing Yu Sect?”

Jing Yi glanced at Qiu Ling who only shrugged his shoulders in response.

Yuchi Bing Xia sighed and took out a paper crane, rushing to write a message and sending it off to the Grandelder. The ones taking care of the different sects were the head disciples of the peak masters and other Elders. Naturally, Nian Hong Fang should also be involved and he could have sworn that he and the Grandelder had agreed on him taking care of the Qing Yu Sect. So what was he doing with the Yang Huo Sect now? Who was responsible for the Qing Yu Sect if he wasn’t? Don’t tell him that nobody was keeping an eye on them and that they were free to explore the sect grounds?!

Jing Yi cleared his throat when he saw the rapidly derailing expression of the Sect Master. “Uh … Qiu Ling asked the disciples of the Yang Huo Sect for a duel in the hope that they wouldn’t stay afterward if they lost and martial sister Hong had the idea that we could involve the other sects as well. If we call it a friendly spar to exchange some pointers, nobody should be able to say anything against it and we’d be able to keep all of the sects busy without having to expend too much effort.”

“Keep all the sects busy?” Yuchi Bing Xia straightened up and his eyes gleamed. “That’s right! You two go and tell all the sects to gather! Have some of the inner sect disciples act as guides to our training grounds! We definitely have to engage all the disciples of these sects in a big brawl! If any of them pretend to be injured, have the Grandelder’s disciples get them back onto their feet no matter the cost!”

What Yang Huo Sect? What Qing Yu Sect? He would simply have all of them embroiled in a fight, then none of them would have the opportunity to spy on them!

Hong Bao raised her brows. The Sect Master was … happy? Then senior martial brother Liu …

She looked over and saw Liu Cheng reveal a subtle expression. Obviously, he couldn’t quite believe yet that she hadn’t made trouble but what he saw indicated that it was indeed the case. It really was hard to make up his mind about what he should think.

Yuchi Bing Xia turned to look at Qiu Ling and Jing Yi. “What is it? Why aren’t you going yet?”

Jing Yi glanced at Qiu Ling. “I can’t fly.”

Yuchi Bing Xia stared at him. He … couldn’t fly? But wasn’t he an inner sect disciple already? How come he couldn’t fly? He looked at Qiu Ling who raised his brows in response.

“I don’t know where they are.”

The Sect Master sighed. “I’ll send a message.” He pulled out several paper cranes and send them to the peak masters. His heart hurt a bit using so many at once and for such a short distance but what could he do? He had to use the opportunity now that it had presented itself. He’d just have to ask Elder Si to enchant some new ones.

Qiu Ling exchanged a glance with Jing Yi but he could only shrug his shoulders again. He also had no idea why the Sect Master was looking like that. Anyway, they had managed to achieve their objective. The duel would be held. So he only had to beat up the Yang Huo Sect disciples and then he could go and spend time with his beloved. Ah, life was wonderful!

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