RMN C61 A Nasty Rumor

Mei Chao Bing stopped in his tracks and turned back. Elder Baili’s youngest disciple? Wasn’t that Yun Bei Fen? So were they talking about him? It should be. Don’t tell him Yang Wu Huang had actually made Yun Bei Fen part of these rumors too? He wouldn’t have expected that! He knew that guy wasn’t a good person but he had thought he would only try to get back at him for whatever grudge he was holding. Who would have thought he’d actually try and harm Yun Bei Fen?

Mei Chao Bing clenched his fists. If Yang Wu Huang had really dared to do that, then he’d need to deal with this after all. They could slander him all they wanted but he wouldn’t accept for Yun Bei Fen to bear the same treatment! His little bunny didn’t deserve that. He deserved to be treated with care. He shouldn’t have to see the ugly side of this world.

While he pondered, the disciples had already continued to discuss the issue.

“His youngest disciple? Which one is that? The cute one or the beautiful?”

Another disciple laughed. “The cute one. I can’t remember his name though. What was it again?”

“I think it was Yun Bei Fen. And he really is cute. I saw him for a moment when the Sect Master explained the mission. Unfortunately, he hasn’t come out much in the last few years. Otherwise, there would probably be quite a few people going after him.”

Once again, the murmuring started. Mei Chao Bing’s mood got even worse. He had expected that things like this would happen. After all, Yun Bei Fen was indeed very cute. The people in the sect would need to be blind not to notice. That didn’t mean that he liked it though. He certainly wouldn’t try to keep Yun Bei Fen away from everybody else and tie him to his side and he wasn’t too worried either that Yun Bei Fen would regret his choice and leave him but it still wasn’t a good feeling to know that there was probably a good percentage of men in the sect that was just waiting for him to make a mistake so that they could benefit and try their luck with his little bunny. Wouldn’t he need to constantly be on the lookout to make sure nobody tried to take advantage of Yun Bei Fen then?

After all, his little bunny was a little immature. There was nothing to get wrong about that. It seemed he couldn’t leave him alone in the near future until he had made sure that Yun Bei Fen knew not to agree to anything shady. Ah, this would probably be hard work. After all, Yun Bei Fen probably couldn’t even imagine just what was going through the minds of some people.

Before Mei Chao Bing had time to come up with a way to explain to Yun Bei Fen, he was taught a lesson in just how creative people could get when coming up with things.

“Yes, that’s the one,” one of the disciples admitted.

“What’s with him and Mei Chao Bing?”

“I heard they arrived together, is that true? Are they close? I really can’t believe this! What’s so good about that traitor? It’s not like he’s super handsome or something.”

Some of the disciples murmured their agreement but the first one scoffed. “What do you know? It’s not like you think. Do you think somebody like Yun Bei Fen would have willingly gotten into a relationship with him?! You better think again! He’s Elder Baili’s most favorite disciple. Naturally, he could get someone much better and he knows that. If it wasn’t that the Elder was in a hurry before and couldn’t take him along when he went to prepare everything in the border region, telling him to go with one of the senior martial brothers, this would never have happened.”

“Why that? Don’t tell me Mei Chao Bing …”

“Precisely so! When Yun Bei Fen was searching for somebody to take him to the border region, that despicable bastard jumped out and offered his help. Well, you also know that Yun Bei Fen hasn’t been out much in the last few years, so he naturally doesn’t know about Mei Chao Bing’s true face. He just thought that guy was being nice and went with him.

“As much as I dislike to admit to it but as somebody who was nourished by both our righteous Teng Yong Sect and the evil faction’s side, Mei Chao Bing’s cultivation isn’t shallow. He is naturally faster than most of our disciples and so he and Elder Baili’s disciple soon disappeared from everyone’s view. While we came here and started on the mission, the two of them only reappeared now. They were gone for more than just a few days. Well, I guess I don’t have to say anything. You can imagine what happened. The boy probably doesn’t dare to speak up now since he’s afraid his reputation might be ruined.”

There were shocked gasps from the other disciples while Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows.

“That bastard! He actually dared to do something to him?! I say we should pay him a lesson, brothers. We definitely can’t let this kind of thing remain unavenged.”

Once again there were murmurs of agreement.

Mei Chao Bing didn’t listen any longer. He left with a huff and returned to the house, slipping back into the room and into the bed. He didn’t need to think twice to figure out what had happened. Obviously, Yang Wu Huang had not only brought up the story about his Master again, no, he was also trying to put a new crime on his head. Under a few rounds of embellishments, this would probably end up as a very nasty rumor. Ah, he didn’t even know how to explain to his little bunny.

Well, he would figure that out later. The bigger problem was: How to deal with this? He didn’t care what the others thought about him. If they wanted to believe that he was the type of person that would force himself onto somebody, then so be it. He didn’t need their approval for his happiness. But he couldn’t just watch on as Yun Bei Fen’s reputation was dragged through the mud. No, he wouldn’t allow them to discuss him like this. He just had to find a way to put an end to these rumors. Mn, maybe …

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