RMN C60 Old and New Suspicions

Mei Chao Bing called Da Hei and Xiao Hui back and the four of them returned to their room. Soon enough it had turned dark and Yun Bei Fen started yawning. Mei Chao Bing brushed through his hair and motioned over to the bed. “If you’re tired, then how about going to sleep now? Since we’ll have to start with the mission tomorrow, we should make sure that we’re wide-awake, shouldn’t we?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded eagerly and latched onto his senior martial brother. “Let’s go then!”

Mei Chao Bing laughed and the two of them took off their outer robes, slipping into bed. Mei Chao Bing hugged this little bunny and gently stroked his shoulder, waiting until Yun Bei Fen’s breathing evened out. When Yun Bei Fen seemed to sleep soundly, he sat up and leaned over him, peering into his face to make sure he was asleep before he slipped out from under the blanket. He glanced at the two spiritual beasts that had curled up next to the bed and were now looking at him curiously. Mei Chao Bing looked back at Yun Bei Fen and smiled. He picked up Xiao Hui, patted its head and finally stuff it into Yun Bei Fen’s arms.

His little bunny grabbed onto the spiritual beast and held it close, his lips curving into a bright smile. Mei Chao Bing gazed at him for a while and then leaned down, kissing Yun Bei Fen’s temple before he slipped out of the room.

Ah, he should hurry up and return soon. He really didn’t want to miss out on even a bit of time with Yun Bei Fen just because of something that bastard Yang Wu Huang might do or not. Still, he would feel better after he knew what that guy was up to so it was better to check before they got into any unforeseen situation.

Mei Chao Bing left the premise of the house and slipped into the streets of the city. He wasn’t worried that anybody would notice. After all, other than the two Elders, nobody’s level here was as high as his. If he didn’t want to be seen by them, he wouldn’t be seen.

Mei Chao Bing closed in on a group of disciples that he could feel close by. The Teng Yong Sect had sent quite a few of them to make sure that the demonic faction’s actions would be met with the appropriate severity. Thus finding a group of disciples wasn’t difficult at all.

He hid behind the corner of a house and leaned against the wall, listening in on their conversation. Knowing Yang Wu Huang, he would have others do his dirty work and it was likely he would first sound the situation out with only words. Anything more severe would only be tried later on when he was sure that things couldn’t be traced back to him and that everyone was on his side.

This guy … one could say that he was smart or call him a coward. He didn’t dare to confront him directly since he knew that he would lose so he used other people to try to make his life more difficult. Well, unfortunately for him, he didn’t care. These people, they meant nothing to him. As long as Yun Bei Fen was on his side, he could deal with everything. And Yang Wu Huang shouldn’t be daring enough to do anything outrageous in regard to Yun Bei Fen. After all, the little bunny was Elder Baili’s disciple and both the Elder and his senior martial brothers were fiercely protective of him. That much had already spread in the sect.

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but grin at the thought. Elder Baili seemed to have accepted him begrudgingly but he was really curious what Yun Bei Fen’s senior martial brothers would have to say when he met them back in the Teng Yong Sect for the first time after he and Yun Bei Fen became a couple.

Ah. Mei Chao Bing closed his eyes and shook his head. What was he doing here? He shouldn’t daydream in the middle of the night before he returned to the bed and his little bunny’s side. No, right now, he should concentrate on the task at hand.

He pushed all other thoughts aside and listened in on the disciples’ discussion. Not surprisingly, they were discussing him.

“… ridiculous that they send the disciple of that traitor? Who knows if he’s selling information to the other side? He was probably a spy all along.”

Another disciple scoffed. “What are you talking about? You’re underestimating the Sect Master. Naturally, he knows that that guy isn’t on our side. He purposefully sent him here to catch him in the act. Furthermore, if he can get information to them, then we might be able to find their secret hideouts through him. It would be much more difficult to do that without this lead.”

There were some asserting murmurs and one disciple couldn’t help but laugh. “That fool’s completely getting taken advantage of and he doesn’t even notice. How dumb can you be? Seems like the traitor didn’t teach him well enough.”

Another disciple harrumphed at that. “And? He deserves it. These traitors are smearing the good name of our Teng Yong Sect! I hope they trial him after everything here is done.”

Once again, the other disciples murmured in agreement.

Mei Chao Bing held back a smile. He and Yun Bei Fen had returned in a rather high profile manner so lots of disciples had noticed them. It was to be expected that they would talk. This would have happened even without Yang Wu Huang trying to fan the flames. Actually, it was hard to say for sure whether he had had a hand in this or not. Maybe he had been thinking too much and Yang Wu Huang was actually holding back?

Well, whatever it was, it didn’t matter. If it was only this kind of old and new suspicions being brought up, then it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, Yun Bei Fen was already expecting this.

With how he was, he would probably look at these people in confusion if they ever brought it up in front of him and ask them what they were talking about before telling them just how great his senior martial brother Mei was, praising him for a long time to make sure that the point was really driven home and nobody would say anything mean about him anymore.

Ah, his little bunny was really too adorable. It was time to return to his side and enjoy the rest of the night. Just when he turned to leave, one of the disciples lowered his voice as if he had something to say that better shouldn’t be heard by anybody else.

“Which reminds me … Have you heard about that thing with Elder Baili’s youngest disciple?”

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