LWS Extra 1: C2 Aren’t You Tired Yet?

Su Yan and Nie Chang finished their dinner in a much better mood now that the question of just what was missing from their life had been answered. As usual, they watched a movie together before Su Yan got back to writing the next chapters of his novel while Nie Chang went to earn money for them by not coding any timers.

Finally, they went to sleep together. At the very least, that was what Nie Chang thought. After he switched off the light and snuggled up to his boyfriend in bed, it only took about five minutes until Su Yan got restless.

“Ah Chang, what do you think how our dog is doing?”

Nie Chang sighed and rubbed his face. The way Su Yan said ‘our dog’ really gave him a lot of pressure. If he took his darling to the wrong dog shelter tomorrow and didn’t manage to find the dog that Su Yan was imagining, wouldn’t his darling get angry and yell at him for not paying enough attention to their dog? He really didn’t know what he should do if that happened.

He carefully wrapped his darling into his arms for now and kissed his forehead. “Don’t worry about it too much. I’m sure our dog is doing well. After all, it’s still waiting for us to come and pick it up, isn’t it? I’m sure it’s really looking forward to getting to know you.”

“Mn! Sure it is. Getting such a good place to live at like our house is definitely the best that could happen to a dog. Don’t you think so?”

Nie Chang nodded. “That’s certainly right. Honestly, even if it was just your previous apartment, it would already be very lucky for the dog to just have an owner like you.”

Su Yan giggled in the darkness and snuggled up closer to his boyfriend. “Well, you’re quite the good owner yourself. I’m sure our dog will like you too. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Nie Chang patted his back and gave a nod. “That’s true. I guess there is nothing our dog will be missing. Although … We’ll have to make sure to pick up some supplies. We don’t even have a bowl for its food.”

Su Yan’s eyes grew wider and he slapped his boyfriend’s chest. “Right! Why didn’t you say so sooner?!”

“Well, I guess I was busy with taking care of the house first. I mean w only finished up last week. That wasn’t really the right environment for a dog yet. So it only makes sense to take care of that from now on. And that way, we can also take the dog with us and see what it likes, can’t we? I think that’s quite good.”

Su Yan pursed his lips and finally nodded. “Well, I guess that is also true. But you definitely can’t try to find some excuse tomorrow! We really will go and find our dog!”

Nie Chang murmured his agreement. “Sure we will. Didn’t we agree to get a big house and a big dog? Since I’ve already said then that I’m alright with it, I’ll still be alright with it now. Don’t think too much.”

“I’m never thinking too much. It’s you who’s thinking too much!”

“Mn. It’s definitely me. It’s always been me, darling. So since you’re not thinking too much, how about we go to sleep now? It’s rather late. And we should make sure we’re not too tired to greet our dog appropriately tomorrow.”

Su Yan nodded again even though his boyfriend wouldn’t be able to see it. “I wouldn’t. I’m always energetic.”

“Mn, you sure are. Unfortunately, your boyfriend isn’t. So how about we sleep after all?”

Su Yan sighed. “Since it’s so important to you, I’ll be so kind as to accommodate you.”

“Ah, my darling certainly is the best.” Nie Chang kissed Su Yan’s temple and tried to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, a certain someone wasn’t that sleepy yet. “Ah Chang, how do you think it’ll be to live with our dog? I mean we’ll have to go outside with it every day, won’t we?”

“Mn, normally, that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“Then how do you think we should go about that? I mean we still have to go to the store. Do you think Old Lao and Gong Gong would open up the store and close it so we’d have more time to walk the dog?”

Nie Chang cracked his eyes open and tried to make out Su Yan’s face in the dark. Why did it sound as if his darling wasn’t thinking of sleeping at all? “I don’t think it’d be a problem to go with the dog before going to the store. In the worst case, we just have to get up a little earlier. Actually, we could just take the dog with us to the store and take a walk around there. It wouldn’t be a problem. That way, it also wouldn’t have to stay alone at home. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “Well … I guess it would be good. I mean it wouldn’t be alright to just let it stay at home every day while we go out and have fun, would it?”

Nie Chang raised his brows at that. So in his darling’s mind working at the store was fun? Well, considering that he was writing his novels most of the time, that was probably the case. “I guess that’s true. You just have to keep an eye on it so it won’t make trouble for the customers.”

“Ah, as if our dog would ever make trouble for our customers! You’re definitely thinking too much.”

Nie Chang leaned closer and carefully reached up to cup Su Yan’s cheeks. “Yes, I probably am. It sometimes happens when it’s late and I’m tired. So how about we sleep now?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “It’s not that late.”

“Late enough to go to sleep if you want to get up early to get our dog tomorrow. Don’t forget that I’ll still have to drive us.” He leaned closer and finally gave his boyfriend a kiss. “Alright, just shut your eyes and try to sleep. Do me that favor, yes?”

Su Yan harrumphed. “You must be getting old. I don’t remember that you were like this in the past.”

Nie Chang couldn’t help but laugh. “Maybe that’s it. Well, then we’re probably an old couple now. I don’t mind that at all. Growing old with you was always my plan.” He once again gave him a kiss and then hugged him tighter to his chest.

Su Yan harrumphed again. “I’m not old. I’m definitely not old! You’re older than me. It was always like that.”

Nie Chang murmured his agreement and patted his darling’s back. “Sure enough. I’ll always stay older than you as well. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. If our dog gets too wild in the future, I’ll just pretend that my back hurts. Then you’ll have to go and play with it.”

“What pretending your back hurts? You don’t have to pretend anything! I’ll play with the dog anyway. After all, it’s me who wanted the dog. I clearly remember you wanted a cat. I don’t really understand though. What’s so good about cats?”

“Nothing is good about cats, darling. You’re much better than any cat or dog we could have.”

“Aw, you said that very well.” Su Yan leaned over and pursed his lips, trying to give his boyfriend a kiss. Somehow, his lips landed up on Nie Chang’s nose though. “Ah? How come your nose is in the way?”

Nie Chang couldn’t help but snort. “Was that the apology for breaking my nose back then? You better be careful or something might happen again. Anyway, I’m afraid it will be the dog that’s going to lick our faces in the future. So maybe we should kiss some more before it moves in.”

Su Yan once again slapped his boyfriend’s chest. “You just want to take advantage of me!”

“Actually, I want to sleep.”

“You’re just pretending! I’m sure you want to take advantage of me. That’s what’s written in all the novels you put onto my reading list.”

Nie Chang raised his brows. Somehow, this wasn’t going in the direction he had thought it would. “Darling, are you really not tired? Then how about you get up again and write another chapter?”

Su Yan vehemently shook his head. “How could that be? It’s already so late. I definitely can’t get up and write another chapter now.”

“You don’t seem to want to sleep though.”

“This and that are two different things. I don’t even know why you’re bringing that up. If I would get up to write, then I’d have to switch on the light and I’d get cold too. Staying in bed with you is much better.”

“Aw, you also said that very well.”

Su Yan nodded and snuggled up against his boyfriend’s chest. “It’s true though. Sleeping with you is always the best. You’re so warm.” He cupped his cheek against Nie Chang’s chest and closed his eyes. Ah, this really was the best. Leaning against his boyfriend like this was always so comfortable …

Nie Chang waited for a while but nothing else came. He gave a relieved sigh and then also closed his eyes. It seemed his little darling had finally fallen asleep. Ah, he could only hope that things would get calmer as soon as they got the dog. Otherwise, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t get any sleep in the next few weeks.

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