OMF V7C17 A Dangerous Situation

Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath and sighed. “It’s not that I didn’t want to see you. But I didn’t know what your situation was and I didn’t want to risk anything.”

Jinde pursed his lips. “Well, I went to the Liu He Alliance as you said and waited here for a long time. But you didn’t come to look, you didn’t even try to reach me once. Can’t you send a letter at least? I’m really bored. And lonely. Don’t you long to see me at all?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled. “I do. But I guess that’s not why you contacted me. So what is going on?”

Jinde pursed his lips even further. Ah, his husband was way too smart. And he was much better at withstanding his charm than Chun Yin had been back then. If it was him, he would’ve just accepted whatever he said without thinking too much about it. It seemed that wasn’t possible with Leng Jin Yu. “Well, isn’t it because Alliance Head Hua told me you already created a realm? If you have, why haven’t you contacted me? Does this mean I can return to the Yun Zou Sect?”

“So it was about that.” Leng Jin Yu sighed. “I’m afraid it’s not that easy. I did indeed create that realm but I don’t have the array yet. I only tied it down with a basic one so everybody can enter right now. It’s actually a dangerous situation. Not just because of the demons but also because of the situation in the cultivation world.

“The Yun Zou Sect was on the decline. They were never one of the strongest sects but they could at least be called first tier. But then that incident in the Leyuan region happened and things got worse. The most promising disciples died or were lost. It was a disaster.

“And now, this type of sect that everyone had already stopped considering as a serious competitor has something happen to it. I don’t know whether everyone knows that a realm was created or if they only know that something happened and want to see for themselves just what this something is but in any case, it is something that makes a lot of people anxious.

“All the first and second-tier sects sent messages, stating that they noticed something and want to help us out or come and congratulate us. They’re sounding us out right now, trying to find out what is going on here and whether there are other secrets they should guard against. So … This is actually the worst time to come back for you. At least until we have the array.”

Jinde furrowed his brows. He could understand what Leng Jin Yu said but that didn’t mean that he liked it. “Haven’t you heard anything yet? How long will it still take to create that array?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. “I don’t know. I didn’t dare to contact them again after the last time. I ran into some trouble in the dragon realm and since Bai Mu is currently there … The God of War also wanted to go over there.” He paused and narrowed his eyes.

Right. There was still that conversation with the God of War from the last time that he hadn’t been able to talk about with Jinde. Since they had finally managed to contact each other and Jinde didn’t seem to be the one powering the connection right now, he should use the opportunity. “You should know that things got a little dangerous. Bai Mu talked with the God of War about the array. He didn’t mention any specifics but he was able to figure it out.”

Jinde’s golden brows raised. “Figure out what?”

“Who the array is for. Or rather who the realm is for. You don’t have to worry too much about it though. He’s on our side in this case. I guess he is a little afraid what it would mean for Qiu Ling and his nephew if you came back.”

Jinde nodded. “Right, the Son of Heaven was his nephew. If Qiu Ling got into trouble because of my return, that might impact their marriage. That certainly wouldn’t be good. If the Son of Heaven was even willing to injure his own soul for that person, then there is no way for him to be willing to give up on marrying Qiu Ling.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Yes, precisely so. We were lucky that it was him though. If it was somebody else … Right, he also mentioned that if it was just for Bai Mu telling him about the realm, he wouldn’t have been able to guess it. The problem was the list with the ingredients that you gave us. We handed them over for the pill to be refined in the Temple of Medicine so that you won’t need to take charge of that. It seems the God of Medicine was able to recognize your handwriting. I’m sorry about that. I should’ve known. I just didn’t consider that there might be somebody who would know you.”

Jinde closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It seemed he had been just one step short of being discovered. Well, it was a wonder he was still able to keep the fact that he was still alive secret. After all, too many people knew already. There was Leng Jin Yu and Qiu Ling and Xin Lan … The secret that had originally only be known by him had slowly been found out by another three people. He certainly had never expected that. So having another person realize … maybe he shouldn’t be surprised.

Jinde opened his eyes again, his golden pupils sparkling in the light falling in through the window. “I can’t blame you for that. I also hadn’t thought that there would be somebody old enough to still recognize my handwriting in the Temple of Medicine. I probably should have thought of that though. The Temple of Medicine never participated in the wars. They didn’t back then and I guess they don’t do now either. So the gods that are part of the temple tend to live longer.”

“He doesn’t know about you but it was dangerous. So should any other situation like this arise, then it would probably be better if you have somebody else write down everything.”

Jinde nodded. “I’ll remember it. Well, hopefully, it won’t be important anymore soon.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Yes, hopefully, it won’t be.” Yes, he really couldn’t wait to see Jinde again. Being without him … It was hard even though they hadn’t known each other for long. At the very least, not in this life.

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