RMN C55 What Type Would You Like?

Yun Bei Fen perked up. Right! Senior martial brother Mei had promised to make a sword for him. He had completely forgotten about that after everything that had happened with Xiao Hui and Da Hei. He grabbed onto his sleeve with sparkling eyes. “You really want to make my sword now?”

Mei Chao Bing chuckled and pulled him onto his lap. “Well, I can’t forge it right here but we will have to plan it first anyway.”

Even though his first senior martial brother cared about swords a lot, Yun Bei Fen didn’t know about them too much. At the very least, he didn’t really know how a sword was being made. “So what exactly do we need to plan? Is it something I can help with?”

“Well, is there something that’s important to you? I mean what kind of sword would you like?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes in confusion. Was there something he should care about in regard to that? “Well, can it look like yours?”

Mei Chao Bing’s lips twitched. He suddenly understood very well just what Elder Baili had meant when he said that Yun Bei Fen only wanted to learn things that he had seen him doing. Was this really the attitude a disciple should have? Well, he couldn’t pretend that he didn’t feel pleased by this a bit too. After all, it showed just how important he was to Yun Bei Fen. “You can certainly have a sword that looks a lot like mine. I would advise against having one that looks exactly the same though.”

“Why that? You don’t want me to have a sword that looks the same as yours?”

Mei Chao Bing shook his head. “No, but the sword is for you to use. So the better it suits you, the better you’ll be able to defend yourself with it. That’s most important for me. And I’m sure we’ll find a way to adapt whatever you like about my sword into yours as well. So how about that?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. “If senior martial brother Mei thinks that it’s important, then we’ll do it that way.” Although he did have to say that he really wanted one that looked like his senior martial brother’s …

Mei Chao Bing took a scroll of paper out of his spatial ring and put it onto the table, using his sword to hold down the edges. Next, he took a writing brush and an ink slab and then glanced at Yun Bei Fen’s face. “You’re quite slender. And you haven’t trained much with the sword before, have you?”

Yun Bei Fen shook his head. “Just a bit. First senior martial brother tried to show me but I wasn’t very good with it.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded his head and patted Yun Bei Fen’s back. “Don’t worry about that too much. Everyone has their own talents. Maybe using the sword just isn’t for you. Maybe you’re much better at something else.”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. Well, his senior martial brother’s words sounded very nice but … If he wasn’t suited to use the sword and his cultivation wasn’t very good either, then what should he be talented in? He didn’t dare to ask though and just clung to Mei Chao Bing, watching as he raised his other hand.

“I think that a short sword might suit you better. Also, something forged from light materials might be a good idea. Something you won’t have difficulty swinging for a long time but that will be sharp enough to injure your enemy even if you only graze them slightly.” He waved the brush and the first lines appeared on the scroll. “Since you want something that is similar to my sword, let’s make the design similar, shall we?” He drew a sword that almost looked like his but seemed quite a bit shorter and slightly thinner in comparison.

When he had finished, he raised the brush and pondered. “As I said before, I do know a few spots where I could get the materials for you. I’ll take care of that as soon as we know how exactly our mission here will play out. Most likely, we will be part of a team that goes out to patrol at fixed intervals. In the time between those patrols, we should be free to do whatever we want. I can go and gather what we don’t have and in the meantime, you can continue training with the sword you have right now. That way, when I finish forging your new sword, you might already be able to try flying with it.”

Yun Bei Fen who had first felt dejected when he realized that he was supposed to stay behind and train, felt better when he heard that. “Then we could fly together.” He grabbed onto Mei Chao Bing’s shoulders and his eyes sparkled.

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “We can. I’ll also take some time to help you train. I won’t be gone all the time. Otherwise, who knows if I’ll be able to make it back in time after gathering the materials? We already came late, so we’ll have to be careful or we’ll incur the wrath of the other disciples.”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. “I don’t care about others. I only care about senior martial brother Mei.” He leaned closer, even closing his eyes when he leaned his head against Mei Chao Bing’s.

Mei Chao Bing sighed. This kind of treatment … He really felt defeated by it. Just how could his little bunny be this charming? He turned to the side and kissed his cheek. “You don’t care but I do. I know how it feels be to be treated like that by them. I can deal with that but I don’t want you to be treated in that way. You don’t deserve that.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes cracked open and he cupped Mei Chao Bing’s cheeks. “You also don’t deserve to be treated that way. Whoever did that just doesn’t have eyes. That kind of person, I don’t care what they think about me.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “Yes, maybe that’s better.” He craned his neck and kissed Yun Bei Fen’s lips, giving a smile. Maybe despite all the worry Elder Baili felt, this little bunny was wiser than he was even though he was younger. He was actually able not to care about the people’s prejudices. That was very good. Whatever happened in the future, he would be able to deal with it.

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