OMF V7C16 Let’s Contact Him

Hua Min gulped. “Please don’t joke with me.”

Jinde raised his brows. “Joke? I didn’t know I had made a joke.”

The Alliance Head felt cold sweat cover his brow. A few weeks had already gone by but he still didn’t know how to deal with this person. In fact, he wasn’t even sure how we should address him. Just being Grandmaster Leng’s partner meant that he had to be paid respect. But he couldn’t call him Grandmaster considering that he wasn’t in his peak condition. So what was he supposed to call him? Well, never mind that, even if he knew how to address him, it wouldn’t solve the issue at hand. “Didn’t you say you were here because you couldn’t be seen outside? What happened to that?”

Jinde gave an exasperated sigh. “That’s true. But can’t you imagine that I’m missing my husband? I haven’t heard from him all this time! What am I supposed to do without him? I don’t even have a task here.” Not that he had had a task in the Yun Zou Sect but Hua Min didn’t know that and it was better if he didn’t.

Well, to be honest, it was also much more difficult to bear this state of infinite boredom since meeting Leng Jin Yu. He had finally felt what it was like to have a family again after a long time. Naturally, he didn’t want to give that up. Unfortunately … That stupid brat had ruined everything. Ah, Jin Ling … When they saw each other again, he really had to discipline him!

“That …” Hua Min gently massaged his temple. Honestly, he didn’t know what he should do about this. It wasn’t too strange that this guest was bored but going out because of that … Wasn’t that a little too willful? “Wouldn’t it be dangerous if you go back to the Yun Zou Sect? I’m sure your husband wouldn’t be happy seeing you in danger. Why don’t you wait until he contacts us before you go out again? I’m sure we can find something else for you to do.”

Jinde sighed once again. “If you don’t want to let me go out, why did you tell me about it in the first place?”

“I … I thought you’d like to hear something about the sect? After all, your husband is currently there. Aren’t you interested at all?”

Jinde pouted. “I’m very interested. Interested in seeing him! So why don’t you let me go? I’m sure we wouldn’t even be there for very long. And I can wear the hat.” He motioned at the veiled hat lying next to him and raised his brows. “Nobody will notice.”

Hua Min’s lips twitched. “I don’t think that would really work. Wearing that kind of hat when everybody goes to the sect and shows their faces … wouldn’t people feel that it is suspicious?”

Jinde looked at the hat and couldn’t help but think that yes, this was indeed a little suspicious. Still, he wanted to see Leng Jin Yu again. It had already been so long. And most likely, Jin Ling wasn’t there anymore, was he? No, he should have given up by now. And even if he couldn’t return to the Yun Zou Sect completely, this might be the only opportunity he had to go there for at least a while. So could he really let go of this opportunity? “Then how about finding an excuse for the hat? Maybe … there was an accident when we refined some pills? If two or three people have such hats, then giving an excuse to let them wear them should be acceptable. And if you are the one leading the delegation, then with your connection to the Yun Zou Sect nobody would dare to ask questions.”

Hua Min sighed. He really didn’t think that this was a good idea but it seemed this man was intent on staying persistent this time. Well, if he and Grandmaster Leng were married, then it was understandable that he wanted to see him again. “How about I contact your husband first? We can see what he thinks about it.”

“Ah, that reminds me …” Jinde grabbed the necklace hanging around his neck and gave a smile. He had already recovered quite a bit of the strength so using it once should be alright. He already wanted to imbue his spiritual energy when he held back at the last moment. Right, even though he could imbue his spiritual energy, he couldn’t be sure that nobody would be around. No, he had to be more careful.

Jinde glanced at Alliance Head Hua and smiled. “Well, if it’s asking my husband, then I might have a way to do that fast. I just need a little bit of assistance.”

Hua Min raised his brows. Somehow, he felt as if he had gotten in a situation that wasn’t too good. Still, he could hardly refuse if it was just contacting the Yun Zou Sect. Thus he could only sigh. “Alright, what is it?”

Jinde smiled and took off the necklace, grabbing Hua Min’s hand and putting it inside. “Just imbue your spiritual energy for me and then ask him if somebody is around.”

Hua Min raised his brows but didn’t think any further about it and just did as he was told. He imbued his spiritual energy and a moment later, the necklace shone with a bright light and an image appeared as if out of thin air, showing the charming face of a young man.

The person in question raised his brows. He hesitated a moment but finally spoke. “Alliance Head Hua?”

Hua Min almost let go of the necklace but somebody grabbed his wrist. “Ask him if somebody is around!”

Hua Min didn’t need to ask, Leng Jin Yu’s hearing was good enough to pick up on those words even though they had been whispered. And, well, who else would have contacted him? The Alliance Head certainly wouldn’t do so on his own. Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. “Thank you for taking care of Jinde. I hope he didn’t give you any trouble.”

“I can hear!” Jinde scooted around to Hua Min’s side and peered at his husband’s face, his lips curving into a beautiful smile. “Jin Yu … Husband! I’ve missed you so much! Why didn’t you try to contact me all this time? I was really lonely.”

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched while Alliance Head Hua hurriedly looked in the other direction. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just give the necklace to the other person for fear of cutting the connection. Still … Why was he supposed to witness this? He was a single man, alright?!

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