OMF V7C15 Huge News

In the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling accompanied Jing Yi in his cultivation. Meanwhile, a certain someone in the Liu He Alliance had grown bored. Jinde sighed and looked out of the window, wondering just how many more days needed to go by until his husband would finally come and bring him the good news. Just how long could it take until the realm was ready for him to move in there? And was that child still there, making trouble?

Ah, he should have educated him better when he was young. Now, it was already too late. His cute child had somehow turned into an adult demon that couldn’t be advised anymore. Even if they saw each other and he told Jin Ling to finally give it up and find somebody else to love, it still wouldn’t change anything. He knew that but he still hoped that there would be a way in the future to make matters work out. After all, this was still his child. He also didn’t want to be harsh on him. If they could find a way to deal with everything, then it would also make him happy.

Jinde shook his head and sighed. Well, there was no use in thinking about it right now. First of all, he had to heal his own soul. After that, he could think about other things. When he was back to the peak of the strength or, well, at the very least, strong enough to deal with that bear child again, then he could go and confront Jin Ling. Before that, there was no way to do anything in that regard.

He got up from the chair in front of the window and walked over to the bookshelf. A few weeks had already passed since he came here so he had read quite a few of the books and it probably wouldn’t be long until he finished the rest too. Ah, it was quite sad. There wasn’t too much to find out about the pill-refining in the human realm. There had been a few changes but nothing much. It still couldn’t compare to the techniques they used in the dragon realm. Well, it figured. A lot of time might go by in the human realm while only a year passed in the dragon realm but the dragons were still naturally more powerful than the humans and their race had existed for a longer time. With that kind of deep roots, it would be very hard to catch up to them.

Jinde picked up one of the books that he hadn’t read yet at random and leafed through the pages, wondering if there was anything interesting in there. Unfortunately, he came up empty-handed when he reached the end of the book. Ah, still nothing. And really, where was Jin Yu? He wanted to see his husband already!

Jinde paced up and down and finally couldn’t take it any longer. He picked up the veiled hat that he had ignored for the last few weeks and went out, striding right toward Alliance Head Hua’s study. He knocked on the door and a mumbled answer could be heard.

Jinde stepped in, not thinking too much about it. Seeing a disciple sitting there opposite Hua Min made him pause in his steps. “Ah, it seems Alliance Head Hua currently has to deal with matters. Then I shouldn’t disturb you.”

He already wanted to leave when Hu Min jumped to his feet. “Ah, that …” He shut up and looked at the disciple whose eyes had gotten big. Well, he couldn’t blame the child. Nobody had ever seen him like this. What could he do? He always got flustered when he saw this person. It wasn’t just that he couldn’t help but remember Jinde’s appearance, this was also the husband of Grandmaster Leng from the Jian Yi sect. Both reasons were enough to be a little scared, weren’t they? Nobody could fault him for this.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell either to the disciples and just let them come up with their own explanations for his weird behavior. Well, he didn’t need to worry about that at least, the disciples could get very creative as he had found out in the last few weeks. He didn’t know what the current story was but it sure couldn’t be any worse than the last one.

He pushed the thought away and motioned at the disciple. “I think everything that needed to be said was already said. Why don’t you go and continue your training then?”

The disciple nodded and got up, cupping his fists before striding out. He couldn’t help but try and take a look at Jinde’s appearance. Unfortunately for him, that veil was still covering Jinde’s appearance.

The previous dragon king chuckled when the door closed behind him and then went up to the table, sitting down in the chair where the disciple had just sat. “It seems the disciples still haven’t gotten used to the fact that I’m here. I wonder what the latest rumors are regarding my identity?”

Hua Min gave a wry smile. “I’m really sorry about this. I will … discipline them better in the future.”

Jinde couldn’t help but laugh even more. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ve never felt younger than when I was called your illegitimate son the other day. Actually, I feel like hearing it a few more times.”

He continued to laugh while the Alliance Head felt that it would be great if there was some rock lying around that he could crawl under. These disciples! They had really embarrassed him in front of this person. If Grandmaster Leng ever found out … He sighed. Ah, but speaking of that …

He sat back down and gave another wry smile. “I guess you’d like to hear news about the Yun Zou Sect?”

Jinde took off the hat and his lips curled into a smile. “If there’s something new, then naturally, I’d like to hear it.”

Alliance Head Hua nodded. “In fact, there is huge news. Just a while ago, the Yun Zou Sect suddenly created a new realm on their sect grounds. The news has spread all over the cultivation world and many people have already gathered some presents to run over and have a look. I guess our Liu He Alliance will also send a delegation.”

Jinde’s eyes narrowed. “A new realm?” That could only be the realm that Jin Yu had wanted to create. If that was the case … Why hadn’t he been called over yet? Ah, and had he just said that there would be a delegation? Jinde’s expression returned to normal and there was even a charming smile on his lips. “Alliance Head Hua … Do you have any idea who will be part of the delegation? You wouldn’t happen to have another spot in there, would you?”

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