OMF V2C101 Wasting a Perfectly Fine Opportunity

The disciple brought Jing Yi over to a spot close to the border between the inner and outer sect not far from the Sect Master’s peak to speak to Qiguan Cheng Da. He still didn’t feel good about this but he had given up on the notion of helping Jing Yi. The boy had wanted to contact Qiguan Cheng Da himself so he shouldn’t get involved. When the child was older, he would notice for himself what kind of person Qiguan Cheng Da was. And until then, Qiguan Cheng Da shouldn’t go overboard. After all, this was only a child. And even one that didn’t know how to cultivate. He wouldn’t do anything to him.

The disciple stopped a few meters short of where Qiguan Cheng Da was sitting in a small pavilion with another disciple and cleared his throat.

The two of them turned to look at them and the disciple hurriedly lowered his head.

“Senior martial brother Qiguan, senior martial brother Yu, I’m sorry for disturbing you. This junior wanted to talk to senior martial brother Qiguan so I brought him over. If it’s alright with you, then I would go back to continue my own cultivation.”

The disciple opposite Qiguan Cheng Da kept quiet. Qiguan Cheng Da turned to the disciple that had brought Jing Yi over but before he could say anything, Jing Yi rushed up to him with a bright smile.

“Senior martial brother Qiguan, we haven’t seen each other for a long time! Do you still remember me? I’m Jing Yi. The boy from the same village as you!”

Qiguan Cheng Da’s eyes narrowed and the disciple that had brought Jing Yi over nodded at the two men and hurried off. He certainly didn’t want to know anything that wasn’t intended for his ears. What village? That Qiguan Cheng Da was a pretentious asshole. He certainly wouldn’t want it to be brought up that his origins weren’t anything noble.

Qiguan Cheng Da watched the disciple that seemed to be fleeing as if his life depended on it. He didn’t say anything about his behavior and just turned to Jing Yi. “I do remember you but we’re not from the same village.”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes and pondered. Finally. He noticed where he had gone wrong. “Ah, right, you’re from the neighboring village!”

Qiguan Cheng Da’s eyes twitched. This brat! Was he purposefully trying to make him look bad in front of senior martial brother Yu? He wouldn’t let that happen! Unfortunately, considering his last few times he had seen this boy, he was rather sure that it wouldn’t help at all if he tried to refute. The boy would just say something else that would make him look even worse. No, he should ignore what he had said and then try to come up with an explanation later on.

He put on a smile and pretended not to care. “You certainly didn’t come here to reminisce about our last meeting, did you? So what did you want?”

Jing Yi perked up at that. Right! He hadn’t come here just to talk. There was something very important he had to find out. “Senior martial brother Qiguan, you’re a cultivator, aren’t you?”

Qiguan Cheng Da furrowed his brows. What was this? Was the child trying to mock him? “Of course.”

Jing Yi’s eyes sparkled. “Then can I ask you a question?”

Qiguan Cheng Da smoothed out his expression. This was his cue for sending this brat away. “Well, I’m currently spending time with senior martial brother Yu.” He motioned to the youth sitting opposite him with a smile. “It would be impolite of me to let him wait, wouldn’t it?”

Jing Yi looked over but didn’t know the person. In fact, this person was none other than Yu Jin, the youth that Yuchi Bing Xia and Wu Min Huan had picked up two years ago. Who knew how it had happened but after Qiguan Cheng Da came back from the mission in the Long mountain range, he had managed to get a hold of Yu Jin and spend time with him since then.

Qiguan Cheng Da’s gamble had paid off. Even though Yu Jin hadn’t originally had any official relationship with the Yun Zou Sect, he had finally become a disciple a few months ago. And he hadn’t become just any disciple. No, this person was now the youngest disciple of the Sect Master. Befriending him had probably been the best decision Qiguan Cheng Da had ever made. He wouldn’t give up any opportunity to spend time with this person. After all, his future benefits would depend on how well their relationship developed. As long as Yu Jin was happy, he would certainly help him out if there were some problems.

And, well, just knowing him also had its benefits. The disciples in the outer sect had started to treat him much better after it became known that he was acquainted with the Sect Master’s new disciple. Even those people who had been in the outer sect for longer than him or had a better aptitude than him, didn’t dare to treat him badly anymore. No, if it might offend a person of such high status, then they certainly wouldn’t do so.

Unfortunately for Qiguan Cheng Da, Jing Yi didn’t understand the ins and outs of the cultivation world and didn’t know anything about the upper social circles either. He had grown up in a simple village. How would he know what was considered polite or impolite? The people over there had certainly never paid any attention to that. After all, most of their education had come from the ever-pretending Mister Pi.

Thus Jing Yi turned to Yu Jin, his eyes still sparkling. “Senior martial brother Yu, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Yu Jin looked from Qiguan Cheng Da to the child, keeping quiet for a moment. In the end, he nodded and got up. “Since there’s a junior that needs your help, then I shouldn’t disturb any longer. I’ll return to the inner sect.” With that, turned back, leaving the place without waiting for a reply.

Qiguan Cheng Da wanted to call out but it was already too late. Calling him back now … that also wouldn’t be very polite. Under his sleeves, he clenched his hands into fists. This damned boy! He had actually cost him an invaluable opportunity to get closer to senior martial brother Yu!

He couldn’t just enter the inner sect so if he wanted to meet up with him, he had to rely on somebody to pass along the message or wait for Yu Jin to come out by himself. And this guy almost never left the house he had been given. It really wasn’t easy to see him. And now that he finally had been able to do so, they had been disturbed after just a bit of time. How was he supposed to cultivate their friendship now?!

Jing Yi had no idea what was going through the head of the other person. He just saw that the person he wanted to ask wasn’t paying attention to him and reached out, tugging at his sleeve. “Senior martial brother Qiguan, can you help me now? It’s nothing much. I just want to know about spiritual energy. Did you know that there is a building with many jade slips in the sect? Apparently, you need to imbue spiritual energy into them to find out what missions are in those jade slips. Can you teach me how?”

Qiguan Cheng Da looked at the boy that had once again ruined his plan and wanted to scold him now that nobody was around anymore. Just before the words could get out, he reconsidered. Actually … Wasn’t this a good opportunity? The brat had asked him and was stupid enough to trust him. Why shouldn’t he make use of that? If the stupid child had an accident while training, that wouldn’t be his problem.

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