OMF V2C100 I Know Now!

Shao Hai happily thanked the disciple and then ran back to where Jing Yi and Xiao Dong were waiting. He held the jade slip in front of Jing Yi and smiled.

Jing Yi carefully took it from Shao Hai’s hands and turned it between his fingers. It looked really pretty but that was everything he could say about it. He turned back to Shao Hai and curiously blinked his eyes.

Shao Hai had wanted to tell him what he found out just now but then he remembered that he had pretended to know beforehand. So … How was he supposed to say this? He cleared his throat and finally pretended not to remember why he had gone in the first place. “I just went and asked one of the senior martial brothers about how a cultivator could take a look at the missions. It seems that you need to imbue your spiritual energy into this jade. Then, you’ll be able to see the mission.”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes, looking from Shao Hai’s face to the jade slip and back again in confusion. “Spiritual energy? Then how do I imbue it?”

Shao Hai gulped. How come Jing Yi was asking him? He was a practitioner, not a cultivator! He didn’t know much about cultivation. He always listened in if he heard the disciples talk about it so he would understand Jing Yi better after he started really cultivating but he certainly couldn’t be called knowledgeable. Well, it seemed he wouldn’t be able to get around answering. Even if he did, wouldn’t his beautiful plan be ruined then? “Oh, spiritual energy … Isn’t that the energy you take in when cultivating? So you have to put that into the jade slip. That’s all.” That should be all, right?

Shao Hai might have been right but, unfortunately, that didn’t help Jing Yi at all. He had never cultivated. How would he know how spiritual energy would be imbued? Actually, he didn’t know anything about spiritual energy other than that it had something to do with spirit veins. So what should he do now?

Since he didn’t know, he looked to somebody who might. “Shao Hai, I don’t know how to do that.”

Shao Hai immediately felt bad when he saw Jing Yi’s sad expression. Ah, maybe he shouldn’t have done this after all? Maybe it would have been better if he had waited for Jing Yi to naturally give up on doing these pointless tasks? But who knew how long that would take? By then, he might not be at a good age for cultivation anymore and would have trouble to become an immortal. He didn’t want that either.

Shao Hai gulped down the bad feeling but still reached out and patted Jing Yi’s shoulder and consolation. “Don’t worry about it, Xiao Yi. I don’t know how it’s done either since I’m a practitioner and not a cultivator but you can ask your senior martial brothers. They definitely know and can teach you. And since missions are very important for becoming a hero, it seems that knowing how to imbue your spiritual energy into something is also important. So it’s good if you can learn it.”

Jing Yi looked at the jade slip again and pondered. Was that really something he could do? Then who should he ask? It had to be somebody who was also a cultivator if the practitioners didn’t know.

Jing Yi pondered. Even though he had done a lot for his senior martial brothers and sisters, he didn’t know any of them well. Normally, they would just give him a task or he would ask if there was something he could do and then they’d part ways. The only ones he knew a bit better were senior martial brother Wu and senior martial brother Qiguan.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t seen senior martial brother Wu in a long time so there was no way he could ask him. It was a pity. He felt that senior martial brother Wu was very good at explaining things. But if he couldn’t ask him, then he could only go and ask senior martial brother Qiguan. Well, he should tell him too. After all, they weren’t just disciples of the same sect, they were even from the same place!

Jing Yi straightened up and nodded at Shao Hai. “Alright, I know now! I’ll go and ask senior martial brother Qiguan then!” He smiled and didn’t wait for Shao Hai to say anything else. He handed the jade slip back to him and then rushed out of the building, running over to the place where Qiguan Cheng Da lived.

Actually, he hadn’t talked to Qiguan Cheng Da much either since they first met when he came here. But he had seen him rather often and this was the building where he had always come from and went back to so this should be where he lived.

Jing Yi stepped inside and curiously looked around. The building didn’t seem any different from the one where he was living, just that the disciples in here looked older. They had already seen Jing Yi several times when he came to ask for tasks so they gave him a smile.

“Oi, Jing Yi, you already finished your tasks for today? Do you want something else to do?”

Jing Yi hurried over to the senior martial brother that had spoken and smiled brightly. “Today, I’m helping Shao Hai! But I need to find something out to do so. Can you tell me where senior martial brother Qiguan is?”

“Qiguan Cheng Da?” The disciple gave him a complicated gaze. He knew that Qiguan Cheng Da didn’t actually like this person and was the reason why this boy had gotten those tasks in the first place. He felt that he should say something so Jing Yi would stay away from him but … Qiguan Cheng Da had been here longer than him. He wasn’t much stronger but his connections were deeper. If the rumors were true, then he had even managed to latch onto a disciple of the inner sect when he followed them on that mission two years ago. That kind of person wasn’t somebody he could dare to offend. So in the end, he could only sigh and give a wry smile. “Sure. He isn’t here though. But I can bring you over.”

“Thank you, senior martial brother!” Jing Yi beamed, happy that he had found such a nice person to help him.

The senior martial brother in question felt even worse when he saw it. Ah, he really was scum not to even hint at it. But what could he do? In the world of cultivation, you couldn’t offend the wrong people or the consequences might be bitter.

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