OMF V2C91 Would It Still Work?

While the demon king had started to work on his plan, a certain dragon king back in the Yun Zou Sect was lying on the roof of a building with a pitiful expression, sadly looking into the courtyard behind it. Ah, just why was this happening to him? His Master was finally leaving him alone after the old geezer had talked to him but he still hadn’t made any progress with his beloved. Instead, that stupid boy from the capital had turned up again and was now trying to hog his beloved to himself. This wasn’t alright! How could fate be this cruel to him? He didn’t deserve this kind of treatment!

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do. His beloved genuinely seemed to like this person. Just look at happily the two of them were chatting! But the closer they were, the more he felt that he should do something against this. He definitely couldn’t allow any other man to get this close to his beloved. No, that was his beloved! Nobody else could marry him regardless of whether they wanted to or not.

So he still needed a plan. Obviously, he couldn’t rely on that other brat that had come here too. Even though that person was one of his people, he didn’t seem too smart. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have been able to make sure that the child wouldn’t get here? Or even if he couldn’t do that, he should at least be able to make sure that the boy was too busy to bother his beloved. But now, nothing of the like had happened. The two of them had arrived here and now that boy was spending as much time with his beloved as he could.

While Qiu Ling was complaining to himself, the boys continued to enjoy themselves. Jing Yi had managed to finish his tasks for the day and had run over to the building where Shao Hai and Xiao Dong were staying, sitting in the courtyard and watching the two of them were train the sword arts from the simple manual that the Elder had given them.

Well, in fact, he was only watching Shao Hai since he was the only one who was training. Xiao Dong was instead frowning at the interaction between the two of them, wondering just how what he could do to make them have a falling out. If he didn’t manage to do something soon, then his king would certainly lose his patience. Well, that was to be expected. Why should his king put up with it if a mortal tried to make advances on his beloved? That thought alone was ridiculous!

Xiao Dong had a rather good impression of Shao Hai though so he felt himself to be in a dilemma. Naturally, he would never consider Shao Hai as his future partner but at the very least, this mortal seemed to be faithful. He thought that His Majesty’s beloved was actually his future bride and treated him accordingly. Up until now, he had never had any thought of betraying him and did everything he could to make him happy. In fact, after he had seen that Jing Yi was doing odd tasks around the outer sect, he had raised a fuss about it and wanted to set things right. Who could have known that His Majesty’s beloved would shake his head and tell him that it was necessary to do these things to become a hero?

On the one hand, that was good. After all, if Shao Hai managed to convince him otherwise and then somehow managed to make those senior martial brothers and sisters not give Jing Yi any more tasks, then he would certainly leave a very good impression on Jing Yi. That couldn’t happen under any circumstances! After all, where good feelings were involved, love might blossom. And even though this person was already His Majesty’s, he was mortal right now. Who knew what would happen if there was somebody else involved? No, that chance couldn’t be taken.

So in the end, it was still better if His Majesty’s beloved did these tasks even if they were below him. That way, he would at least not spend the whole day with Shao Hai. The only question was how to give His Majesty a chance to approach his beloved and spent more time with him than Shao Hai. Well, he could only hope that His Majesty would have an idea for this since Xiao Dong himself couldn’t come up with anything.

Qiu Ling was actually pondering the very same question. Whenever he had tried to approach his beloved before, something had gone wrong. Either there was some senior martial brother hurrying over, dumping a new task on his beloved or that stupid Shao Hai would come running, telling him that he could help him or that he wanted to show him how much he had improved in the last five hours. Sometimes it was even that his beloved just turned around and ran somewhere else because he remembered that he still had something to do. This place really had to be cursed!

If he could, he would’ve brought his beloved back to the capital. Unfortunately, he could only do so in his mind. There was no way to really grab his beloved and bring him back. Well, maybe he could but his beloved might not be too happy about that and the most important thing was still that his beloved was happy. Even if he didn’t like this place and hated that Shao Hai person, he still wouldn’t do anything that would make his beloved sad. So he could only continue to wait for his chance.

Below, in the courtyard, Shao Hai lowered the training sword he had gotten from one of his senior martial brothers and went over to Jing Yi, smiling brightly. “Xiao Yi! Did you see? How was I? Much better than yesterday already, wasn’t I?”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes and pondered. He didn’t really know how these practices had to look like but since Shao Hai had already trained a lot, he should have gotten better, shouldn’t he? So he nodded. “Mn! Much better.”

Shao Hai beamed while Qiu Ling on the roof grabbed his own sleeve in anger and tugged at the fabric, wanting to rip something apart. That bastard! He really was trying to lead his beloved astray! He had to do something to stop this. Ah, If only he could come up with something. Maybe throwing him into the mud would work?

Thus the mighty dragon king started to seriously ponder if his old trick might still work.

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