OMF V2C90 An Even Worse Situation

Even though the demon king was willing to wait, he didn’t need long to find out where Yin Lin Lin was staying. Considering her personality, he had chosen one of the nicest guesthouses in the capital and taken up a room there. Normally, she should also be somewhere in the better parts of the city. Everything else should be considered as not being worth her time.

After only two weeks, it turned out he had been right. The gods had opened up a guesthouse of their own. There were only a few rooms but the rest was superior to other establishments: On the lower floor, a storyteller would entertain the guests and exquisite dishes were served on both the first and the second floor. Actually, it seemed to be more of a restaurant than a guesthouse.

Some of the ascended deities and trueborn gods of lower status worked in the establishment every now and then, sometimes performing on stage or bringing out the dishes so that they would make sure that the citizens didn’t realize anything was up with the guesthouse.

Jin Ling had seen one of the ascended deities when they left the guesthouse and also when they returned later on. After observing the situation for a while longer, he was sure that this was the place where the gods stayed. Naturally, he would use that to his advantage.

After he had inquired about the establishment, he left his room and went over, letting the servant standing by the door lead him to a table. He sat down and ordered some of their finest dishes. He didn’t care about the mortals’ food but with how conceited Yin Lin Lin was, she would consider neither a mortal nor a demon as long as he couldn’t give her a good reason to do so. Showing off his position and bearing was certainly a good first step to get a little closer to her. After that, everything would depend on what he could find out about her and how he could use that to his advantage.

Well, it shouldn’t be too difficult. He had managed to win people over that were a lot more complex than this person. Honestly, just dangling the opportunity of becoming the queen of the demon realm in front of her might already work. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be very convincing if he just went up to her and told her that that spot beside him might be hers if she wanted it. No, that would seem way too deliberate. Even somebody like that woman would be able to understand that something had to be up.

He contemplated some ways to approach her when somebody came to deliver the dishes. He glanced up and his eyes lit up. The waiter was actually a trueborn goddess. She gave him a perfunctory smile but still made sure that everything was to his satisfaction. It seemed this girl wasn’t too happy. Maybe she could be used to get close to Yin Lin Lin.

Jin Ling gave her a bright smile. “Thank you very much. This looks delicious.”

The woman smiled but she didn’t have too much patience with this person. If she was running late, then Yin Lin Lin would certainly make trouble again. Wasn’t that what she was best at?

Jin Ling’s eyes narrowed. It seemed this girl was unwilling to talk to him. She didn’t seem to have noticed that he was a demon though. So was this just a coincidence? Or was there something more to this? Maybe they were currently working on something?

The woman left when he didn’t say anything else. When she returned to the room in the back, Yin Lin Lin furrowed her brows at her as expected. “Where have you been this whole time? Trying to send some message to ask the God of Justice for help?”

The other goddess could only lower her head and pretend not to have heard anything. She was Yin Lin Lin’s previous maid that had admitted to Yin Lin Lin’s wrongdoings concerning the assassination attempt on crown prince Jing He before. Just as promised, she had been allowed to choose a new palace to work from now on. She had decided on the Court of Justice. After all, the God of Justice didn’t have a wife. With some good luck and a lot of effort on her side, she had thought she might be able to win him over and carve out a good future for herself that would make her parents proud.

Sure, there was also his son that he doted on very much but she didn’t mind that. Having a son was at least proof that he was interested in women. After all, getting together with a woman and letting her give birth to a child wouldn’t spark too much controversy in the capital of the Nine Heavens so it wasn’t strange that nobody knew who the child’s mother was. As long as the woman herself didn’t come forward to say something, nobody would be the wiser.

Anyway, a man that was able to single-handedly raise his child should also be a very good husband. That was the type of person she wanted! So she had thought that she made the right decision when she asked to be transferred over to him.

Who could have known that switching to work in the Court of Justice would also mean that the God of Justice would be able to put her in any position he liked. And who could have known that that position would be so disadvantageous to her?

Maybe he had had a bad impression of her or maybe there was some other reason to it, but she had been transferred to the human realm just shortly after the scandal around the crown prince had been solved. Unfortunately, that once again put her close to Yin Lin Lin who was still furious at her for what she had said in front of the Heavenly Emperor.

Naturally, Yin Lin Lin wouldn’t hold back to show her dislike. And why should she? There might be nothing she could do about the God of War or the God of Justice but being angry at her former maid and making life hell for her was well in her capabilities. And even though Yin Lin Lin wasn’t the person in charge of guiding the people the Court of Justice had determined to ascend despite not having cultivated, she had very soon used her identity, to make life difficult for the others. In that kind of situation, who would dare to help somebody else?

The men were the worst. True to her reputation as the Goddess of Love, Yin Lin Lin had somehow managed to wrap them around her little finger. She said something and then it was like a law to them. So there certainly was no way she could expect them to help her out.

She had gotten into an even worse situation from before. The dream of acquiring the love of a high-ranking god … It had already shattered. Ah, maybe it would have been better if she asked to work in the Palace of the God of War back then. But she really hadn’t been able to imagine what kind of work she would need to do there. Well, now, it was too late anyway.

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