OMF V7C2 Maybe the Child Is Sick?

Xin Lan stayed at the house and continued to watch as the humans tried to humor the child. Unfortunately, even after half an hour, the brat hadn’t calmed down. He wasn’t crying as hard anymore but he was still sobbing profusely, making especially his parents and older brother look as if the world was about to end. Just what had happened to their precious baby?

Xin Lan felt helpless. He had a strange feeling that the child would probably calm down as soon as he took his previous words back. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to go over. After all, while his brother was at a rather high stage already, the real powerhouses were their parents. He could even feel somebody in the house that was close to ascension. Even he wouldn’t dare to be too casual in such a case. It wasn’t that he was afraid of these humans. No, there was no way for them to beat him in a fight but it was entirely possible for them to notice that he was here. If they did and he was exposed … That might become troublesome in the future.

Not only would he need to leave now without being able to find out anything, if they managed to see him, they might also raise their guard against him in the future when he was supposed to become this person’s lover. Ah, this stupid fallen god was really making nothing but trouble.

The family deliberated what to do. With the child crying like this, this didn’t seem like a usual problem. Currently, the baby was being held by his mother while the two men of the family peered into his face.

The father couldn’t help but speak up. “Maybe Xiao Yu is sick? We could get a physician.”

The child’s mother furrowed her brows. “What are you saying, Ning Shun? You think I wouldn’t have noticed if my child was sick?”

The man furrowed his brows in return. Naturally, he didn’t think that. It was just that he had no idea what else could be the reason. Xiao Yu had never been like this. No, from the day he was born, this child had always been a lovely angel. Why was he suddenly being so difficult?

“Then what do you think is the matter with him?” The person that couldn’t help but speak up this time was the child’s brother. His heart hurt seeing his little baby brother this inconsolable. If there was anything he could do, he would go and do it right now! It didn’t matter whether it was wading through a sea of flames or getting a priceless treasure from the demon realm, he would do everything!

The child’s mother could only look at him with worry though. She also didn’t know what was wrong. Normally, shouldn’t he indicate just what was the matter? At the very least, he had always done that in the past. She furrowed her brows and finally turned to her husband. “Then you go and go and get the physician. Maybe it really is something I don’t know about.” She couldn’t imagine though. After all, she was the one in the Hua family that knew the most about medicine. How could it be that she wouldn’t notice if her child was sick?

Her husband nodded and rushed out. He didn’t even think of sending a servant. No, if his little darling son was like this, then he certainly couldn’t leave anything to chance. He had to go himself and make sure that he found the best physician!

The mother and brother were left alone with the child. They didn’t know what to do though. The woman gently rocked the child in her arms while his brother tried to sweet-talk him.

“Xiao Yu, ah, why are you still crying? Did brother leave you alone for too long? Wasn’t I only going to get your favorite blanket? Wasn’t it time to sleep? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. We’ll do everything just like how Xiao Yu likes it, alright?”

Xin Lan harrumphed. These people! Weren’t they spoiling that fat thing rotten? No wonder it was acting like this! Wasn’t this basically just a brat that wasn’t able to face the truth?

“If you’re ugly, then you ugly. No matter what your family says, it won’t change anything about that.”

The child stopped crying. It stupidly stared into the air as if it didn’t know what to do.

Xin Lan smirked. It couldn’t be that something had gone wrong with his reincarnation, could it? That fallen god wouldn’t be able to remember his past life, would he? And now he was angry because somebody had actually dared to call him ugly and thus he cried because that was the only method to utter his dissatisfaction? It wasn’t completely impossible. As far he had seen, that guy really thought he was a lovable person.

The mother and brother looked at the child and exchanged a glance. Before they could heave a sigh of relief, the child started crying again though.

Xin Lan blinked his eyes, dumbfounded. What was happening there? Hadn’t he just stopped crying? Then why was he suddenly being like this? This made no sense! He tsked and stepped through the door where the child’s father had just left. Thankfully he hadn’t closed it behind him or he would have had trouble leaving again.

Ah, being in the mortal realm really was troublesome. He should probably make sure that he found himself a good identity when he came here again in a few years. He couldn’t always sneak in. Especially not if that brat could really see him.

Xin Lan leaned against the wall outside and pondered. Could the child really see him? Or maybe all of this was just a coincidence? He really didn’t know. Ah, whether he knew or not, when he returned the next time, this child should be big enough to tell him. If the child remembered being that fallen god, he wouldn’t hold back with scolding him. If he didn’t … Well, then he would just do what he was supposed to do. As for this little episode … That child shouldn’t be able to remember him when he grew up. So there wouldn’t be any problem for fulfilling his promise.

Inside the room, the crying child calmed down again. It blinked its big eyes and looked through the room, stretching out its hands.

“Mother, what do you think is wrong with Xiao Yu? Is he really sick?”

The woman couldn’t help but worry either. This behavior certainly wasn’t normal. “Maybe it’s really better if we let the physician take a look.”

Her older son furrowed his brows. “But you are the greatest pill refiner we ever had in our family. How could any normal physician know what you don’t know?”

His mother gave a wry smile. “Refining pills and being the physician are still two different things. Who knows? Maybe your brother has some normal illness I don’t know about? After all, I’ve only ever learned about cultivators and practitioners. But Xiao Yu is still so young. He hasn’t even started cultivating. So if it’s a normal sickness …”

Her son nodded. “You’re right. Then let’s wait for father to bring the physician back. I only hope we can find out what’s wrong with him fast. He’s never been like this.”

His mother nodded. Indeed, the little one had never been like this. This really was too strange. Hopefully, her child wouldn’t suffer any harm.

Meanwhile, the child in question looked at the door with pitiful eyes, silently sniffling in protest.

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