OMF V7C3 He Had Never Cared about this Person

While Xin Lan had already left the High Heavens, the demon king Jin Ling was still sitting at the foot of the mountain leading there from the Nine Heavens and meditating to get his strength back. He continued to do so until he felt that he had recovered just enough to get up there.

Actually, he didn’t know just how high this mountain was and he had never experienced what it was like to go to the peak. Still, he didn’t want to wait any longer. If Jinde really was up there, then he couldn’t wait too long. What if Xin Lan knew about some other exit and led Jinde out there? Then he really wouldn’t be able to find him!

He opened his eyes and got up, smoothing out his robe and looking up into the sky above him. Ah, if he really scaled this mountain and found Jinde up there in the High Heavens, then he should be happy, shouldn’t he? Maybe that would make Jinde forgive him? Well, he could at least hope for that.

Jin Ling took a deep breath and expelled it, before pushing off the ground and rushing upward. Jinde. He could do this for Jinde. Nothing would be able to keep him down here. He would reach the peak, he would prove to Jinde that he deserved him. He would earn his happiness.

He continued to move upward but the higher he got, the slower he became. The spiritual energy around him was getting denser but the place above him gave off an indescribable power that seemed as if it wanted to drive him off. He really felt that he would be pushed back down the very next moment.

Jin Ling could only grit his teeth and forced himself to continue. He wouldn’t back down. He would reach the top to see Jinde. Whatever he had to do, he would do so. Someway along the road, the person he loved would finally realize that he wasn’t like his father. He would be able to see how sincere he was and his heart would be moved. Then, he wouldn’t push him away anymore. No, they would be able to realize their feelings. Why shouldn’t they? If they wanted to, then nobody could stop them.

The peak of the mountain finally came into view and Jin Ling’s face lit up. There! He had almost arrived. Just a bit more and he would be there. If he was lucky, Jinde wouldn’t be too far from there. Well, even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t give up. He would search all of the High Heavens if he had to. There was nothing that would make him give up on finding Jinde.

Jin Ling finally arrived at the top of the mountain and landed in the center of the High Heavens. He looked around and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Why was nothing around him? Even if the High Heavens were a place where no actual races lived, there should be something, shouldn’t it? At the very least, there should be some vegetation and maybe some other creatures, shouldn’t there? After all, even the demon realm had demonic beasts. Don’t tell him the High Heavens that was above all other realms even hadn’t something like that?

Well, it didn’t matter. If there was nothing around, finding Jinde would be much easier. This was actually to his advantage. He started to walk in one direction at random. Since he didn’t have a clue where Jinde would be, there was nothing he could plan. He could only hope that he had good luck.

In the capital of the High Heavens, Tian raised his head and narrowed his eyes. He had half expected Xin Lan to come here and even though he hadn’t liked it, he had accepted it. After all, Xin Lan had had a valid reason to be here. But this one … Why would a demon come to this realm? Why should he accept a demon coming here?

He got to his feet and looked at the coffin in front of him, gently tracing the transparent lid. “I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry. I won’t let any demon come here.”

He turned around and left his palace, rushing to the area that Jin Ling was currently passing through.

Jin Ling stopped when a man appeared several meters in front of him. He furrowed his brows and examined the person. He was tall and slender, clad in a dark robe just like the dragons preferred to. There was no expression on his face as if he didn’t care about seeing him here. If Xin Lan hadn’t brought anybody else other than Jinde here, then this person could only be Tian. Yes, this had to be the one ruling over the High Heavens, the sovereign of all realms. The one that had cursed the three immortal races.

Jin Ling didn’t know much about this person. He had never cared about him. He had only ever cared about Jinde. So now, that he stood in front of him, he had no idea what this person might want from him. He wouldn’t be here to … Help him, would he?

Well, there was no harm in asking. He nodded at him and gave the same charming smile that had often helped him in his endeavors. “Greetings, sovereign. I hope I am not bothering you. I came here in search of a person.”

Tian’s eyes narrowed further. Even though Xin Lan had been right when he said that he was unable to see into people’s hearts, he was still able to see what was going on in the immortal and mortals realms. He knew exactly who this person was and who he had come here for. “Turn back, demon. Your kind isn’t welcome here.”

Jin Ling furrowed his brows. “My kind isn’t welcome here? What do you mean? Xin Lan came here before me. He’s a dragon and weren’t the dragons demons once? And we were created by you, weren’t we? Why would you only ban the demons and not the other races then?”

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