OMF V7C1 The One Thing He Hated

Xin Lan’s expression darkened as soon as he set foot in the mortal realm. Just a casual look around revealed that this was not the Yun Zou Sect nor was this the place where his Master had gone to. That bastard! Was it really asking too much to send him to a good spot? And Tian had opened the gate before he told him that his lover’s fate was his own fault so he couldn’t even pretend that it had been because of what he said. No, that bastard had intended to do this from the very beginning.

Xin Lan hid his figure from the sight of mortals and looked around. He was standing in a beautiful room that seemed to be in the house of some rich family. The most surprising thing was the amount of spiritual energy in the place though. If compared with what he had felt in the Yun Zou Sect, he couldn’t help but regret that his Master had landed there. This looked like the home of a family but the surrounding was much better. If his Master had come here, he might have recuperated to a better degree already.

Xin Lan sighed and shook his head, wanting to leave. He was lucky that nobody was around so he should better use the time. There was only some rustling from the next room as if somebody was looking through documents or reading a book but as long as the person wasn’t a strong cultivator, they wouldn’t notice him.

He turned around but just before he stepped out, a sound came from behind him. Xin Lan couldn’t help but look back. The person wouldn’t have come over, would they? Was it indeed a strong cultivator? Well, nothing would change even then. He would be able to win against any human regardless of whether they had cultivated or not. It would just be bothersome to get rid of the person.

In the end, it turned out that he didn’t need to worry about that. What he saw was definitely wasn’t a cultivator. It was nice enough of him to call it a human. Well, it was one but … it was an especially small one.

Xin Lan grimaced. He didn’t care about humans too much. After all, he had also had quite a few human lovers but if there was one thing he hated, then it was children. Just thinking back to the way that bastard child had tried to monopolize his Master’s attention back then, he still wanted to strangle him.

The child in front of him right now curiously looked in his direction as if it was able to see him. Xin Lan cocked his head and walked over, crouching down in front of the bed and looking at the baby. It had a round face that could only be called chubby, two little dimples adorned its cheeks, a tuft of black hair on its head and two equally black eyes that were big and round like plums.

Xin Lan’s lips twitched. He had a nagging suspicion that Tian might not have sent him here without reason.

The child once again gave a soft sound and stretched out its plump little hands.

Xin Lan looked at the chubby fingers and then looked back at the face. “Too ugly.” If this thing stayed ugly even in twenty years, then how was he supposed to pretend to be his lover? Even though he didn’t discriminate against humans, he did have an aesthetic sense. He didn’t want to demean himself.

The child that had just wanted to reach out to him — even though it shouldn’t be able to see him by any right — suddenly stopped mid-motion and stared at him. The big eyes slowly filled with tears and it started to sniffle. Big tears rolled down its cheeks, the plump face reddened and the expression twisted into a wrinkled mess, the sniffles turning into sobs and finally into full-out bawling.

Xin Lan stared at it and couldn’t help but think that it was even uglier this way.

“Xiao Yu!” The rustling of paper in the room next door stopped and was replaced by that of fabric before somebody rushed over. A man burst into the room, picking the child up from the bed and pressing it against his chest. “Xiao Yu, what happened, ah? You don’t have to cry. Big brother is here!” He leaned down and kissed the fat baby cheek, making Xin Lan purse his lips in disgust.

The dragon got up and walked to the door leading to the courtyard. He wanted to go out but held back at the last moment. Ah, right. Even though this mortal wasn’t able to see him, he would notice if the door opened. He sighed and leaned against the wall instead, observing the two of them. The fat baby still continued to cry as if it was inconsolable. The man tried to calm it down but got more and more flustered the longer the situation went on.

Xin Lan gave a dry chuckle. Well, what did he expect from that fallen god? That guy was really too prone to making trouble. Even now that he had reincarnated for his trial, he was still making people unable to know what they should do.

Xin Lan couldn’t help but worry at the same time. This child … By all means, he shouldn’t be able to see him. He shouldn’t be able to hear what he said either. So why had he suddenly reached out? And why had he started crying after he was called ugly? Was it just a coincidence? It was hard to believe so. After all, the timing was too coincidental. No, it seemed that this child had somehow really perceived that he was here and then reacted.

How strange. Could it be that this was because he had been a fallen god? This type of person shouldn’t reincarnate for a trial under normal circumstances. Maybe even with Tian’s help, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of all his powers? That would at least be an explanation.

Meanwhile, the man completely panicked and rushed past Xin Lan and out of the room, hurrying through the courtyard and into the front of the house. “Mother! Something is wrong with Xiao Yu!”

Immediately, the whole house was in chaos. Xin Lan who was silently following behind, couldn’t help but be amazed. This person … Hadn’t he reincarnated a little too well? A wealthy family, a place this rich in spiritual energy, a big brother that cared about him as if he was the apple of his eye, a house full of family members and servants that would fuss over him?

This wouldn’t happen to be Tian pulling some strings, would it? Normally, that bastard didn’t care about anyone but he did have a weak spot for fallen gods. It wouldn’t be impossible.

Xin Lan’s eyes narrowed and he continued to follow behind. Right now, he didn’t know how much time had passed in the mortal realm since he left the Yun Zou Sect. That bastard Jin Ling should still be in the High Heavens trying to figure out whether Jinde was in there or not while his Master … Maybe he had already returned? Well, it was better not to find out. No, for now, he should hold back. And even though he had only promised that stupid child that he would accompany him when he became an adult, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t take a look before that.

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