OMF V2C81 Bad People of the Cultivation World

The girl continued to laugh but Shao Hai wasn’t too happy that he was being made fun off. “But aren’t that two completely different things? Why shouldn’t you be able to age just because you’re immortal? Doesn’t being immortal just mean that you can’t die like normal people? But you can still get really old. After all, why would there be old-looking Elders otherwise?”

The girl choked. Actually, she had never thought about that. “Uh, you can ask your Master if you get one, one day. For now, let’s go and see Elder Suo.”

Shao Hai nodded. Even though he really would have liked to know just what was the matter with the old cultivators, if meeting with that Elder could help them get into the sect, then that was much more important. “So who is that Elder?”

The girl heaved a sigh of relief when the troublesome question was forgotten and launched into her explanation. “Elder Suo is the Elder that is in charge of the practitioners of the outer sect. Basically, he is what Elder Chu is for the cultivators.

“A lot of people only think of cultivators when thinking of our Yun Zou Sect or any other deity sect for that matter. And when we send out disciples to go and recruit in the capital and the other big cities, I’ve heard that they normally only look for cultivators too. They would only take a disciple back to become a practitioner if they coincidentally spotted that they had some talent in that area. The other disciples are up picked up on missions or by the Elders themselves when they go out.”

“Picked up on missions?”

The girl nodded. “Yes, our disciples do lots of different missions. It’s like …” She pondered how to explain this to the children, furrowing her brows tightly until her expression finally lit up. “Ah! It’s like the work that normal people do. After all, before they reach a certain stage, they all need to eat. And even after that, they’ll need to wear clothes. And if they go out, then they’ll sometimes need money too so that we can blend in with the normal people. That’s extremely important.”

“And you get all these things from the missions?”

“Well, the missions are like a currency. For the missions you do, you’ll get things in exchange. If you don’t do any missions, then you will only get the basic necessities from the sect. So those who work more will become rich people. Just like in the real world.”

Shao Hai felt enlightened. Jing Yi also had his eyes opened. Even though he had already lived in the Yun Zou Sect for close to a month, he still didn’t know much about it. This was actually the first time he heard about any missions. Did this mean he also had to do missions? At this thought, he couldn’t help but reach out and tug at the girl’s sleeve. “Senior martial sister, then should I also do missions?”

The girl turned around and couldn’t help but smile. This child was even younger than the other two and had a cute face. It really made one want to pat his head and maybe pinch his cheeks. He was wearing the robe of the sect though so he should already be a disciple. “Well, you certainly should in the future! Right now, you might be a little small for that. Have you just joint our sect this year?”

Jing Yi nodded his head. “Mn! Senior martial brother Wu brought me here with the other children from the capital.”

The girl nodded. “I thought so. Well, in that case, you should first learn a bit more. When you’re a little older, then you can accompany your senior martial brothers and sisters on their missions to gain some experience first. And when you’re an adult, then you can also go on your own.”

Shao Hai tugged at her other sleeve. “Big sister, then if Xiao Dong and I become practitioners of the sect, then can we still do missions together with Xiao Yi?”

This time, the girl really reached over and pinched his cheek. “What? You want to do missions together with you sweetheart? How cute!”

Shao Hai grimaced but he was still asking her lots of questions and she was helping him so he didn’t dare to complain too much. “So can I?”

The girl nodded. “Sure you can! For the first few stages, cultivators are often stronger than practitioners but when you get older, that will even out. And you’ll probably not be the only ones on a team doing a mission when you’re younger so it shouldn’t be a problem to have a mixed team. In fact, the sect likes that kind of team because they think it will bring all of us closer together. And sometimes, it’s also better to have different kinds of people with you on a mission. You have to know, there are also bad people in the cultivation world.”

Jing Yi perked up when he heard that. A hero was a person that was beating up bad people. So if there were ordinary bad people and bad people in the cultivation world, that should be very important to know! Maybe there were different kinds of heroes too depending on what kind of bad people there were. He tugged at her sleeve and blinked his eyes. “Senior martial sister, what kind of bad people are they?”

The girl reached out and rubbed his head only to shudder the next moment. What was this? She suddenly felt that there was strong killing intent coming from somewhere close by. She looked around but couldn’t see anyone. Well, whatever it was, she didn’t feel too secure right now. “Uh, I’ll tell you later. Let’s hurry up and go see Elder Suo first.” After all, whoever it was that had something against her, she should be safe with the Elder around.

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