OMF V2C80 Not Just Cultivators

Before Qiu Ling could figure out who this person was and Xiao Dong could come up with an idea on how to face his king and explain the current situation, Shao Hai had turned around, wanting to propose on how to proceed. When he saw that Xiao Dong was staring at a spot above their heads in a daze, he couldn’t help but look up too. “What’s there?”

Qiu Ling rushed behind the tree, cursing silently. That stupid guy! What if his beloved would’ve seen him crouching in a tree?! Wouldn’t he have gotten a bad first impression then? Then how would he be able to woo and marry him? Whoever that child was, he deserved to be sent home and get a beating. Hmph, he really wondered who let that brat out of the dragon realm.

Shao Hai also realized that he had done something wrong when his king reacted like this. He whirled around to Shao Hai and grabbed him by the shoulders, turning him into the other direction. “Nothing! There’s nothing. What were you trying to say?”

Shao Hai didn’t really believe him but he didn’t care too much either. Wasn’t it much more important to spend time with this Xiao Yi? “Oh, I wanted to suggest that we should try to find a way to stay in the sect without having spirit veins. Shouldn’t there be a way?”

Xiao Dong furrowed his brows. How come this guy still hadn’t given up? Shouldn’t he have also already understood that things were hopeless? “How could that be? Didn’t that Elder say you can’t become a cultivator if you don’t have spirit veins? Then how would you stay here? That’s impossible.”

Shao Hai pursed his lips. “Just because I can’t become a cultivator, doesn’t mean I can’t stay in the sect. That’s just like Da Ming who’s working for my father. He can’t count to more than ten and can’t calculate things either but my father still pays him because he can lift heavy things.”

Xiao Dong scoffed. “I don’t think cultivators will need you to lift heavy things. They can do that on their own.”

“Maybe they don’t need me to lift heavy things but there might be other things they could need me for. We’ll just have to ask somebody.” He didn’t give Xiao Dong the chance to respond and just turned to tug at the sleeve of a young woman that was standing in the last row, trying to see something in the front.

The girl turned around with furrowed brows, not happy that she had been disturbed in her quest for getting some entertainment. When she saw three cute boys standing in front of her, her expression got better though. “What is it? You can’t see? I’m sorry, I can’t see anything either. We’re just way too far in the back.”

Shao Hai shook his head. “Pretty sister, look, this Xiao Yi.” He pulled Jing Yi to his side and smiled brightly. “We’re both from the capital and I want to marry Xiao Yi when I’ve grown up. But my father said that Xiao Yi went to the Yun Zou Sect and will become a cultivator. So he thinks that it’s impossible for me to marry him if he’s a cultivator. But now that I made my way over here that Elder said that I don’t have any spirit veins and can’t become a cultivator. Do you think there is another way to stay in the sect even if I’m not a cultivator so that I can marry Xiao Yi?” He didn’t take a single breath to get all of that out, stunning the girl for a few seconds.

She looked from one boy to the other and couldn’t help but smile. “Ah, you’re childhood sweethearts. How cute! Well, in that case, I might just be able to help you.” She took a last look at the disciples in front of her and sighed. Well, never mind. She wouldn’t be able to get a good look at the fight anyway. She might as well help the boys and do a good deed. Wasn’t that what all cultivators of the righteous faction were supposed to do?

She waved at the three of them and motioned in the other direction. “Come on then. I guess you met Elder Chu before, didn’t you?”

Shao Hai nodded eagerly. “That’s true! He had us stay in some array with some crystals stuck in the ground.”

The girl nodded. “Yip, that’s the way to test for spirit veins. He’s right that you can’t become a cultivator if you don’t have any. But I guess he didn’t explain to you that there’s not just cultivators.”

All three boys blinked their eyes. There weren’t just cultivators?

The girl grinned when she saw the three of them being in a daze. “You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, most people don’t know about this. At least not the people of the common folk. It’s a common distinction in the world of cultivators though. Normally, a cultivator is only a person with spirit veins that will cultivate their spiritual energy. But there’s also another group of people in our faction. They’re called practitioners and they are the ones who are learning the sword arts.”

Shao Hai raised his brows. “Learning sword arts?” He didn’t know what exactly that meant but it sounded very interesting. “And they don’t need spirit veins? So I could also become a practitioner if I want to?”

The girl nodded. “Sure. Everybody can become a practitioner. It’s just that practitioners will need to put in a lot of hard work. And it’s the kind of work that’s very demanding of your body. So if you’re too weak and don’t try hard enough, you won’t be able to learn it. It’s mostly an issue of commitment. The more committed you are to learning, the better your chances are of achieving a higher level as a practitioner.”

Shao Hai’s eyes lit up. In that case, he would indeed be able to stay in the Yun Zou Sect with Xiao Yi! He excitedly tugged at the girl’s sleeve again. “Then … do practitioners also live forever?”

The girl laughed. “Well, they live as much forever as cultivators do. As soon as a cultivator or practitioner reaches a certain level, they’ll stop aging. And that could probably be called living forever. Until then, they’ll be like normal people though. Otherwise, wouldn’t we all be small children like you?” She reached out and nudged Shao Hai’s nose, giving another laugh. Ah, just the thought of that was hilarious!

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