OMF V2C78 Now Was the Time

The disciples guarding the gate had been right when they said that Shao Hai and Xiao Dong couldn’t miss the spot where the fight was happening. The further they went in the direction, the louder the voices of the disciples got. The ones calling out weren’t the ones fighting though. No, it was actually the audience that was cheering for either of the two of them to win.

Shao Hai hastened his steps and rushed over to the square where the disciples had gathered. He didn’t bother to make his way through the crowd though. After all, he didn’t care about the fight. No, he concentrated on looking around to find Xiao Yi.

On the other hand, Xiao Dong panicked. He tried to keep one eye on Shao Hai while he looked around to find out whether his king was close by. After all, if his king’s beloved was actually here watching the fight, then the king shouldn’t be far. After all, which dragon would let their beloved out of their sight? That certainly wouldn’t happen! No, if His Majesty’s beloved was here, then he was here too! And in that case, he definitely couldn’t let Shao Hai find the person he was looking for. With that thought, Xiao Dong rushed after him and gripped his arm. “Shao Hai, I don’t think he’s here. Wouldn’t we have seen him already if he was? Why don’t we go back?”

Shao Hai angrily he shook them off. “How do you want to know? There so many people around here! He might be somewhere in the crowd! I certainly won’t return before we haven’t really looked around.” With that, he returned to searching for Jing Yi.

Xiao Dong cursed and followed behind, hurriedly looking around in the hope of seeing Jing Yi before Shao Hai could. If he managed to spot His Majesty’s beloved, then he could steer Shao Hai in another direction and make sure that the two of them wouldn’t meet. Then the disaster would’ve been prevented!

While the two of them were still busy searching for Jing Yi, another person had already found him and wasn’t letting him out of his eyes. This time, Qiu Ling was crouching on the branch of a tree while watching Jing Yi. This spot was just perfect for making sure that nothing happened to his beloved! After all, from a higher vantage point, he could see everything going on down there. He wouldn’t lose sight of Jing Yi even if he got lost in the crowd.

Currently, his beloved was standing in the last row though, trying to see the fight of the mighty cultivators. Unfortunately, he was too short for that. The people in front of him were towering above him, making him unable to even see the corner of their robes.

Jing Yi craned his neck and hurried around the crowd, trying to find a spot where he could see through or maybe get a little further to the front. Unfortunately, nobody was paying attention to the back so there was no chance for him to have somebody step aside.

In the tree, Qiu Ling cleared his throat. This was obviously his grand moment! If he jumped from the tree now, his hair and robes fluttering in the breeze, landing on his feet and striking a pose, his beloved would have to be awed! Certainly, he would also forget about that stupid fight and only have eyes for him.

Then, he could gallantly take his hand and pull him closer, asking whether he needed his help. His beloved probably wouldn’t be able to remember the fight even at this moment because he was still dazed from his dazzling appearance but, of course, Qiu Ling would kindly remind him, making the crowd disperse for him so that he could stand in the front row and watch the fight wrapped in his arms.

Soon enough, his Jing He would realize that these violent fights really weren’t interesting to watch. He would turn away, hiding in his arms, trembling like a little lamb searching for protection. Then he would naturally fulfill his beloved’s needs.

He would carefully lead him away, soothing his discomposed mind with gentle words and calm gestures, leading him to a beautiful place where they could sit and catch up on what they had missed out on for the last few years while watching the sun slowly sink toward the horizon.

When those golden rays slowly receded, he would take out an overcoat and gently put it over his beloved’s shoulders, pulling him closer into his embrace, quietly asking him whether he was cold. And then when his beloved looked up at him — incredibly happy that he had managed to find such a fine specimen of a future husband — he would lean down and their lips would meet in a sweet kiss, finally reuniting them here in the mortal realm.

Qiu Ling closed his eyes, relishing in the imagination of their kiss. Ah, Jing He’s lips really were too soft! He had had way too few chances to taste them in the Nine Heavens. Now, that they were basically on a vacation from the observation of that bastardly old man, they should kiss a few times more. This was the best opportunity they might get! It was important to start early. So now was the perfect time.

Qiu Ling opened his eyes and cleared his throat again, smoothing out his sleeves and brushing back his hair to make sure that he would make the best possible impression and raised his chin, making him look slightly haughty. Ah, no, this wasn’t haughty. This was called … self-assured. Yes, that was definitely the kind of look his beloved liked the most. He stood up, standing on the branch and straightening his shoulders. He prepared to jump but just then a call sounded from below.

“Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi, you’re here!” Hurried steps sounded and a small figure threw itself at his beloved.

Qiu Ling’s eyes bulged. Just what was happening down there!? Could somebody explain to him?!

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