OMF V2C77 An Empty Sect

Elder Chu brought them to the door and then bid his farewell. He didn’t know who the child was the two of them were looking for and this didn’t concern him either. He would just bring them here and let them search for the person themselves.

Shao Hai didn’t mind either. He was sure that he didn’t need anyone’s help just to find his Xiao Yi. After all, he and Xiao Yi were really close. Naturally, he would be able to find him on his own. He marched right into the building and looked around. Unfortunately, nothing could be seen of Jing Yi. In fact, the room was completely empty.

Shao Hai furrowed his brows. He certainly hadn’t expected this. He wasn’t willing to give up that easily though. Just because his Xiao Yi wasn’t here, it didn’t mean he wasn’t in the building at all. After all, that cultivator just now had said that the children that had arrived here the last time would all be living in this building.

He looked around and finally spotted the stairs leading up to the next floor. He didn’t think any longer and rushed over, scaling the steps. He curiously looked around on the second floor but still couldn’t see anybody. There were lots of doors there though. Shao Hai pursed his lips and wondered if he should knock on all of them and ask whether Xiao Yi was in there. That seemed like the best approach.

He rushed up to the first one and eagerly knocked on it. “Xiao Yi? Xiao Yi? Are you here?”

He didn’t get an answer. Shao Hai furrowed his brows and knocked again but there still wasn’t anything to be heard. He opened the door and peered inside. The room was left empty.

Shao Hai furrowed his brows. It seemed Xiao Yi wasn’t here. He closed the door again and walked to the next one, knocking on it and calling out once again. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a response this time either. When he looked into the room, it was also left empty.

Shao Hai couldn’t help but grow anxious. Don’t tell him he wouldn’t be able to find Xiao Yi like this? That couldn’t be! He had to be here! He went down the corridor, continuing to call out for Jing Yi. Nobody answered though.

Xiao Dong who had silently followed behind him smiled with satisfaction. It seemed Heaven was on his side with this! His Majesty’s beloved didn’t seem to be in. Well, actually, nobody seemed to be in. He couldn’t help but wonder what this might mean. But anyway, it was good.

He hurried over to Shao Hai’s side, grabbing his hand. “They’re obviously not here. It’s probably as I said and they are very busy with cultivating. Who knows if they didn’t go on some mission or something? Didn’t that big brother Wu also say they had just come back from their mission? Maybe Xiao Yi is also on one. He might not have returned yet so searching around won’t help at all. Let’s just return to the capital, alright?”

Shao Hai didn’t like that idea at all but since nobody seemed to be in the building, there was nothing else he could do. He nodded and slowly followed Xiao Dong down the stairs again and out of the building. He looked down the street in both directions, wondering just why nobody seemed to be there. Could it really be that the whole sect had gone on a mission? Wasn’t that too strange? But he didn’t know what else to do either so he could only follow Xiao Dong to the exit.

When the two of them approached the gate, the two disciples in front looked back at them and raised their brows. “What are you doing here? You didn’t go to watch the fight?” One of them couldn’t help but raise his brows and look at them in surprise.

The other disciple snorted. “What are you even asking for? Can’t you see they are going out on a mission? They’re not even wearing the sect’s robes.”

The first disciple looked at them and noticed that the other was right. They really weren’t wearing the robes. “Ah, I can’t believe everyone’s allowed to go on missions these days. Why don’t they send us? Aren’t these two just small kids? Why would they send them instead of us?”

The other disciple nodded. He also couldn’t understand this. They had been in the sect for so long but were still only allowed to guard the gate. Wasn’t this unfair?

Meanwhile, Shao Hai’s expression had lit up. “There’s a fight going on?”

The two disciples shrugged their shoulders and nodded. “Yeah. Don’t tell me you didn’t know?”

Shao Hai excitedly turned to Xiao Dong. “If there’s a fight, then most likely everyone’s watching it. Why don’t we go and look for Xiao Yi there?”

Xiao Dong furrowed his brows. “Didn’t we want to leave?”

Shao Hai didn’t listen to him and just tugged at his sleeve, running back before he remembered that he had no idea where the fight was. He rushed to the two disciples and tugged at their sleeves instead. “Big brother, where’s the fight? We also want to go and watch.”

The disciple raised his brows again. “Aren’t you going on a mission?”

Shao Hai shook his head. “We just came to visit somebody. So where’s the fight?”

The disciple had no idea what to make of this but still pointed in the direction. “It’s over there, ah. You can’t miss it. Just go in the direction and when you hear them, you’ll know that you’re at the right place.”

“Thank you, big brother!” Shao Hai gave a happy smile and then rushed in the direction that the disciple had pointed in.

Xiao Dong could only give a deep sigh and followed him. This certainly wasn’t how he had imagined things. Just why did everything have to go wrong? If things continued like that, then he wouldn’t just not manage to accomplish His Majesty’s task, he would even fail it miserably!

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