OMF V2C74 Another Pair of Recruits

They didn’t need long to return to the Yun Zou Sect, after all, the sect was also located in the mountain range even though it was further in the east. Wu Min Huan went to the outer sect and landed in front of the house of Elder Chu. Even though they had brought these children here, he couldn’t just take them to the inner sect. It would still depend on their aptitude whether they could get a place there or not.

He turned to the two children to reassure them. “Alright, this is the Yun Zou Sect. I don’t know how much you know about it but when you want to become a disciple, you first have to take a test to see whether you have the appropriate spirit veins. Normally, we schedule a test where all the children can take part in at once but seeing that we met while we were out on a mission and that you also helped us out, I guess this can be considered as fate. We’ll just make an exception for you.”

Shao Hai cheered and excitedly tugged at Xiao Dong’s sleeve.

The dragon wasn’t happy though. He looked around with a dark expression and pursed his lips. They had actually still managed to get to the sect and it had only been a few weeks. Considering how charismatic his king was, he didn’t doubt that he would be able to make the person he liked fall in love with him in that time but it was still bad that he had failed his task so much. He should have tried to keep Shao Hai away from the sect for much longer. Now, he could only try to make sure that he wouldn’t be able to get too close to His Majesty’s beloved to make up for his mistake.

Wu Min Huan smiled when he saw this scene. These children really were cute. One was so excited while the other was unhappy that he hadn’t been the one that led them here. Ah, this was probably first love. What a pity that he had stolen that older boy’s show. Now, he would probably be hated for it. Well, if they didn’t make it into the inner sect, might forget about that soon if they didn’t see each other anymore.

Wu Min Huan’s expression fell at that. He couldn’t help but think of Jing Yi. The boy was only a bit younger than these two and because he had wanted to take him in as his disciple from the very beginning without even checking his aptitude, he had been disappointed. He could probably be thankful that he hadn’t told Jing Yi about his plans or the boy would have felt even worse.

He wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. No, this time, he couldn’t have too many expectations. He would first have the boys’ aptitude checked. If they had the spirit veins to get into the inner sect, then he could still see if he could help them there. Maybe he would even be able to take one of them in as his disciple.

His gaze couldn’t help but shift to Shao Hai and he patted his head. “Good luck then. I’ll explain to the Elder but then Yu Jin and I will have to go. Depending on the result of the examination of the spirit veins, the Elder will explain the next steps to you. Alright?”

Shao Hai nodded eagerly. “No problem, big brother! I’m sure we’ll be doing good. I still have to find Xiao Yi though. I really wonder where he is.”

Wu Min Huan chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll be able to find him. Now, let’s see the Elder.” He turned to the door and knocked. “Elder Chu, I’m sorry for disturbing you. This is Wu Min Huan. We found two children on a mission outside that said they wanted to become disciples of our Yun Zou Sect. Would you mind testing them for their spirit veins?”

The door opened and Elder Chu stepped out, giving Wu Min Huan a wry smile before he turned to look at the two children with a complicated expression. Normally, he would be thrilled if somebody from the inner sect brought two children over to have their exact aptitude checked. Now, he couldn’t help but worry though. The last child that Wu Min Huan had favored had been a trash. These two wouldn’t end up the same, would they?

Shao Hai’s eyes sparkled when he saw the Elder. He had already been impressed when he saw Wu Min Huan but this middle-aged uncle with his dark expression looked even more like a cultivator. This really was exactly what he expected in this kind of place!

Elder Chu once again felt bad when one of the children in question looked at him with sparkling eyes. Ah, he really didn’t like to tell this type of recruit bad news. He could only hope that the test would be better this time. He turned back to Wu Min Huan and give a nod. “If it’s like that, then we can naturally do so. They did have a preliminary test, didn’t they?”

Wu Min Huan awkwardly cleared his throat. “Oh, well, we were on a mission so … I didn’t have anything to test it. If Elder Chu could do so then … I’d be very grateful.”

Elder Chu sighed but nodded. “Then I’ll do that first.” He really could only hope that he wouldn’t get any bitter surprises. Ah, no, that was impossible! They couldn’t have that much bad luck with taking in disciples.

He turned to the two children and waved at them. “Alright, let’s go then. We’re storing the orbs that we use for initially checking your spirit veins here in the outer sect. We can go over right now and do the test. If you do have some aptitude, then we’ll do a more thorough check afterward.”

Shao Hai nodded excitedly and then turned to Wu Min Huan. “Thank you, big brother! Good luck with your mission!”

Wu Min Huan nodded and then turned to Yu Jin. “We should go too. Would you mind if we went to see my Master first to report what we found though? Maybe he has an idea what else to do to find the demonic practitioners.”

Yu Jin nodded and silently followed him to the inner sect.

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