OMF V2C73 All Leads Lost

In the end, Wu Min Huan took Shao Hai onto his sword while Yu Jin took Xiao Dong with him who had figured out in the end, that it might be better not to show that he could fly considering that he had to pretend to be mortal right now. Qiguan Cheng Da trailed behind the four of them and the group returned to where the other disciples were waiting.

Wu Min Huan landed, giving Shao Hai a smile who was happily skipping around, celebrating that he had flown on a sword for the first time. He himself had been in the Yun Zou Sect for so long that this seemed normal to him. Seeing a child that could be happy about something this normal sure was nice.

Unfortunately, his happiness didn’t last long. He turned to the other disciples and he couldn’t help but feel awkward because of the announcement he had to make. “We have managed to gather information and found the hideout of the bandits. Unfortunately …” He wondered just how he should phrase this. It was a little embarrassing, wasn’t it? “It seems that the bandits had nothing to do with the demonic practitioners and the children’s disappearances don’t seem connected to them either. We picked up two other children who met them on the way.” Come to think of it, he also felt that it was somehow wrong to call the boys that had disappeared children. If they eloped together, then how old were they? Certainly not as young as they had seemed when the old woman talked about them.

The other disciples exchanged glances, some of the inner sect disciples raising their brows. All of them couldn’t help but wonder just why they had come over here with so many people then. Wu Min Huan couldn’t expect them to just return and forget about this, could he?

Wu Min Huan could only sigh. He also didn’t like this outcome. “We know that there have to be demonic practitioners in the vicinity. Up until now, we thought that the disappearance of the children was related to them and that we would enable to find them this way. Now, we know that the children don’t have anything to do with them and that the village where they were before has been left empty by them.

Currently, I do not see any possibility to find them. If anyone has any ideas on how to go about this, then we will try that. Otherwise, I’m afraid that we’ll have to return to the Yun Zou Sect for now and discuss this with my Master and the Elders.”

The other disciples shifted on the spot. If even Wu Min Huan as the Sect Master’s head disciple couldn’t think of a plan, then how were they supposed to do so?

One of the disciples clicked his tongue though. “I know you don’t want to do this, Min Huan, but how about splitting up and searching the mountain after all? If we don’t have any leads, then we’ll just have to make do with that. We definitely can’t let them run around here. Even if they haven’t kidnapped the children, they’re demonic practitioners. Who knows what they are planning?”

The person that had spoken up was Mao Xun, the disciple of one of the Peak Masters of the Yun Zou Sect. He and Wu Min Huan had entered the sect together in the same year and were rather close. Hearing the opinion of this friend, Wu Min Huan wondered if maybe he was being too timid.

Naturally, he would like to make sure that nothing would happen to any of their martial brothers. But on the other hand, they were all cultivators or practitioners. There would inevitably be dangerous situations awaiting all of them. And even though the outer sect disciples weren’t as strong as them, these kinds of situations might also be opportunities for them. After all, it was exactly that type of situation that could make a person stronger. Only when they really needed their strength would they be able to tap into their full potential and thus have a breakthrough and advance to the next level. Maybe he was taking an opportunity from them if he didn’t let them try this out.

He looked at the other disciples. “Are there any other ideas?”

The other disciples kept quiet, the outer sect disciples even lowering their heads. They certainly wouldn’t speak up in the presence of these inner sect disciples.

Wu Min Huan nodded and gave a sigh. “Alright, we’ll do that then.” He turned to look at the two children they had brought with them and pondered what to do with them. They couldn’t take some with them when they went to search the mountain range.

He wanted to call over the two disciples that had joined his team before but then stopped himself. Yes, their level was lower but maybe that also meant that this opportunity was especially important for them. No, he couldn’t do this.

In the end, he sighed and turned to Yu Jin. “This is also an opportunity for everyone taking part in this mission. Your level isn’t low. How about we bring the two of them back?”

Yu Jin seemed to hesitate. He looked at the children and then back up at Wu Min Huan before he finally nodded. He didn’t ask anything else and went back to Xiao Dong’s side, unsheathing his sword again, ready to fly back to the Yun Zou Sect.

Wu Min Huan turned to the others and gave a nod. “Be careful on your way and don’t take any unnecessary risks. It might be better to take one of the others with you so you can take care of each other if something happens. I’ll leave these decisions to you this time. But don’t forget that we have to search the whole mountain range if we want to find something. Yu Jin and I will bring the children to the Yun Zou Sect and then return to join in. Are there any questions?”

The disciples shook their heads. Some of them turned to find somebody to pair up with or even formed small groups while others already headed off by themselves.

Seeing them like this, Wu Min Huan calmed down a bit. Yes, he really was worrying too much. Things would turn out well.

He watched him leave and then turned to Yu Jin and the two children, giving a smile. “Alright, let’s go to the Yun Zou Sect. Would the two of you mind if we hurry up a bit? We need to return fast to help our martial brothers.”

Shao Hai shook his head, eagerly clinging to Wu Min Huan and waiting for him to take out his sword already and start to fly. Xiao Dong glared at Yu Jin but still allowed him to take him onto his sword.

Thus the group of four returned to the Yun Zou Sect.

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