OMF V2C71 Aren’t You From the Yun Zou Sect?

Wu Min Huan wanted to signal the other two but just when he lifted his hand, Xiao Dong whirled around and pointed into the tree. “Who’s there?! What do you want?”

Wu Min Huan froze and stared at the child. Alright, he hadn’t expected this. He really didn’t know about the other boy but this one would be a likely candidate a demonic sect would want to recruit. At the very least, his perception was very good. Being able to spot three cultivators that were trying to hide was no ordinary feat.

Wu Min Huan sighed and still motioned at the others, jumping down from the tree and landing in front of the two children. He gave a smile and cupped his fists. “Hello there, I’m Wu Min Huan of the Yun Zou Sect. These are my junior martial brother Qiguan Cheng Da and a fellow Daoist of ours, Yu Jin.”

The other two also cupped their fists and nodded.

Wu Min Huan looked from one boy to the other, trying to see something more from them. One of the children’s faces had lit up when he introduced himself while the other one just stared at him gloomily. He didn’t know what to make of that but he still continued. “We were investigating a case in the area and coincidentally noticed your argument with that man just now. Was there some problem? Anything we can help with?”

He turned to Xiao Dong but before he could say anything more, Shao Hai latched onto his sleeve. “Big brother! I’m so happy you’re here! Actually, we were searching for the Yun Zou Sect! It’s just that this bastard here led us in the wrong direction! We still haven’t arrived even though we’ve been going for several weeks now.”

Wu Min Huan raised his brows. “You wanted to go … to the Yun Zou Sect? Why that?”

Shao Hai looked at him in a daze. “Aren’t you from the Yun Zou Sect? Why are you so surprised? Don’t you often come to the capital and test the children to see whether you could recruit them or not? I’m from the capital. Xiao Yi also went to the Yun Zou Sect! If I had known before, I also would have let you test me!”

Wu Min Huan’s brows raised even higher. “Xiao Yi?”

Shao Hai nodded eagerly. “Mn! Xiao Yi. I’m going to marry him when I’ve grown up!”

Wu Min Huan had no idea what this was about but seeing the expression of the other boy getting even worse, he could imagine that things weren’t so easy. Heavens! Had he stumbled into a love triangle here? He really wouldn’t have thought something like that would happen with a bunch of children that age.

Xiao Dong stepped forward and grabbed Shao Hai by the scruff of his neck, pulling him off Wu Min Huan. “What are you even saying? Telling him all that, are you really sure that he’s of the Yun Zou Sect? Maybe he’s just pretending because he heard us talk about it before.”

Shao Hai tried to slap his hands away but couldn’t reach. “Xiao Dong, you let me go! Do you think I’m blind? He’s wearing the robe of the Yun Zou Sect! They always wear that one when the come to the capital! You think it wouldn’t recognize it?!”

Wu Min Huan looked from one child to the other and then turned to Qiguan Cheng Da and Yu Jin. Neither of them offered any advice. Ah, it seemed he’d have to get through this on his own. Well, they would certainly be able to sort this out somehow. “Alright, we’re really from the Yun Zou Sect. You have no reason to be afraid.”

Xiao Dong raised his chin. “Who’s afraid? I’m not afraid at all! If you try something funny, I’ll just beat you up!” Hmph, this guy shouldn’t think that he was such an easy opponent. Although, it would be to his advantage if that guy really tried something. After all, beating up a real cultivator should earn him some points with Shao Hai. Then, he would only be one step away from fulfilling his king’s wish!

Ah, just imagining how he would go and report to His Majesty, earning his approval and maybe even getting a word of praise from him, his heart was beating faster. Just why was this Shao Hai still not in love with him?! He couldn’t understand at all. It had already been three weeks. Three weeks! Shouldn’t he have already fallen head over heels for him?

Wu Min Huan couldn’t help but smile at Xiao Dong’s fierce attitude. It seemed this really was a love triangle and this little boy was rather afraid of somebody else being added into the equation. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t try to do anything. How about we sit down and talk? Actually, there are a few questions we’d like to ask in regard to our investigation. Would you have time for that?”

“No!” Xiao Dong furrowed his brows. He had already done everything he could to make sure that they wouldn’t reach the Yun Zou Sect anytime soon. Now, with cultivators of that sect right in front of them, how was he supposed to lead Shao Hai in the wrong direction?!

“Yes!” Shao Hai finally managed to push the other person off and jumped back at Wu Min Huan. “Can you bring us to the Yun Zou Sect then, big brother? I really want to see Xiao Yi again!”

Wu Min Huan nodded. “We can do that. But … we still need to finish our investigation first. So would you like to help us?”

Shao Hai nodded eagerly. “Just tell us what it is. We’ll certainly be able to help you solve the problem!” He couldn’t help but clap his hands. If they were really able to help these cultivators solve their problem, then they would certainly be taken in. There was no question about that! And then, he would be able to see Xiao Yi soon again. And then they’d get married in no time!

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