OMF V2C70 Very Handsome, Wasn’t It?

Yu Jin motioned at the entrance to a cavern that was steadied with several wooden beams. They had followed the person from the inn up until here but then they had lost sight of him. The entrance was half-hidden by the vegetation, the dark wood seamlessly fitting in with the surroundings. If not because he had seen this type of hideout before when he was traveling, he might not have seen it either.

Wu Min Huan nodded. Now that Yu Jin had pointed it out, he was also able to see the cavern. When he tried to sense for anything inside, he couldn’t find anything suspicious. In fact, he couldn’t feel any fluctuations of spiritual energy at all. If this had anything to do with the demonic cultivators, then they weren’t in right now. Ah, he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe they had gotten things wrong. He still waved at Yu Jin in Qiguan Cheng Da, indicating that they should go and take a closer look. Even if the demonic cultivators weren’t there, they might have left some traces. And even if they hadn’t, since they had come here already, they could at least check if the children were here.

Just when they approached the cavern, the man had that had just gone in, came flying out with a scream, crashing into the ground.

The three halted and hid in the trees so as to not draw any attention to them, just watching what was going on. From inside the cavern, voices rang out.

“What did you just do?! That guy could’ve helped us! We should’ve asked for the way!” The voice sounded rather immature, not at all like that of a bandit or a demonic practitioner.

Wu Min Huan couldn’t help but perk up. Could it be that this was one of the children that had gone missing? Unfortunately, it was hard to tell from just the voice. They’d need to see the person and talk to them to make sure.

A second voice sounded. “What asking for the way? You still haven’t noticed what kind of place this is? It’s obviously the hideout of some bandits! Whatever kind of person comes here, can’t be a good person. It’s best to throw them right back out.”

“What are you even talking about? That guy had a basket! He was probably just out here to collect herbs. Maybe he also lost his way.”

“If he also lost his way, then there’s no reason to ask him for the way, is there? You’re just making trouble on purpose.”

“Fuck! You shut up! If not for you, I would never have lost the way at all! I know exactly where the sect is!”

Outside, Wu Min Huan raised his brows. The second person sounded a little older than the first but the voice still wasn’t that of a mature man. It was likely that both of them were children. Then the sect they spoke of … Maybe it really was true that the demonic practitioners had tried to recruit them and asked them to come over to the sect. But it seemed that they lost the way when they tried to go there. And now, they had somehow ended up in the hideout of the bandits.

Wu Min Huan turned to the other two. “Careful. At least one of them should be pretty strong if he is able to kick a grown man out of the cavern just like that. We can’t let our guard down.”

Yu Jin and Qiguan Cheng Da nodded.

Inside the cavern, one of the boys spoke up again. “Shouldn’t we at least look how he’s doing? What if you hurt him?”

“Since he’s a bandit there’s no harm done even if he’s hurt.”

“You don’t even know if he’s a bandit!” A child came running out right after that sentence fell. He was probably about eleven or twelve years old with black hair tied at the back of his head wearing robe that had originally been of good quality but was now ripped in several places.

Wu Min Huan raised his brows when he saw this child. He still couldn’t feel any fluctuations of spiritual energy from him. Most likely, the other one had been the one who attacked the spy.

The child went over to the man and crouched down next to him, poking his arm. “Hey, you, are you alright? Are you dead yet?”

The man groaned but still opened his eyes. Seeing the child in front of him, his eyes widened. This wouldn’t have been the person that attacked him, would it? He shook his head at himself and forced himself up on his elbows. “Brat! You go and get the boss out. And the person who just attacked me! Is this really how you’re supposed to treat me? I’m bringing important information!”

The boy frowned and got up, returning to the cavern. “It seems you’re right. He really is a bandit. What should we do now? What if he attacks us?”

Before he could ask more questions, he was pulled out of the cavern and back to the bandit.

Wu Min Huan’s brows raised even further. The second boy had a head full of blond hair and a pair of sparkling blue eyes. He didn’t look human at all. He still couldn’t feel any fluctuations of spiritual energy from him although there was a certain energy surrounding his body. Maybe instead of being a cultivator, this person was a practitioner training sword arts. That would at least explain this energy around him. Taking a closer look, he noticed that the boy’s robe didn’t show any signs of wear at all. Yes, this was definitely the person that had just attacked the spy.

The boy walked to the bandit and nudged him with the tip of his foot. “You. You better scram now or I’m going to beat you up!”

The man furrowed his brows and jumped back to his feet. “What the fuck are you saying? See if I won’t beat you up, brat!” He swung his fist at the boy, trying to hit his face.

The child’s eyes grew cold and he intercepted the punch halfway, gifting the man a kick to the chest that made him tumble down the hill. Then he turned to the other boy and gave a brilliant smile. “How what that, Ah Hai? Very handsome, wasn’t it?”

“Xiao Dong, shut the fuck up! I’m going to marry Xiao Yi and nobody else!”

Yes, the two children that had somehow stumbled upon the bandits’ hideout were none other than Shao Hai and Xiao Dong who were still in search of the Yun Zou Sect.

The children’s exchange made the three people that had come from the Yun Zou Sect raise their brows in surprise. This didn’t seem to have anything to do with the demonic sects. Well, since these were two children, they still felt that they should go down and ask. Who knew? Even if they weren’t that Ah Yang and the other boy, they might still know them and be able to tell them just what had happened to the two.

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