OMF V2C61 Members of a Team

While Hong Bao had entered the Chun Feng Sect to speak with the Sect Master, Wu Min Huan had brought the disciples of the Yun Zou Sect to the place at the Long mountain range where he and his Master had previously seen the village of the demonic cultivators.

From where they stopped, they couldn’t be seen from the village so they were safe for the time being. Wu Min Huan turned to the other disciples and made sure that all of them were paying attention to their surroundings. “We’re already close to the demonic cultivators’ village. Our task is to investigate what they are doing here and to save the children if possible. Before we have achieved that, it would be unwise to engage in a fight with them. So try to evade them for now.”

The disciples nodded while Yu Jin looked around the familiar place.

Wu Min Huan wanted to reassure him but stopped at the last moment. It wasn’t wrong to show his worry under normal circumstances but maybe Yu Jin wouldn’t like to expose his weakness in front of the others. After all, nobody knew about what had happened to his Master yet. It was best not to bring this up for the time being. If he decided that he wanted to stay in the Yun Zou Sect, later on, he could decide himself whether he wanted to talk about it or not.

With that thought, Wu Min Huan turned back to the other disciples. “We do not know their exact strength. So for the time being, we will form teams that will be able to put up a fight regardless of the strength of our opponents. Two people of the inner sect will be paired up and we’ll divide the disciples of the outer sect among the teams.”

The inner sect disciples looked at each other, finding their partners on their own. Wu Min Huan turned to Yu Jin. Since he was the only one that Yu Jin knew, for now, they should work together. This would also reduce the likelihood of anyone finding out about the matter with his Master.

There were two dozen inner sect disciples if Yu Jin was counted in so they were able to form twelve teams. The number of the disciples from the outer sect wasn’t that much higher, allowing each of them to only take in two or three disciples.

Since they weren’t too familiar with the outer sect disciples, the pairs didn’t really care who would join their team. Only Wu Min Huan turned to look at Qiguan Cheng Da since they had previously spoken. His impression of this person had been good so he wanted to give him the chance to join them even though his aptitude was nothing much to look at.

Yu Jin glanced at this person and then returned to minding his own business. It didn’t matter to him who would be on their team. After all, his own level was high.

Wu Min Huan motioned at the other disciples when Qiguan Cheng Da had come over. “I’m not familiar with the disciples of the outer sect. Why don’t you choose two of them that can work with us?”

“Of course.” Qiguan Cheng Da looked around and finally motioned at two disciples, signaling them to come over.

The two disciples could hardly believe their luck. Among the ones that had been sent on this mission, their levels were rather low. They certainly would never have expected to have the chance to work with the Sect Master’s head disciple and the person that he had pointed out to them before! This was such an honor! They should definitely make it up to Qiguan Cheng Da when they returned to the sect later on.

Qiguan Cheng Da smiled when he saw their excited expressions but inwardly, he couldn’t help but ridicule them. Their levels were so low, it really was ridiculous to think that they would be able to impress someone of Wu Min Huan’s stage. No, they would only highlight that among the three of them he was the one with the best aptitude. But if he was given the chance to choose the other two disciples, then why wouldn’t he choose two that could be a foil to him?

He turned back to Wu Min Huan and cupped his fists. “Senior martial brother Wu, I hope these two alright. I’ve seen them in the outer sect several times, working hard on their cultivation. I’m sure that they’ll go about this mission very earnestly.”

Wu Min Huan looked at the two of them and couldn’t help but be a little worried when he saw their cultivation level. Well, he had expected that the disciples of the outer sect wouldn’t be as good as them but these two were rather pitiful. They had barely managed to reach the upper ranks of the first stage. That truly wasn’t anything worth looking at. But, well, other than the level, other things would also be important. If they were hard-working, then they might also be able to fit in and make themselves useful. And it was still better if the weaker disciples were in his team so he could have an eye on them and protect them if as if they were with slightly weaker disciples from the inner sect that might have trouble when worse got to worst.

Wu Min Huan nodded and then turned to the other groups. “We do not have many leads so far, so I would suggest that we split up and search in all directions for clues. Look out for anything. Whether that is about the children or maybe the things the demonic cultivators have done in the surroundings, everything could be important. Don’t leave out even the slightest clue.”

“Yes, senior martial brother Wu!” The other disciples ascertained and then all teams went their way.

Wu Min Huan turned to his own team members and took a longer look at Yu Jin. He didn’t look any different from the moment when they had found him or the time he had been in the sect. Well, it would’ve been strange if he had been able to recover from the shock of losing his Master this fast. Most likely, he would still need a lot of time for that.

“Alright, then we should also go. Be careful when we are on our way. The direction we’re going in is the one closest to the village. It is important that we aren’t seen and don’t give our goal away. Otherwise, things might turn ugly not only for us but also for the others. And even if nobody gets hurt on our side, it could still be that the demonic cultivators will destroy valuable hints about the children’s whereabouts. We can’t let that happen, understood?”

The disciples nodded eagerly and even Yu Jin gave a curt nod.

Wu Min Huan was satisfied with the reaction. He turned around and took up the lead, slowly making his way in the direction of the village.

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