OMF V2C59 My Older Sister Banished Them

Hong Bao’s eyes sparkled at that thought and she grabbed the man’s sleeve tighter. Actually, there was one problem with this man: She didn’t know him. Like at all. She was quite sure of that because she would have remembered such a face. Could it be that this guy was the one who was supposed to take her to Heaven? She felt that it was entirely possible! After all, he did look this good. Maybe all immortals and gods looked like this?

Hong Bao contemplated and finally decided that it was alright for this kind of person to let others wait for them. If somebody was this handsome they should have a high status so having a lot of things to do in Heaven was completely normal. She really couldn’t fault him. Actually, she felt a bit guilty that she had scolded him so much in her head before. Obviously, this wasn’t his fault! There certainly was a good explanation for everything. She had just been too impatient to find out about it.

Now, that she had figured this important piece of information out, Hong Bao grabbed Liu Cheng’s other arm too and smiled. “It’s alright. Forget what I said before. You can take me to Heaven now!” She held onto him tightly and closed her eyes. After all, it should get really stormy when you flew to Heaven, wouldn’t it?

Liu Cheng looked at her in a daze. “Heaven? Why would I take you to Heaven?” Come to think of it … Hadn’t she already mentioned Heaven when he met her in the capital? Could it be this was some kind of belief in the area she came from?

Hong Bao cracked her eyes open. “Haven’t you come to take me to Heaven? You know because of defeating the demons and everything.”

“Defeating the demons?” Liu Cheng’s eyebrows rose. This couldn’t be about the demon in the capital, could it? Hadn’t she seen that he lost? “I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Hong Bao opened her eyes completely and let go of his sleeves. “You’re not the envoy from Heaven?”

“No. Why are you even asking? We know each other.”

Hong Bao shook her head. “No. I’ve never seen you before.”

Liu Cheng was stunned. Hadn’t she just reacted as if she had finally seen a long-lost friend again? “Then what was with that greeting just now?”

“Uh …” Hong Bao who had slipped up already could only continue her small lie. “I … mistook you. I thought you were somebody else. It was dark, after all.”

“Mn. But you really don’t remember me?” It might have just been a short time but hadn’t it been intense? He saved her from trouble, after all, and then even went to fight because of what she told him. “I’m Liu Cheng, the demon hunter. We met each other in the capital when you had found that demon.”

Hong Bao tilted her head. Demon hunter? Demons? Capital? She frowned. “But I’ve never even been to the capital!” That was definitely the most important point! What demons and demon hunters? She had lived her whole life in the village!

Liu Cheng frowned just as much. That couldn’t be. He definitely hadn’t mistaken her. She was Hong Bao. She looked like her, she spoke like her … Everything was the same.

That could only mean one thing: Hong Bao hadn’t escaped unscathed from the capital. That vile demon that had managed to subdue him and then interrogated him before bringing him back had done something to her too! And it seemed the consequences for her were even graver. She couldn’t remember her time in the capital at all!

Liu Cheng looked at her with a pitying gaze. That poor girl, maybe her memories would be lost forever. No, he had to do something! “Hong Bao, since it’s a little brighter now let’s go to the place you live.”

Hong Bao squirmed on the spot while her lips curved into a sweet smile. There was actually such a handsome man asking her to take him home! Maybe she had somehow helped her sister unknowingly with banishing those demons? She couldn’t have that much luck without reason, could she? Ah, the Goddess of Love had to be smiling at her from above!

Hong Bao gripped Liu Cheng’s sleeve again and the two of them went into the direction where Hong Bao thought to find her village. Unfortunately, she was disappointed soon enough. Even though they walked for nearly an hour she couldn’t find it. Even worse, her surroundings weren’t the least bit familiar anymore. Slowly, even somebody as happy-go-lucky as Hong Bao started to panic. Just what was happening here?!

Of course, it was only natural that she couldn’t find it. With one day in the Nine Heavens equaling one year in the mortal realm, the small village where Hong Bao had grown up had long ceased to exist.

Seeing her expression, Liu Cheng could only help her continue searching for the village until morning arrived. But even by then, they hadn’t found even a single trace of the village.

Hong Bao sat down on the ground dejectedly. “How could this have happened?” She really didn’t understand. Hadn’t she just left this morning to wait for that heavenly envoy? How could the whole village with all its people disappear in a few hours?

Liu Cheng sat down next to her and crossed his arms. He also didn’t understand but in most cases when things like this happened, there was only one explanation. “This might have to do with the demons.” Eradicating a whole village overnight? It was certainly something they would do!

Hong Bao looked at him with disbelief. “That can’t be. My sister drove all of them off.”

“Your sister?” Liu Cheng raised his brows. He had never seen her sister but if she was even a bit like Hong Bao, then there was no way she could banish even a single demon.

“Yes, my older sister Hong Ai.”

“Ho— Hong Ai?!” Liu Cheng’s eyes widened until it seemed as if they would pop out the very next moment. “You can’t be talking about the Hong Ai from the Tian Yu Sect, right?!”

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