OMF V6C143 He’d Rather Give Him to Xin Lan

In the High Heavens, Tian sighed and got up from his seat next to the jade coffin, walking to the entrance. He pushed the door open and found Xiang Yu standing on the square in front of the palace. The fallen god was looking up at him with an anxious expression.

Tian’s eyes narrowed and he couldn’t help but curse in his mind. So many years had passed since the day Xiang Yu fell and he had actually thought that this young fallen god had come to terms with his past and his new status. But now, because these things had happened in the demon realm and that insufferable Xin Lan had turned up, Xiang Yu was once again reminded of the past, his thoughts circling around that wretched demon, his heart in an uproar, unable to calm down. It seemed somebody needed to be taught a lesson in humility. Once again.

He walked over and came to stop a step away from Xiang Yu. He made sure to calm his thoughts before he spoke up as gently as possible. “What is the matter? Do you need something?”

Xiang Yu looked at him and lowered his gaze. “My trial … I want to start it now.”

“Just drink the potion. No need for anything else.”

Xiang Yu nodded and looked around. “My body …”

Tian waved his hand. “You can choose one of the palaces. I’ll make sure that nobody hurts you.” Not that anybody would dare to come and make trouble in the High Heavens.

Xiang Yu nodded but didn’t go to search for a place where he could stay. His gaze darted about before he finally looked up at Tian again. “About Yan Xiang …”

Tian furrowed his brows. “There’s no need to speak any further. Whether he has been reincarnated or not has nothing to do with you. Don’t bother with him anymore.”

Xiang Yu didn’t answer. He merely continued to glance around, looking pitiful. “Can’t you just tell me? I won’t go to look for him. I only … want to know.”

Tian sighed. “What’s there to know? Yes, he was reincarnated. But what does it have to do with you?”

Xiang Yu’s eyes glimmered with hope at these words. “But he isn’t a demon anymore?”

Tian considered and finally nodded. “He isn’t but he already has another lover. You shouldn’t get involved.”

Xiang Yu lowered his gaze to the ground. Yan Xia … He already had another lover now. Why? Since he wasn’t a demon anymore and couldn’t even remember what had happened in his past life, couldn’t they have been happy now? Whether he was a mortal or part of any other race, he didn’t particularly care. If it was Yan Xia, then he didn’t have to be a dragon for them to be together. He just … just wanted another chance.

Maybe everything had just been a misunderstanding. Maybe Yan Xia hadn’t really wanted all that to happen to him. There was no way all these feelings could have been an act, was there?

Tian watched his expression and inwardly sighed. What was so good about that Yan Xia? If he had to choose, he would still rather give Xiang Yu to that insufferable Xin Lan than to that vile demon. Even though Yan Xia wasn’t a demon anymore, the things he had done in his past life couldn’t be undone anymore. What right did he have to spend another life with Xiang Yu? Unfortunately, this child couldn’t understand and still foolishly clung to his hopes even though he should have known better. “Alright, I will not interfere. You go and find a safe place and start on your trial. If it is willed by fate, then you will find him. And I will do nothing about it. If it is not your fate, then you will not meet but even if you meet, you might not get together. I’ll let these things just happen naturally.”

Xiang Yu inched closer, his dark eyes widening, the mark between his brows shimmering with a faint light. “Are you saying the truth? Then can you tell me more about him?”

Tian reached over and touched the Mark of Wisdom. “Naturally, I am saying the truth. But why should I tell you any more than this? You will be a mortal and you won’t retain any memories. Even if you know now, it won’t change anything. So don’t burden yourself with these thoughts anymore. Just go and start the trial. Everything else can be figured out later.”

Xiang Yu nodded and turned away but then stopped in his tracks. He turned back to Tian and retraced his steps. “That fake dragon and I … we made a deal. He swore that if he didn’t comply, he would be struck down by you.”

Tian raised his brows and spread out his senses, taking a look at what had happened in the dragon realm. That bastard had actually sworn something like that? He certainly wouldn’t have thought.

Xiang Yu wriggled on the spot, obviously wanting to say something but not daring to do so.

“What is it?” Tian’s gaze turned even gentler at this sight.

Xiang Yu finally reached out and his fingers tugged at Tian’s sleeve. “Don’t strike him down, please? You just … just push him to the mortal realm. I want him to accompany me. So if he doesn’t want to do it on his own, then you have to force him!”

Tian’s lips curved into a sinister smile and he reached out and rubbed Xiang Yu’s cheek. “Don’t you worry about that. I’ll make sure he keeps his word.” Oh, yes, he would certainly make sure that that bastard kept his word. If he didn’t want to do so, then it was even better. It would give him an excuse to teach him a lesson.

Xiang Yu smiled gratefully and finally turned away, really leaving for one of the palaces this time. He found the bedroom and lay down on the bed, taking out the potion that Tian had given him before and drinking the liquid.

The mark between his brows burned and a wave of dizziness hit him. His eyes closed as if on their own and the vial dropped to the ground. A last shallow breath escaped Xiang Yu’s lips and his soul left his body, hovering in the air before it finally left the High Heavens.

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