OMF V6C142 He Would Forgive Him

As for the person they had talked about, he was currently reclining on a daybed in his personal chambers and frowning. The Son of Heaven’s reincarnation was gone from the room where he had left him. Xin Lan also wasn’t in the demon realm anymore. In other words … That guy had betrayed him and brought his only handle on Qiu Ling over to that guy. Now, his plan had failed. It had thoroughly failed.

Jin Ling covered his eyes with a hand and continued to lie there motionlessly. What was he even doing here? If Jinde was really still alive … Actually, he was even more sure than he had been before. All these years, Xin Lan had been loyal to him. It wasn’t that that bastard really wanted to do what he said but he had done so because of Jinde’s words. Naturally, he wouldn’t dare to defy him.

But since a while ago things had changed. Over and over again that guy did what he wanted. He brought up some excuses but obviously, none of that was the truth. So even though he couldn’t explain how it could be, he was only left with one possibility: Jinde was still alive.

Jin Ling’s heart thumped faster but he quelled his excitement. Even if Jinde was alive, that wouldn’t change the current status quo. He didn’t know where he was and even if he found out, that didn’t have to mean anything. He was still exiled from the dragon realm. If Jinde went there, then there was nothing he could do.

Sure, there were only a few people that were able to oust him if he forced his way in but Jinde would be even more unhappy with him if he tried to do that. He didn’t want that. He wanted his Jinde to be happy with him. He wanted Jinde to forgive him. He wanted to show him that he was worth his admiration, his love. Maybe now that that man was dead, they could have a shot at love …

“Jinde …” His lips involuntarily curved at that name.

Ah, his Jinde … They hadn’t seen each other for far too long. Even if they couldn’t become a couple, it would also be alright. As long as he could live at his side again, he wouldn’t ask for anything more. If Jinde wasn’t willing to give himself to him, then he could accept that. He just … wanted to see him. He wanted to see his smile, he wanted to see him work in the garden again. He wanted to be scolded and placated and maybe … Maybe, if Jinde was willing to forgive him, then he also wanted to be hugged by those slender arms and pressed up against that chest. Taking in the familiar smell of herbs, feeling his heartbeat, feeling that he was still alive, that he hadn’t left him alone … Was that really asking too much?

Jin Ling lowered the hand covering his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. Those thoughts sure were nice but he also knew that it was nigh impossible. Jinde hadn’t been happy with him. Otherwise, he never would have thrown him out of the dragon realm and refused to see him afterward. Even when he died … Even then, he had still refused to see him one last time. He hadn’t asked for him.

Jin Ling got up and paced around the room. It had been a long time. Back then, Jinde had never been able to be mad at him for long. Maybe his wrath had already subsided. Maybe now, he was willing to forgive him. After all, wasn’t that man already gone? There was no need to reject him any longer, was there? No, certainly, Jinde wouldn’t be like that anymore. They would be able to go back to how it had been before. He only needed to find him!

From everything he knew, Xin Lan had returned to the Yun Zou Sect several times. Obviously, this had something to do with Jinde. He should be there. Or even if he wasn’t there, there had to be a place that would allow him to contact Jinde. Maybe there was a person or maybe there was some array like the one that could teleport one to the dimension with the lake where he had found that single golden hair. Maybe there was another one he hadn’t seen yet. One that could take him to the place where Jinde lived. Then he could go and ask for his forgiveness.

He was sure that when Jinde looked into his eyes, when he was able to say the words had kept in his heart, his Jinde wouldn’t be able to cruelly push him away. Even if he still felt some anger about what had happened back then, he would certainly give in. His heart wouldn’t be able to keep cold in front of his eyes.

No, Jinde wasn’t like that. He was a very affectionate person. If he came to him and showed him that he really regretted what he had done, Jinde would definitely forgive him. There was no doubt about that.

Jin Ling didn’t wait any longer. His spiritual energy turned into the demons’ dark energy and his body disappeared from the room and reappeared just outside of the parameters of the Yun Zou Sect.

His eyes gleamed when he looked at the peaks surrounding the valley and the buildings dotting them. In one of them might be the person he was searching for. He only had to go and find him.

Jin Ling landed on the ground and his appearance changed to that of a mortal wearing the white robe of a disciple.

In the house on Yuchi Bing Xia’s peak, Xin Lan went rigid and turned to look out the window.

Jinde raised his brows at him. “What’s the matter?”

Xin Lan got up, his brows drawn together. “I’m afraid you jinxed it with that question, Master. That brat really ran here. I’m afraid he’s looking for you again.”

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