OMF V2C50 Setting Out for the Mission

The two days passed and the disciples that were supposed to take part in the mission to find out about the demonic practitioners and eradicate them gathered on the square where the tests for the new recruits had happened not too long ago. Wu Min Huan made sure that the disciples of the inner sect that his Master had asked to take part were all there and then looked at the list the Elder in charge of the outer sect had given him. He didn’t know any of these disciples and could only turn to one of them standing to the side to verify the list. “Your name is …?”

The outer sect disciple smiled. “This one is named Qiguan Cheng Da.” He didn’t need to ask who the person asking him was. This was obviously the Sect Master’s head disciple Wu Min Huan. It truly was his luck to be standing close to this person! If he had the chance to establish a connection with him, he might profit from it in the future. After all, Elder Han had cautioned all of them once again before sending them here that this might be their chance to get a place in the inner sect.

The inner sect! That was the place where everybody wanted to go. Here in the outer sect, the chances for future growth were limited. But if they managed to get into the inner sect … their prospects would know no bounds. He definitely had to leave this Wu Min Huan with a good impression!

Meanwhile, Wu Min Huan checked the list. Indeed, there was a Qiguan Cheng Da on it. Apparently, he had been in the outer sect for several years already but hadn’t managed to make much progress. He glanced at his face and couldn’t help but notice that it had to be true.

This Qiguan Cheng Da looked like he was already past thirty years old. Considering that cultivators would stop aging as soon as they reached the third stage, it seemed he hadn’t managed to get that far. Well, for somebody in the outer sect that wasn’t too strange. Reaching the third stage when they were in their fifties or sixties was already good enough. At his age, he would only be late to reach that stage when he was an inner sect disciple.

Unfortunately, at that age, it would also be difficult for him to get into the inner sect, regardless of how much he tried. After all, age was an important factor in cultivation. The younger one was, the easier it would be to cultivate. Naturally, that type of constraint wouldn’t be important anymore if one reached the third stage early. After that, it made no difference anymore. But with the age this Qiguan Cheng Da had already reached now, it already was too late for him. Well, he wouldn’t discriminate against him on this mission just because of something like that. If he was hard-working, then he could at least earn merits to use in the sect.

Wu Min Huan smiled and showed him the list. “Could you verify for me whether all the disciples on this list are here?”

Qiguan Cheng Da reciprocated his smile and took the list, motioning at the disciples while he went through it so Wu Min Huan would know who was who in the future.

Wu Min Huan nodded. “It seems nobody is missing.” He turned to the other disciples and cleared his throat. “Since everyone is here, then we should get started. You’ve already received information on what this mission is about. Most of the information we have about the situation at hand was provided by Yu Jin.” He pulled the youth over and gave him a smile. This was also a chance for Yu Jin. Regardless of whether he would stay in the Yun Zou Sect or not, it was still best to know a few people more. After all, he was alone from now on. His Master wasn’t there anymore and since they seemed to have been wandering practitioners, he couldn’t rely on a sect either. Having a few friends in the Yun Zou Sect would be beneficial to him.

Yu Jin glanced at the other disciples but didn’t say a word. He just continued to stand next to Wu Min Huan and listened to what he said.

Seeing that Yu Jin still didn’t want to talk, Wu Min Huan didn’t force him. Obviously, he was rather quiet in general. It was best to let him be his usual self. That way the others could get to know him better and not have the wrong impression of him.

“This mission might be dangerous but it involves the lives of innocent people. So be careful, protect the others and make sure that all of us will return to the Yun Zou Sect at the end of this mission.” He nodded at the others, give Yu Jin another smile and then took out the ribbon he had used to bring the new recruits to the sect.

With this many people taking part in the mission, it was easiest to transport them with a spiritual artifact. That way they wouldn’t needlessly waste their energy either and would be able to fight should the demonic practitioners surprise them somewhere along the way.

“Let’s go then.” With that, the disciples got onto the spiritual artifact and Wu Min Huan imbued his spiritual energy to make it set off in the direction of the place where they had found Yu Jin and his Master.

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