OMF V2C49 It Can Be Considered Repaying Him

Wu Min Huan visited the disciples of the inner sect that were supposed to accompany him on the mission one after the other, explaining what his Master and he had seen on their outing and the details of what they were supposed to do now. Afterward, he went to inform the Elders that were in charge of the outer sect to choose the disciples and then returned to his own courtyard, to prepare. Only on the second day did he go to see Yu Jin. He didn’t get an answer when he knocked on his door though.

Wu Min Huan furrowed his brows. He didn’t know what level Yu Jin was but it shouldn’t be low to the point where he wouldn’t be able to hear him knock if he was slightly farther away. He knocked once more, louder this time, and waited again. Still, nothing happened inside the house as if it was completely empty.

Wu Min Huan paced up and down in front of the door two times before he turned back to look at the house. Normally, he would leave if he felt that he might be bothering the other person but in Yu Jin’s case … What if something that happened? He was new in the sect and just a few days before, his cultivation had been sealed and he had lost his Master. Both were matters that could have dire consequences for a cultivator.

If he just left, then wouldn’t he risk that something bad might happen to Yu Jin? He wasn’t willing to let that happen! Yu Jin had already suffered so much. Nothing else could happen to him!

With worry in his heart, Wu Min Huan knocked for the third time. “Fellow cultivator Yu, I’m sorry for disturbing you. I’m coming in!” He opened the door and peered into the corridor behind it. He didn’t need to look around for long to find the person he was looking for. The door at the other side of the corridor stood open, letting him see the courtyard behind. Yu Jin was sitting at the roots of the plum tree unmoving, his eyes closed and his black hair swaying in the breeze. A few petals had gathered on the long strands but he didn’t seem to have noticed.

Wu Min Huan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed Yu Jin was deeply engrossed in his cultivation or maybe he had just fallen asleep. Whatever it was, it was much better than what he had feared.

Wu Min Huan quietly walked over and knocked on the door to the courtyard with a smile. “Fellow cultivator Yu? Yu Jin?”

This time Yu Jin opened his eyes. His gaze seemed dazed though and he needed a moment before he looked up at Wu Min Huan. He blinked his eyes and finally got up, not saying anything just like on their journey back to the sect.

Wu Min Huan smiled gently. It seemed he really had fallen asleep and thus not reacted. Well, it was to be expected that he needed some rest after everything that had happened. The most important thing was that nothing had happened to him. “I’m sorry for disturbing you, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve decided to set out to inquire more about these demonic cultivators in two days’ time. There will be several disciples from our inner and outer sect and …

“Well, in light of the information we brought back, my Master is of the impression that the demonic practitioners probably aren’t that strong. Most likely, they were only able to defeat your Master because they had greater numbers and surprised him.” He didn’t add on what his Master had also noted: that Yu Jin’s Master might not have been in the right state to fight because he had been worried about his disciple. Thus not all of his attention had been on the demonic practitioners who had then been able to defeat him with unfair means. That certainly wasn’t anything that could be told to Yu Jin or he might blame himself even more. Wu Min Huan stepped closer and offered another smile. “With all these people around, we should be able to defeat them. Would you like to accompany us?”

Yu Jin turned away and looked at the plum tree behind him instead. “What use would be in me being there? Didn’t we already talk about this?”

Wu Min Huan felt slightly awkward when Yu Jin still said the same thing after he had explained already. Shouldn’t he at least consider it? But, well, this also wasn’t easy for him. He should give him some time and encourage him. “I’m sure it will turn out well. Wouldn’t you also like to give it a try? Maybe you’ll be able to avenge your Master after all.”

Yu Jin kept quiet for a moment but finally nodded. “I guess that can be considered to be repaying him too. Alright, then I’ll come with you.”

Wu Min Huan nodded in relief. This was good. If Yu Jin was able to decide on something like this, then it meant that he was on a good way to deal with this matter. Even though it wouldn’t be able to bring his Master back, it might offer him a way to live with this. At the very least, he shouldn’t blame himself as much anymore. “Then you should prepare for the mission. I’ll come and get you in another two days’ time when we set off. I’ll introduce you to all the others then.”

Yu Jin nodded but didn’t turn around, not even up until the moment when Wu Min Huan bid his farewell and left. He only continued to look at the blossoms falling from the plum tree. Finally, he reached out and caught one of them. “It seems … there was a leaf in that image?” Unfortunately, it was only a fleeting impression, nothing he was sure of.

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