OMF V6C139 You Sure Move Fast

Xiang Yu didn’t pay any attention to Xin Lan at all. He just ignored him and focused on Jinde instead.

Jinde laughed. “I really don’t know what you misunderstood. I never was interested. There was only ever my husband for me.”

Xiang Yu pondered and finally nodded. That was much more reasonable. He had seen just how well his husband treated him. It was expected for him to fall in love with such a man and stay with him forever. Naturally, he wouldn’t want somebody like that fake dragon instead. “You’re really lucky to have found a husband like that.”

Jinde reached over and patted the fallen god’s head once again. He couldn’t help but think of a little animal when he saw him like this. Unfortunately, it was as if this little animal had been abandoned by its owner, making it look gloomy most of the time even though it was actually supposed to run around freely and happily bring its findings back to the person it liked to ask for praise. “I’m sure you will also find a good husband one day.”

Xiang Yu shook his head. “My husband wasn’t very good to me. He never liked me.” He didn’t say more than that and Jinde didn’t dare to ask.

Even though he wasn’t afraid of this person, he also knew that a fallen god wasn’t someone to mess with. Depending on what had happened with this husband of his, asking him to talk about it might trigger something he wouldn’t be able to cope with. He couldn’t risk that. Not when he was this close to healing his soul and having a normal life with Jin Yu. “Well, sometimes things don’t work out. But maybe there will be somebody in your future who will treat you much better. You certainly deserve such a person.”

Xiang Yu didn’t answer. He didn’t know if he deserved such a person but Tian had also said that there was someone like that in the future. If they both thought so, then there should be something to that, shouldn’t there? Anyway, he would first go on his trial and find out how it was to live a happy life. Come to think of it … Xiang Yu moved closer to Jinde and glanced at the fake dragon that wasn’t standing far from them. “I’m going on a second trial soon. He promised to accompany me. If he tries to back out or pretends to have forgotten, you have to remind him.”

Jinde raised his brows. He certainly wouldn’t have thought that even fallen gods were doing trials. The fact that Xin Lan had agreed to accompany him on this trial was even more shocking to him though. Hadn’t he still assured him a while ago that he wasn’t interested in this person? Don’t tell him something had changed this fast?

Xin Lan furrowed his brows but didn’t speak up. His Master didn’t need to know that he had done this for him. He could believe whatever he wanted. Furthermore, hadn’t he been the one who told him to take a break? Going on the trial might as well be a break. Anyway, that wasn’t important now. “Your Majesty, since we know how to heal your soul now, we should make haste with everything else. How about I go and help your husband and that brat to find the ingredients for the pill? After all, you still need that closed realm to recuperate in there.”

Jinde sighed and went back to the desk, sitting down on the chair and stretching his long legs. “Didn’t I say you should take a break? Don’t worry about this. Since we already know how to heal my soul, it’s only a question of time. Since you want to accompany him on his trial, you shouldn’t lose any time with that. Just go and do the trial. It’ll do you good.”

Xin Lan furrowed his brows. He certainly wasn’t eager to leave right now. “Your Majesty, I’ve been with you for all these years. Can’t I at least stay around to see if this works out?”

Xiang Yu glared at the fake dragon. “Naturally it’ll work out. You don’t believe me? Or is it that you just want to get around accompanying me? You swore an oath! Don’t think you can get out of this.”

Xin Lan whirled around to him and pointed at his nose. “This isn’t just about you! I’ve spent many years with this person and I’ve seen him get hurt this much. Isn’t it normal for me to care and want to see that he’s doing good before I leave for an indefinite amount of time?”

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes and looked from Xin Lan to Jinde. Even if those two hadn’t been lovers, it was obvious that Xin Lan did care about him. He pondered and finally raised his chin. “Well, I guess accompanying me can mean a lot. Since you want to see what will happen here, then I’ll just go and prepare everything.

“I can’t just leave from here. My body needs to be in a safe place. That can’t be the demon realm either so I’ll have to find that safe spot first. After that, I’ll go and start the trial.

“You can just come and look for me after a while. Since you agreed to be my lover, it should be alright if you do so after I’ve grown up. You can wait here for that time and see how things go.” He didn’t wait for Xin Lan or Jinde to say anything and just ripped open another gate and stepped through. The gate closed right behind him, not leaving the other two men any chance to respond.

The study fell silent. In fact, the silence was deep enough for the sounds of the birds tweeting outside to be heard loud and clear.

In the end, Jinde raised his golden brows and gave Xin Lan a teasing smile. “So you’ve agreed to become his lover. You sure move fast.”

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