OMF V6C138 A Piece of the High Heavens

Xin Lan wasn’t too happy with this revelation either. “Some mud from the Da He River? Are you being serious? That is all?” In this was what he had exchanged several years of his life for?

Xiang Yu ignored the person next to him and instead focused on the one standing in front of him. Why would he care about the one that was scowling at him if there was a person smiling right there? He unwittingly inched a little closer to Jinde. “It’s not only that. Naturally, being in the High Heavens would be best for you but … I figured you wouldn’t want to go there if your partner has to stay here. So I brought you this from the High Heavens.

“You should let the water flow into the pond or lake and bury the earth underground. With time, the energy from the High Heavens will seep into the place and change it. It’s better if the place isn’t too big though. Because that way it won’t be diluted as much. Then if you absorb the energy from there, your soul will slowly be healed.”

Jinde nodded. “So it’s like that. Well, I guess getting a piece of the High Heavens isn’t that easy either.” He shot a warning glance at Xin Lan just in time to shut him up. Yes, this solution might not be as complicated as they had thought but they hadn’t been able to think of it, had they? No, it had needed this fallen god for this. So in the end, he still had to be thankful.

Xin Lan didn’t complain out loud but he still shot an angry look at Xiang Yu. His Master didn’t know, but this fallen god had more or less tricked him into doing what he wanted with such a simple thing. As if he wouldn’t be able to go to the High Heavens himself to get some mud and water!

Xiang Yu ignored him and stepped even closer to Jinde, looking up into his golden eyes with a smile. This person … He was so beautiful. It was no wonder that that fake dragon had liked him. Those eyes really made one want to get close.

Jinde smiled at him and once again brushed through his hair. “So? What kind of place would be best for doing this?”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as it has some spiritual energy and you won’t be disturbed while you recuperate, it will be alright.”

Jinde hummed. A place with spiritual energy wouldn’t be difficult to find. The whole Yun Zou Sect was full of that. Unfortunately, since the day Jin Ling had found out about him possibly still being alive, there was no way to guarantee that he wouldn’t be disturbed. He definitely couldn’t sit down in some pond and meditate for as long as he wanted. No, he’d have to find a better place.

Well, he wouldn’t want to start before Leng Jin Yu was back anyway. He at least wanted to tell him that they had really found a way to heal him and that he didn’t need to worry anymore. Ah, just remembering the way Jin Yu had looked at him back when he found out about his injury … It really was time that he healed his soul.

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes when he saw that Jinde didn’t react. “Is there no such place? I guess you could come with me to the demon realm.” He definitely wouldn’t mind if this person accompanied him. He wouldn’t even mind showing him the place where he lived. This person was obviously very good. There was no harm in letting him see.

Jinde smiled and once again petted Xiang Yu’s head. “That’s very nice of you but I’m afraid it would be impossible. There is somebody in the demon realm I can’t meet right now so … I’ll have to stay here. In fact, I’ll need a place where that person can’t find me. But don’t worry about it. We’ve already worked on that. There will be such a place soon.”

Xiang Yu didn’t really understand how such a place could suddenly come to exist but he didn’t mind. If this person said there would be one, then there would be one. He was much more interested in who this person was that wouldn’t allow him to go to the demon realm. “Who is the person that you don’t want to meet? Should I kill him for you?”

Jinde awkwardly retracted his hand. “No, there really is no need for that. In fact, that person and I …” He thought about how to say it and finally just smiled wryly. “It’s complicated.” Actually, it wasn’t that complicated. Even though he had exiled Jin Ling and couldn’t see him, he still loved this child. If his soul was completely healed and he was back at the peak of his strength, then he wouldn’t mind seeing him at all. Well, it would help if Jin Yu was also able to get stronger too. After all, just because he was able to resist whatever Jin Ling tried to do, he wouldn’t put his husband into danger. And Heaven knew that Jin Ling would try to do something. No, for the time being there really was no way for him to meet with Jin Ling. That would have to wait until they were both strong enough to resist whatever he threw at them.

Xiang Yu could only nod when Jinde rejected the offer. He felt it to be a pity though. If he had gone and killed that person, then Jinde could’ve come with him to the demon realm. He wouldn’t need to be alone then. Even though Jinde would be preoccupied with recuperating, it was still nice to have somebody close by. They didn’t even need to talk. They didn’t need to do anything. It would just be nice to have somebody there who wasn’t a demon.

Xiang Yu couldn’t help but glance at the fake dragon. Maybe when they finally went to the trial things would be different. In the trial, there wouldn’t be any of his memories from this life or his past trial. Maybe then he wouldn’t need to be alone. He wouldn’t need to remember either. He might actually be happy.

Xiang Yu turned away and paced through the study, his gaze finally falling on the painting on the desk. He picked it up and tilted his head. This … What was the meaning of this?

Before he could try to figure it out, Xin Lan stalked over and took the painting from his hands. “Haven’t you already delivered what you wanted to deliver? Then didn’t you want to go on a trial?”

Xiang Yu pulled his hands back and raised his chin. “What’s it to you? Furthermore, I might have given him that piece of the High Heavens and told him how to implement it but wouldn’t you want my help for the rest too?”

Xin Lan furrowed his brows. What rest? That guy hadn’t said anything about a rest! “Have you told us everything or haven’t you? Just make yourself clear!”

Xiang Yu huffed and went back to Jinde, pulling at his sleeve. “What did you like about him? I really can’t understand. He isn’t nice at all.”

Behind him, Xin Lan clenched his hands into fists. How come the person that had asked him to be his lover in his trial was suddenly badmouthing him right in front of him? He’d really like to know what was going through this guy’s head!

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