OMF V6C134 Getting Ahead of Himself?

Bai Mu couldn’t help but raise his brows. If he ever remembered that they were here? “Qiu Ling promised that he would help Nie Huang find a way to acquire spirit veins. You wouldn’t want to say that he isn’t dependable, would you?” If that was the truth, then things were troublesome. As grateful as he was for Qiu Ling to give them a place to stay where they wouldn’t need to worry about the demon hunters of the Chun Feng Sect, the most important was still to enable Nie Huang to cultivate. If she couldn’t do that …

Qiang Yan winced. Great. He had actually managed to dig up such a sensitive matter and make his son worry. He rubbed his brow and sighed. “Well, it’s not that easy to say. Qiu Ling is …” He shook his head, not knowing what exactly to say to describe this person. “On one hand, he just does whatever he wants to. He doesn’t really care for rules or customs or anything like that. Sometimes I’m honestly considering whether he’s really sane or not. But then again …” He couldn’t help but think of the way Jing He had looked when he talked about him or, well, maybe not talked about him but at least thought of him. “I guess he does have a dependable side too. He can make somebody feel secure I guess. It’s just a question of who does he show that side to.”

Bai Mu still furrowed his brows. He didn’t know what his father was trying to say. Could he trust Qiu Ling with Nie Huang’s matter or couldn’t he? What his father had said didn’t answer his worries at all! It seemed he could only ask directly. “Then does this mean we can trust him with Nie Huang? She’s human. With each passing day, she’ll get older. If there’s only a limited time we still have, then I’d like to know now.”

Qiang Yan nodded. He could understand this sentiment. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t that easy to say whether this nephew-in-law of his could be trusted with his matter or not. It might depend on what else was going on around. “I can’t promise you anything. It’s might actually be good to check on him in between. Who knows what he’ll get himself into otherwise? But generally, I’d say that if he promises to do something, then he will do so. Especially if it’s something like this.”

Bai Mu raised his eyebrows, his worry not dissipating by much. Instead, he just felt that some confusion was added to it. “Something like this?” He didn’t know what to make of the sentence at all.

Qiang Yan awkwardly rubbed his brow. Well, he probably hadn’t phrased that too well. It was hard to talk about this issue though with Bai Mu not knowing much about the people they were talking about. After all, he didn’t really know the dragon king, did he? “How to say this? In short, the dragon king is rather crazy about my nephew. He went after him for ten years, believing all the time that they were definitely meant to be, regardless of what happened around them and what other people thought. So I guess it’s not wrong to say that as long as it has to do with love and a couple that wants to be together but encounters hardships, he would be thrilled to help.” Yes, he could imagine it all too well. If Jing He was currently awake, he might even go and brag about how he had done something great in the name of true love. And his nephew … that child might even be impressed. Ah, Jing He really was smitten with that guy.

Bai Mu’s brows raised even higher, his confusion growing. “Your nephew …” His father’s nephew should refer to the one that was on his trial right now and the person that Qiu Ling seemed to be in love with … “You mean that child that was trapped in mother’s secret realm?” How had those two fallen in love? He had seemed to be only in his twenties so if Qiu Ling went after him for so long … What kind of taste did the dragon king have?

Qiang Yan’s lips twitched. He could imagine what Bai Mu was thinking right now. “As I said he’s on his trial right now. The person you saw in the human realm is his mortal reincarnation. As for his real self …” He sighed. With everything that was going wrong with his trial, it really wasn’t too sure when Jing He would wake up again. He also didn’t know how well his nephew would be able to take the things that had happened. Considering how he normally was … It might be hard for him. He would probably take all that too serious, maybe even blaming himself for making trouble for the dragon king. He could only hope that Jing He would be able to find a way to live with all this. Well, as long as Qiu Ling stayed around, it might work out. Since the two of them had gotten closer, the dragon king had always been what Jing He’s life revolved around. As long as he was there, Jing He would be able to stop worrying so much. Well, it would be great if he could do so even without Qiu Ling around. Was it really alright for his nephew to depend so much on the dragon king?

Bai Mu’s brows furrowed once more when he saw Qiang Yan’s taut expression. “Is something wrong?”

Qiang Yan sighed. Worrying about Jing He’s situation wouldn’t change anything. He loved Qiu Ling and nothing would ever change about that. As long as those two were together, it wasn’t a problem anyway and if things went according to the dragon king’s wishes, then they wouldn’t separate even for a second as soon as this trial ended.

Qiang Yan pushed the thought away and gave a smile. “When he comes back from his trial, I’d like you to meet him.” He stopped when the words were out, feeling ill at ease. Maybe he had gotten ahead of himself with this? After all, even their own relationship wasn’t too clear at the moment. Asking him to meet the rest of his family … Maybe that was too much already.

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