OMF V2C45 A Rare Treasure

In the room below, Jing Yi looked up and saw something sparkling lie on his windowsill. He got up and curiously walked over, opening the window and taking the two things lying there. Turning them around in all directions, it seemed they were meant to … put on his hands?

He tried it out and the things fit perfectly. Jing Yi’s face lit up. It seemed senior martial brother Wu had already found something he could use for washing his robe! He didn’t understand why he hadn’t come in and just put them on the windowsill after a knock but he didn’t mind too much. Maybe senior martial brother Wu had been very busy. He was a hero, after all. Maybe somebody had needed him to save them! He couldn’t expect him to help him all day.

Thus Jing Yi closed the window again and turned to the bucket. He couldn’t wait to try these things out! With this, washing that dirty robe shouldn’t be a problem anymore. He sat down next to the bucket and reached it. None of the water managed to seep through the gloves and when he took his hands out again, the metal was still as shiny as before. None of the dirt was able to stick to it.

Jing Yi happily washed his robe and ran down to get the basket with the other robes after he finished. Now, he didn’t need to worry. He could wash all the robes and give them back to that senior martial brother in the other building soon. He still had a chance to become a hero now!

Thus when Wu Min Huan finally returned with a downcast expression, fretting over how to tell the little boy that he hadn’t found anything he could use so he wouldn’t need to touch the dirty robe, he was faced with a brightly smiling Jing Yi and a basket that was half-filled with clean robes.

Uh … Could somebody explain to him what was going on? Just when he wanted to speak up, Jing Yi finally noticed him.

He looked at him with sparkling eyes and his smile got even brighter. “Senior martial brother Wu, thank you! These things are really great!” He raised his hands, showing him the pair of gloves that covered his hands.

Wu Min Huan almost entered a coughing fit. What was that?! Was he seeing things? How had this boy … He opened his mouth to ask but then remembered what Jing Yi had just said. Huh? It seemed … the boy believed it was him who had brought him these gloves? But he hadn’t been here! He had been running around asking the other outer sect disciples how to wash robes without getting your hands dirty. Heavens! He would never forget the strange gazes he had gotten for that. His cheeks were still burning from embarrassment whenever he thought back.

Wu Min Huan cleared his throat and crouched down next to Jing Yi, taking a closer look at those gloves. Never mind that they fit his small hands perfectly … could it be they were made out of ice vein steel?! That …

His brows twitched. Hadn’t he only been gone for a few minutes? Was there some hidden expert in the sect that he didn’t know about? Or maybe his Master had wanted to help him and thus lent this little one a helping hand? But that couldn’t be. He knew his Master well. He definitely didn’t have something like a pair of gloves made out of ice vein steel and even if he had, he wouldn’t give it to an unrelated outer sect disciple. He might not even give it away to his own direct disciple!

Wu Min Huan took a deep breath. The boy obviously didn’t know who had left the gloves so asking him would be futile. This question would have to remain a mystery. He reached out and ruffled Jing Yi’s hair. “Alright, since you have a way now, then just continue with what you’re doing. But Jing Yi?”


Jing Yi looked up from the bucket and wrung the next robe out as he had seen it back in the village when his mother washed clothes.

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure!” Senior martial brother Wu had been so nice, naturally, he would do him a favor!

Wu Min Huan nodded. Thankfully, this child was so obedient. “This pair of gloves you have there … it’s something very special. Special things shouldn’t be taken out carelessly so promise me that you won’t just show them to anyone, alright?”

Jing Yi didn’t understand too well why Wu Min Huan was saying this but he didn’t mind either. He nodded. “Don’t worry, senior martial brother Wu, I won’t show them around.”

“Mn. That’s good then.” Wu Min Huan patted his head again and got up. “I’ll have to go back to my Master then. You … If there’s something you can’t do alone, then just ask somebody else in the outer sect, alright?”

Jing Yi tilted his head. “Do you often ask people when you can’t do something alone?”

Wu Min Huan blanked but finally nodded. “Mn, I always go and ask my Master. But since you don’t have one yet, you should just ask your senior martial brothers and sisters. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.” He couldn’t help but smile at the boy. “Who knows? A few years from now, you might already be a well-known hero in our Yun Zou Sect.”

“Mn!” Jing Yi nodded eagerly. He definitely wanted to become a hero! If asking his senior martial brothers and sisters would help, then he would do so.

Wu Min Huan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the boy like this and then went on to go to his Master’s peak. By now … his Master should have settled Yu Jin already?

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